God of Soul Sytstem Chapter 97: Chapter 98: White Sword, Hiru


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Even if they tried to load the arms on the medium-sized warship, It would fill all the cabins. So Roja didn't care about that now.
First, he needs to go to the Barna island and arrest those of the DonQuixote family. Then he will call the base to send some warship to get everything there.

Not far from the Barna island, A warship was slowing down.
On the warship.
"You want to go alone ?"
"No! If it is really a DonQuixote family underground base it would be really dangerous."
The three Captains looked at Roja with cold sweat over their foreheads.
Even though Roja hold so much strength, They were still afraid of going to the Barna island. So when they reached the waters beside the Barna island, fear started to show on many faces.
And when Roja wanted to go alone, they couldn't agree. How could they let their leader go into the enemy camps alone, even if he was Strong, It's still very dangerous. After all, their opponent is the DonQuixote family.
"That's right. I am going alone."
He said this without any doubt.
He did experience the power of the Donquixote family before and had his reasons to go there alone.
If they all were to go and those pirates attacked. Then, it will be inevitable to receive some casualties. Also if those pirates were to hold some of the Marine hostages, then the situation will be really troublesome.
The easiest way is to go alone and investigate. If he finds out that this is really a base for the DonQuixote family then he will make his move and let the Captain clean after him.
This won't be the same as the previous time. This time there won't be any danger for him.
If he doesn't deal with this himself, then there is no way the first Base Marines would be able to do it. As for him, he can arrest them alone and even if some big characters from the DonQuixote family appear they won't be able to stop him. Maybe except for Doflamingo himself, no one can stop Roja now.
And at this time Doflamingo seems to be fleeing from Tsuru the Crane.
"This …"
The three captain noticed Roja's firm tone, they couldn't continue trying to persuade him to not go alone. They could only look at him with worry now.
When Barna island started to appear before them, Roja changed his clothes and wore some casual ones. He took a wooden boat and headed toward the island.
The arrival of a boat didn't bring any attention toward Roja.
After all, this island was a commercial island on the outside. So people often come here by boat to buy all kind of things.
Roja didn't know where is the dock on this island so he directly jumped into the island and disappeared.
The center of Barna island was a very bustling area, This island and the one that Roja had gone to when he was still a recruit are completely different.
In this island, there were Many ordinary people and most are real ordinary people. They weren't some disguised pirates. Even if the Marine came here they won't find anything suspicious.
Roja who was dressed in some plain clothes was sure that this island has a problem. He Haki to search for the DonQuixote base and finally found it.
"Is this really an accident ?"
Roja was walking in the street slightly bored. He glanced at the earth beneath his feet and shook his head. The continued walking to a certain direction.

In some place underground, a dozen of people were trying to close a deal. Although not everyone is vicious, all their eyes were cold.
They were basically from the underground forces of the West blue and representatives of various forces.
A man holding a cigar said, "This time the arms will be distributed equally, Is there anything else ?"
"Of course."
A middle-aged man smiled while standing on the stage and said: "Devil fruit, I don't know if anyone is interested."
"Devil fruit ?"
Hearing this many people eyes shined. In the West blue, devil fruits are considered rare.
There are some people who remained calm.
"Whether we're interested in it or not depends on what type of fruit you have."
The middle-aged man heard this and started explaining, three different fruits.
After a brief introduction of the type of fruit, he put the three fruits on the table.
Below the stage, many people started whispering to each other. After that, they began to place their bids.
After some time the three devil fruits were sold.
"Well, we only have three devil fruits this time, but since they appeared now they couldn't be the last item in this auction."
The middle-aged man once again took a black stick that was on the table.
Taking a closer look, it's not a black stick but it was something wrapped in a black cloth. When the middle-aged man ripped off the black clothes, he suddenly exposed something long and white.
The crowd frowned and didn't know what item they will see now.
And the next moment, The middle-aged man held the peak of the stick and pulled.
The next moment, a very delicate, white long sword appeared before everyone.
"This is …"
Seeing this sword the crowd exclaimed loudly.
The middle-aged man waved the sword gently a few times in the air, The he returned the sword into the scabbard and then put it back on the table.
(Tl: Someone said he will "luckily" find a sword, well here you go.)
"This is really wasn't easy to find, after several times trying to acquire it, we finally got it. If I tell the name of this sword you should be able to recognize it."
"This is one of the Saijo O Wazamono twelve swords … White sword, Hiru!"
(Tl: the word Hiru is a Japanese word and it means day.)
"This sword is like Yoru, the sword used by the best swordsman Mihawk."
(Tl: Well the author Get used Yoru which means night to name this Sword.)
After the middle-aged man finished his words, many people were indifferent about this sword, but some had their eyes flashing.
"Indeed The last holder of the sword died on the West blue. I didn't think this sword has fallen into the hands of your DonQuixote family."
"You intelligence network is really good."
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