God Of Soul System Chapter 67: Perfect evaluation


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Roja used his full power for that punch. You could even hear sonic booms from the speed, this made the machine directly explode in to pieces.

The smell of cola drifted all over the place.

“Puff !”

The high ranked Marines had their mouth open from shock. Especially Yamakaji who threw his cigar out of his mouth.

Beside him the others consultant, watching this scene made their mouth hit the ground from shock.

Smoker and the others had their mouths twitching.


Roja didn’t think that this machine won’t work. He thought that it could take and measure his strength so he threw a serious punch. As a result the machine broke down.

They shouldn’t blame me right ? Roja shook his head. He scratched his head then looked at the consultants and asked “This is … what does this count as ?”

Advisor “…”

Yamakaji “…”

Smoker and the others “…”

“The previous assessment is for explosive power and the next one is continuous attack.”

In another area in the square, Yamakaji was standing before a black stone while looking at Roja and the others.

This time Yamakaji didn’t let the consultants take over but he did it personally. And after the explosion there was only one consultant left.

As for the other one … he won’t be coming back probably.

“This stone, thought it’s not Kairoseki but it’s still a very hard stone. You need to be able to completely destroy it under one minute or you will be disqualified.”

“This assessment allow the use of weapon.”

Speaking to here, Yamakaji couldn’t help but twist his mouth when he looked at Roja.

he couldn’t think of a way that a recruit could use Busoshoku Hardening even if his someone from the elite camp … That’s too exaggerated.

Teacher Z really taught some unreasonable students.

“Then now we shall began the second physical test. The first one …”

Under Yamakaji’s eyes the elite camp members started to come forward one after the other.

Thsi black stone althought it’s not the material to build the fortress it’s still a very hard type of stone and each stone was one meter square.

So a big and hard stone need to be destroyed. Although by completely destroy it they didn’t mean turn it to powder. But it has to turn into gravel. Even so the difficulty was still high.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

one after the other come forward to destroy a stone. They all used their respective weapon.

Even if the previous test they used their fists, but in this test everyone picked a weapon as they didn’t know how to use Haki like Roja. They couldn’t just use their fist on a stone as hard as steel.

Sound of roar bursted as soon as the recruits started attacking the stones.

Here in the Marine headquarter every elite recruit is a monster. Although there was a huge gap between them and Roja, but if they were compared to the ordinary camp then you will see how strong they were.

It almost took everyone 30 seconds to completely destroy the stone. Which made everyone qualified.

“Roja it’s your turn.”

Yamakaji had some understanding of Roja, after recording the others results he looked at Roja and said that.


Roja came forward. His eye was an indifferent look while he pulled his sword.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Smoker and the others could only see red rays of light. The didn’t know how many time those rays flashed. In a blink of an eye, Roja but back his sword into the scabbard.

“Let’s start the next test.”

After returning his sword, Roja directly headed to the third test site.

Yamakaji looked at the stone which didn’t seem to have changed. He nodded his head then turned to Smoker and the others and said ” Come on, let’s go.”

In the next instant, the consultant looked confused to what just happened and couldn’t help to reach the stone with his hands gently.


The stoned that was one meter square directly scattered into countless neat little stone. Each piece at the standard level for the test.

One of the recruit looking at this could help but say” I think we should wait more to apply for graduation.”

Next to him another person said ” Yes … this is really too …”

They had to attack this kind of stone desperately so many times to smash it and after that they had to turn every part that didn’t meet the standard unto gravel like little stones.

But Roja just waved his hand and the stone was completely broken to pieces.

Although they didn’t really mind Roja’s strength, But the gap is still too huge for some people that made them doubt life.

The physical test was divided into eight parts.

Including the strength , speed , explosive power, sustained attack, Endurance and so on. The endurance test was time-consuming. It took them a full day to complete all parts of the physical test while they were only nine peoples including Roja.

And they all were qualified, with four of them having good results. Three outstanding performances.

As for Roja’s result … They couldn’t evaluate as their wasn’t any case like his before.

this type of results appeared before like that of Aokiji, Kisaru and Akainu and they could evaluate it. As the score was above the limit of the assessment then the result won’t be excellent anymore. It would be evaluated as perfect.

“Perfect evaluation, Really didn’t expect another one to appear …”

Yamakaji seeing the results couldn’t help but reveal how touched he was.

“To have this kind of talent is really incredible. But in the next stage can he get another perfect evaluation ?”

Yamakaji eyes flashed when he though about this then he shook his head.

That’s too difficult.

The first stage of the assessment had a perfect evaluation So does the second and third stage.

The second stage is to depart with a Marine army and pursuit a pirate with a hundred million berry as a bounty. And have to get the entire crew of that pirate so he can get a perfect evaluation.

Only three people got this perfect evaluation in the second stage and those are Aokiji, Kisaru and Akainu.

The three turned to be Marine admirals. Yamakiji smiled a bit and shook his head.

Smoker and the others dispersed each to their own room at the end of the first stage. They all were going to prepare for the second stage.
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