God of Thieves System Chapter 3: The Past


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Looking at her beautiful smile he couldn't help but reminisce in the past.

10 Years ago...

In Delta Hospital

" Your husband needs an urgent operation, please arrange $ 10000 so that we could proceed"
a nurse urged the middle aged women.

The middle aged women couldn't help but cry when she heard the amount of money required.

A little girl looked at crying women " Mom! why are crying? what happened to daddy?"

The women looked at her daughter and hugged her but no words came out of her mouth.

A young boy around 10 years old, came out of the room opposite to their's and saw the pair of mother and daughter crying.

He walked towards with a confused look " Excuse me! Why are you both crying?"

The nurse standing next to them scorned "This women's husband got into an accident and needs an urgent operation but they are unable to provide the expenses"

The boy frowned and called out to the man accompanying him "Cover all the expenses for them till the man recovers." The man replied with a nod.

The words said by this young little boy shocked both nurse and the women. They recovered from their shock and wondered which big family's young master he was, for being able to spend so much money just like that. The women then expressed her gratitude and bowed "Thank.... sob... sob... Thank ... you.... sob... young master, Thank you" The boy hurried to help the lady up " It's just a small help from my part." and instructed the nurse coldly " Take care of this family".
The little boy flashed a smile at the little girl hiding behind the woman and walked back into the room.

As the little girl looked at the boy's back her eyes sparkled and she walked behind him into the room.

Inside the room there was a man lying on the bed and the boy from before was sitting beside him.

She innocently looked at the boy" Who is the man? What happened to him?" The boy was surprised to see that the little girl walked into the room but he replies with a sad voice " He's my Father, he got into a car accident and has been in coma since then, I come here everyday to visit him."

The girl felt sad for him " Where's your mother? why is not here?", to which the boy was even more saddened"My mother passed away when I was 2 years old."

The girl couldn't help but rush forward and hug him and cry " Sob... I'm sorry! you were reminded of your bitter past because of me I ...I... really didn't know." Looking at the girl acting like this he was amused and giggled "What are you crying for? I'm already over it"

The girl stopped crying and looked into the boy's eyes, they looked into each other's eyes and blushed at the same time. They would meet everyday play around, have fun and do whatever 10 year old kids did.

After a few days the boy's Father passed away and she didn't see him again in the hospital.

A few years later they met again in school but this time the boy was no longer the rich Young Master of a big family but was a common Teenager
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