God Of Soul System Chapter 60: Who is Roja ?


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Lucci and Smoker started fighting.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Even using his empty hands to fight against Smoker’s weapon, Lucci not only didn’t fall behind but he even had the advantage in speed and power as he suppressed Smoker.

Speed is the strong point of the Smoke fruit if you take that away Then Smoker will definitively lose.

Lucci was skilled in the Rokushiki which made everyone in the camp shocked. There are no one here who reached his level including Smoker.

“Are you the strongest here ?”

Lucci resisted Smokers attack and suddenly shot past Smokers weapon. Although Smoker has his devil fruit but his speed couldn’t compare with Lucci’s.

Smoker’s body flew in the air while he spitted blood and fell on the ground.

Smoker struggled to get up but he already lost the ability to continue the fight. As long as you aren’t fool you could notice that Smoker didn’t have any chance of winning.

“Even Smoker couldn’t stand in front of him ?”

“This is really outrageous … What the hell is this guy ?”

Everyone present on the elite camp couldn’t help but reveal an expression of horror.

Lucci is young, too young that no one in the elite camp was younger then him.

But even so there is no one who could be his opponent even Smoker can’t.

“You depend too much on your fruit ability. Is that all you’ve got ?”

Lucci didn’t continue to chase after Smoker. but he looked indifferently while Smoker was struggling to get up.

“Is this the so called strongest in the elite camp ? It seem that the recruits of the headquarter are really disappointing.”

Lucci’s tone was indifferent.

At the age of thirteen. A kingdom under the command of the world government was invaded and five hundred soldiers were captured as hostages to threaten the king. So the world government sent him to deal with it.

In his view it was the soldiers fault for being too weak and maybe later the same thing will happen again.


Lucci came to a conclusion. Such a weak soldier had no right to survive. So he killed all five hundred soldier and then slaughtered the pirates. (Tl : I think in the original story it was slightly different. )

being weak is their sin.

The World government sent him to test the Marine elite. he didn’t expect them to be so weak. if not for the order he would’ve just killed them.

In his view those people being in the Marine is a crime in itself.


“Don’t get carried away!”

Lucci show of strength didn’t make them as angry as his words. It seem that everyone of the elite camp was out of patience.

Lucci coldly looked around and said “I said your weak. Are you feeling upset about it ? Well how about i give you a chance. you can attack together, how about it ?”

“Arrogant !!”

Some people were angry and couldn’t contain themselves as they directly rushed at Lucci.

But they couldn’t stand for a second round as they were sent flying directly while blood spilled.

Those elite recruits couldn’t maintain there calm and rushed at Lucci but they couldn’t be his opponent. The gap between their strength was huge.

Seeing Lucci deal with those members was like a pot of cold water that poured on the elite camp members as their heart turned cold.

Too strong !

Even Smoker was defeated and even together they couldn’t do a thing. They didn’t have any chance of winning.

“Anyone want to continue ?”

Seeing that no one dared to stand up, Lucci shook his head while he got ride of the blood on his fingers.

the other looking at his dissatisfied face rushed to him an said “Lucci, Don’t waste your breath on those guys.”

“Those Marine elites arent worth the trip it seems. Our task is complete.”

Jabra and the others looked with disdain and contempt at the elite camp members. they shook their head and turned away. Lucci glanced at the elite recruit to see if there is another one willing to fight but shook his head and turned around as well.

The elite camp member faces was blue as they were unwilling to let them go like that. After all the ridicule their heart was really unwilling.

And at this time some of them thought about Roja.

Although those three months Roja was practicing alone they almost didn’t see him. but three months ago Roja defeated Lao G.

“Don’t be so arrogant. If Roja was here you wouldn’t have been so rampant.”

This sentence was heard byLucci and the others which made their footsteps paused and once again turned around.

“Who is Roja ?”

The Marine headquarter. The second floor of the fortress in one of the small practice rooms which was filled with thick metal plates.


Roja was holding his sword, quietly standing there. Suddenly his eyes flashed and black color suddenly emerged and wrapped around the sword’s body.

Hum !!

The sword suddenly turned into a dark color with metallic luster.

“Getsuga … Tensho!”

Wouch !

Red energy with a crescent shape suddenly flashed. The attack cut the thick steel plates and continued to leave a deep crack on the wall.

“Even Getsuga tensho will get stronger with Haki. I finally gasped the Hardening.”

“All my attacks are stronger than before. I don’t know were i stand anymore. Still the Rear admirals aren’t my opponents.”

Looking back to his own power Roja exposed a satisfied smile.

He spent half a month to learn the Busoshoku and the other time he was mastering it while learning hardening to perfection. Also he trained his physical body to the limit!

Now his strength is nothing like three months ago. All he need now is to test his new strength.
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