God of Thunder Chapter 20: Treasure Hunting At Night


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Book 10 Chapter 20 – Treasure Hunting At Night
The group landed near Lei Xinfeng and saw the ground full of holes. Each of them frozen. Lei Xinfeng smiled. “I’m just seeing if there’s anything below. Maybe I’ll find something.”

“If you meet an enemy, send a signal. That way, we won’t make the same mistake again,” Feng Chenzong said.

“Senior Brother, I’m going to search at night from now on. It’s too hot in the day; it makes me lazy,” Lei Xinfeng said.

Feng Chenzong nodded. “That’s not a problem. Day or night, you pick.”

“Alright, let’s all go back,” Xin Zhaolun said. “Do what you have to.”

“Do you want us to stay with you?” Jin Daya asked.

Lei Xinfeng waved his hands. “No need, go back and rest.” This matter was too important. He didn’t want anyone else participating.

Jin Daya nodded. “Alright, let’s go back then.”

Lei Xinfeng stayed there for the entire night, working all the way until day before he returned to the stone slab to rest. He set up a tent of beast pelts before settling in the sleep. The previous night, he’d found a total of three stone eggs that emitted the silver light.

Feng Chenzong didn’t bother Lei Xinfeng. He led the rest of the group out to continue searching.

Fengying didn’t go along but guarded Lei Xinfeng instead. No matter what, Lei Xinfeng was still a master. Posting a guard while he slept was a must.

Lei Xinfeng slept until dusk. He quickly filled his stomach before asking, “Uncle Ying, what do you think about this search for this sky crystal?”

Fengying grimaced. “I’ve given up after the first day. It’s impossible.”

Lei Xinfeng nodded. “On matters of pure luck, it always seems that way. However, this is too important to Senior Brother, so we must do our best.” He already knew what he was going to do. When the time came to leave, he will crack one open. If there was something inside, then he will give Feng Chenzong one. He believed that he won’t be cheated.

When Feng Chenzong’s group returned, he set out again. Fengying left with him but split up after.

This time, Lei Xinfeng flew a bit further out so that he didn’t disturb the others’ rest. A few miles out, he stopped and patrolled to see if there were any abnormalities before settling in his rhythm of destruction and searching.

Since he already had experience, he only used five percent of his power. After every strike, he stared at the debris that flew out, looking for that silver flash.

After every strike, he’d observe for a dozen minutes before continuing.

That night, his luck wasn’t good. He only found a single silver stone egg. Still, he was quite satisfied.

“One last strike!”

Lei Xinfeng sent out one last blow with his Chaos Wheel.


The stone flew out in a fan. In that instant, Lei Xinfeng saw a flash of gold, scaring him out of his wits. Gold light? Before he even realized what he was doing, his body already moved. The stone with the gold was in his hands.

It was a rare black rock. Upon closer examination, the rock was covered with minuscule gold specks, forming a layer of gold. Lei Xinfeng stood, stunned. He didn’t break open the stone, so he had no idea what was in it. He didn’t dare crush the silver light stone, much less the gold equivalent.

As for why he didn’t dare, that was because sky crystals had a special feature. When the stone egg was broken, revealing the sky crystals, a shock wave will appear. High level practitioners tens of miles around will all detect it. This was one reason why Feng Chenzong was willing to bring helpers.

It was impossible to put all the stone eggs into your Hidden Lun space. The chance of there being a stone egg in the mass that you stored was zero point zero zero zero zero, an infinite number of zeroes, percent. Infinitely close to zero. Looking for sky crystals here was a pure test of luck.

In the end, Lei Xinfeng put the stone egg into his Hidden Lun space. As long as he didn’t open the rock, there wouldn’t be a problem. No one knew that he was gathering these special stone eggs.

Through this loophole, Lei Xinfeng could find as many sky crystals as he wished and everyone will be none the wiser. In just two days, he’d already found four silver stone eggs and one gold stone egg. According to his experiences, there was definitely something inside. The only uncertainty was what. However, there was no way that he’ll check.

After another round, Lei Xinfeng returned to rest.

Ten days passed just like that. Lei Xinfeng obtained something every night. In the worst nights, he still found one silver egg, and in lucky nights, he’d obtain three. In total, he found close to thirty stone eggs, out of which five are gold. Most of it was from underground. Almost none of it was found on the surface.

Feng Chenzong and the others only looked on the surface since there were just too many stone eggs. If they had to look underground as well, it was probably better to crush everything they found. The success rate would probably be the same anyway. However, one they didn’t realize was that the stone eggs with sky crystals are heavier, and so will be found further underground.

