God of Thieves System Chapter 1: System


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" Qin Lei is the one who stole money from your bag I saw it with my own eyes"

"Yeah! Qin Lei stole your money I saw it too"

" I never thought that Qin Lei would steal money from Chen Zhirou's bag"

Zhao Feng and his subordinates kept blaming Qin Lei, but neither of them knew who actually stole the money.

Zhao Feng was always jealous of how close Chen Zhirou and Qin Lei were. He finally got a chance to berate Qin Lei in front of her.

Qin Lei was just sitting in his seat looking at
Zhao Feng's group with a smirk on his face as if he had the least interest to even defend himself from their false accusations. Even Chen Zhirou who was the main victim ignored the bunch of dogs, walked up to Qin Lei and sat beside him.

"I know you wouldn't steal anything from me" said
Chen Zhirou while looking at Qin Lei with a smile on beautiful face.

Qin Lei's smirk faded "What if I said that it was me who stole your money ?" He was looking at her with a serious expression. Chen Zhirou looked into his eyes with confusion " If you stole it then I'll forgive you.
Next time if you need any money just ask me and I'll lend you some" saying that she got me and walked away. Qin Lei stared at her back with a self mocking smile on his face.

Looking at how things played, Zhao Feng and company were completely embarrassed as they had never expected that things would end up like this.

At this time Qin Lei heard a voice
[First Mission completed.....]

[God of Thieves System activated]
'Finally I completed this stupid mission today, it has been bugging me since a week now, it doesn't even let me sleep. Today I mustered up all the courage that I had accumulated since my past life to steal money from the girl I love just to complete this m****r f****** mission and get some peace in my life' Qin Lei cried in his mind

'Now let's see what this whole system thing is about'

[ Welcome to God of Thieves system host Qin Lei ]

[ Well as the name of the system goes this system will help you in becoming the God of Thieves]
A holographic interface popped up in front of his face.
Name: Qin Lei

Age: 19
level: 1 (Amature Thief)
System points: 0

[ Well, you still have a long way to go my friend]
[Oh yeah! I just forgot to give you reward for completing your first mission, so let's see what your reward is ....]
[Congratulations host! you get a 'Stealth Skill' would you like to learn this skill]
[Learning the skill ....]

'Stealth Skill?! Well of course I'd like to learn it, seems like I didn't bust my ass for nothing, now I can do all the things that I dreamt of using this Skill' Thinking about all the things he could do an evil smirk appeared on his face, but it froze after he heard what System said next.

[ Host has learnt the Stealth skill and can now use it just to give you a heads up, cool down for this skill is 6 hours and it will only last for 2 minutes]
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