God Of Soul System Chapter 62: Roja VS Lucci!


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Smoker understand Roja’s strength clearly. if three months ago Roja fought with him then the fight will drag on as smoke and fire can’t hurt each other.

And three months later, Although he doesn’t know to what extent Roja power had increased, But his instinct told him that Roja was completely different now.

They opened the way for Roja.

If Roja can’t win not only the elite recruits even and the Marine even their teacher will lose a big deal of face.

“I know.”

Roja nodded to Smoker’s reminder.

When he first came he recognized Lucci’s face. Although he looked a lot younger then in the story but he still could recognize him.

Lucci was strong. he was known as the strongest member ever appeared in the CP9. But still Roja didn’t think that even Smoker couldn’t win against him.

Roja didn’t know the result of the fight but looking at the elite camp members. many of them were wounded And even Smoker had obvious scars, Coupled with their expression he could somewhat guess what happened.

if he didn’t know it wouldn’t matter. But since he knows, he couldn’t ignore it.

Everyone’s attention fell on Roja since the time the crowd opened a way for him.

Garp, Z, Kisaru, Aokiji and many other were looking at him.

“Smelly brat, You finally appeared ?”

Garp grinned as he looked at Roja. At the side Z eyes flashed with light for a bit. And Aokiji who found Roja interesting was the same.

Only Sengoku and Kisaru didn’t reveal any special expression as they only heard about Roja and didn’t see his talent for themselves. but still Roja was Garp’s nephew that’s another reason for them to come here.

just now it seemed that the elite camp member found hope when Roja appeared.

“Garp’s nephew won’t be a monster too right ?”

Kisaru said lightly that no one could hear it except for himself.

Of course he himself didn’t believe. For Roja who only joined the elite camp for five months or so to become the strongest.

Sengoku heard about Roja’s talent but he couldn’t find an opportunity to go as he can’t find time for recruits even if that recruit was Garp’s nephew.

So he couldn’t help but reveal a curious look.

“Is there a stronger recruit in the headquarter ?”

The official revealed different expressions as they looked at Roja.

Roja gave those recruits hope so he seem a little bit strong. But the officials still didn’t think that Roja could win against Lucci.

“Are you the strongest here ?”

Lucci looked at the elite camp people then looked at Roja. he stared at him in the eyes.

Before Lucci heard those recruits say something about Roja but as he asked about it he found out that Roja had joined the camp only for five months.

So he did’nt pay much attention to that.

But now it seem it isn’t as simple as he thought.


Roja step by step come to the center of the field as he responded. he looked at Lucci faintly then said “Rob Lucci … right ?”

“How do you know my name ?”

Lucci frowned as he didn’t expect Roja to call his full name.

“I just know.”

Roja smiled at him while looking deeply into his eyes and said “I am sorry. I am also an elite camp recruit. So i can’t ignore what you just said.”

“Humph !”

Lucci heard this and grunted. He looked at Roja and said.

“If you want me to take back my word then use you strength to do so!”

“That’s what i will do.”

Roja was in no fighting posture. he was standing lazily while looking at Lucci and shrugged. But as he put his hand gently on the Sword his whole person changed. that lazy atmosphere disappeared.

It was replaced with a sharp Aura which was really awe inspiring.

Feeling this aura coming out of Roja’s body, Lucci expression also changed as he stared at Roja.

The next moment Roja pulled his sword gently.


He waved the sword single-handedly. A silver energy projected toward Lucci.


In the face of Roja’s energy attack, Lucci jumped forward then suddenly kicked out which made an energy attack to come out of his foot.

This is one of the Marine’s six powers Rankyaku, The kick will have the same effect as Tobu zangeki with the sword.


The energy attacks collided mid air and the two busted and then disappeared.


Lucci eyes turned cold as he suddenly blurred and appeared at the back of Roja. he stretched out a finger toward his pack and pocked fiercely.


Lucci was proficient in the Marine six powers as the power of his Shigan can match a real gun shot. So if he really did poke Roja their would be a bloody hole.

However, the moment that his finger was about to touch Roja’s back, The Roja’s figure turned into a blur then directly disappeared into thin air.

” Oh ?”

Lucci’s face changed as he suddenly without hesitation used Tekkai.

Evenn if he used Tekkai at the last moment and tried to avoid the attack, he couldn’t avoid it completely as His clothes were torn and a trace of blood flowing out.

Kacha !

Lucci suddenly fell on one knee as a deep cut appeared on his abdomen.

“Sure enough, Even with Tekkai i still couldn’t nullify his attack.”

Lucci looked at Roja differently as he was still on the ground.

Roja was still holding his sword. Naturally not anyone can block his attacks anymore.
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