Even if they did look, they probably wouldn’t find anything though. In one night, Lei Xinfeng opened several hundred pits with only one to three sky crystals to show for it. With them blindly searching, it was just too difficult.

Following the passage of time, a practitioner will occasionally fly by. In other words, news of this area has spread.

Feng Chenzong and the others are starting to get nervous as well.

No matter who find a sky crystal, the battlefield will be bathed in blood. Even if you hide it in your Hidden Lun space, then you will be caught and tortured until you cough it up. Only strength can stop your crystal from being stolen.

Feng Chenzong gathered the group. “There are too many outsiders now. Soon, there will be a slaughter, even if there aren’t any sky crystals to be fought over. Fights will start for no reason here. We can split up. Ah Feng, don’t go off by yourself anymore. Stay with us during the day.”

Lei Xinfeng couldn’t say that he could only find things in the dark, so he could only comply. “Okay.” At this time, he couldn’t show a hint of the fact he had found something.

On the third day, the slaughter began. As there are more outsiders, the slaughter spread.

Most of the outsiders came in groups around five or six. The smallest group they encountered number three, while the most numbered then. Since Feng Chenzong’s group had so many people, most outsiders didn’t bother them. Except for Lei Xinfeng, everyone else were Ninth Ring Sages.

As for the outsiders, the weakest were Sixth Rings, but the majority were Eighth or Ninth Ring masters. Lei Xinfeng couldn’t even have imagined that so many high leveled practitioners existed.

Soon, their entire view was filled with practitioners fighting in groups.

Feng Chenzong finally had everyone stop their search. “Let us wait. As the numbers increase, there the chance of a sky crystal appearing increases. At that moment, we’ll steal it!” He’d already totally given up on finding one by himself.

“Let’s go back to the stone slab and prepare ourselves,” Xin Zhaolun suggested.

Feng Chenzong nodded. “Alright, let’s return.”

The group flew toward the stone slab, but as they neared, they found that there was already a group camping there.

A blind rage welled up within Lei Xinfeng. This was their spot! When that thought appeared in his mind, it also warped his companions’ expressions. He suddenly itched for a fight.

Feng Chenzong and Xin Zhaolun landed first, planting their feet. “Scram!” Feng Chenzong hollered.

The powerful aura appeared and surged toward the group camping on the slab, suppressing them.

It was the first time that Lei Xinfeng felt Feng Chenzong’s full strength. Even standing behind him, he could feel that overwhelming aura. It was definitely the strength of one nearing Monarch.

There was no explanation, only one word: scram.

It was tyrannical to the extreme, stunning the entire group.

It took until the rest of Feng Chenzong’s group to land before the intruders managed to react.

Lei Xinfeng took one look and went into a rage. Each of them wore a mask! The masked men! They were his enemy. Back then, they couldn’t stop chasing him, and now they met here. These masked men probably had a Monarch supporting them, but who cares? Lei Xinfeng had a Monarch too.

Without waiting for a reply, Lei Xinfeng already attacked with his Chaos Wheel.

Feng Chenzong and Xin Zhaolun would’ve never thought that Lei Xinfeng would be the first to attack. Feng Chenzong’s eyes flashed with approval and followed with an order. “Kill!”


In the first strike, a few masked men were thrown back and off balance. However, that was it. His strength was still incomparable to that of a true Ninth Ring Sage. When his companions started their attack, Lei Xinfeng found that there was no room for him to help, so he could only retreat and watch.

Lei Xinfeng opened his eyes wide and looked, realizing that the strength of two sides was utterly imbalanced. Feng Chenzong’s group crushed the other. The masked men had a total of seven people with only five Ninth Ring Sages and two Eighth Ring Sages. Although this kind of firepower was top notch back in the original world, it was a speck of dust in this one. His side included eleven Ninth Ring Sages. It took only an instant for the eleven Sages to pierce through the masked men’s defenses.

Blood and flesh filled the air.

If he broke several hundred holes (less then a 1000), and each hole was some eight meters deep, then we can probably assume a hemisphere with a radius of eight meters. Since he found thirty crystals in around a dozen nights (less than twenty), he broken at most 18981 holes. An eight meter radius hemisphere is around 1100 cubic meters. With the size of the stone egg, the lower limit is maybe a one centimeter radius sphere, or 4 cubic centimeters. Therefore, we can assume that the absolute upper limit of the number of eggs in a cubic meter is 250000. (18981*1100*250000)/25 = 208,791,000,000. In other words, there is around one sky crystal egg in any give two hundred billion stone eggs, or more.

It was in this arc that I started disliking Lei Xinfeng to be honest. He makes a lot of excuses about why he couldn’t reveal his crystals and power to his companions, but none of them really makes sense to me, considering how favored he was.
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