God Of Soul System Chapter 57: Busoshoku Haki


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After a month in the room inside the second floor of the fortress.

Roja stood there holding a sword. He was looking with full concentration at the sword’s body while the sword was surrounded by a strange atmosphere.

This strange atmosphere was Busoshoku Haki.

“Busoshoku … Hardening!”

With an idea Roja tried to gather all of his Haki together.


The Haki gathered with Roja’s control and began to condense on the sword. But after condensing to certain extent and a little bit of blue ink color started to appear it collapsed Directly.

“A month’s time is really too short. Practicing Haki while my strength was lacking a bit and my control is insufficient. So i can’t use it fully yet?”

Roja murmured and then took a deep breath and continued his practice.

In fact, Roja already could use haki half a month ago. Roja then began to practice getting his Haki out and into the sword.

But he couldn’t make the Haki condense and form on the Sword or on his hand yet.

Roja also practiced Kenbunshoku Haki at the same time. He could practice it faster then the Busoshoku.

Almost in a few days Roja mastered the Kenbunshoku Haki.

This confirmed Roja’s guess.

The basis of this type of Haki is like his “Focus” state. The same as the rhythm of everything but you have to go the other direction to find it.

As it gasp the opponent actions in order to dodge.

The kenbunshoku Haki capture all the detail about the opponent. the higher the level the greater the scope of perception. In addition there nothing more powerful.

Actually there is. This state is the sound of all things.

This ultimate state of Kenbunshoku Haki is said to have only been reached by one person which is Rojer.

This realm made him communicate with everything. Whether life or death. Everything is recorded on the world eight hundred years ago. That blank one hundred years in the historical records.Roger didn’t need to interpret the things in the poneglyph as he directly know of it’s content.
(Ed: Actually Kenbunshoku Haki is like a kind of “premonition” rather than “capture all the details about the opponent” it can be even used to see the future, see more on Mantra)(Ed: And it was never said thar Roger have reached the “ultimate state”)

Most people will find it difficult to achieve this level with practice. This degree of insight is almost another ability other then the Kenbunshoku Haki.

Z was extremely shocked by Roja’s progress speed.

At first he could point Roja to a thing or two. but now Roja doesn’t need any of his pointers anymore.

Nowadays Roja’s training speed made Z numb.

Roja only took several days to practice the Kenbunshoku Haki then only half a month to practice the Busoshoku Haki which made Z shocked to the point he didn’t know how speak.

If Roja came now and told Z that he already mastered the Busoshoku Haki then Z won’t get surprised at all.

He wanted to teach Roja how to practice Haki. But when Roja began to practice Z found that he didn’t need to teach him a thing.

In many things Roja could do alone and other places he could barely pass So he simply didn’t need Z’s instruction anymore.

Fortunately haki practice need some practical training.

And since the theoretical aspect of Roja almost doesn’t need his instruction anymore Then Z will take the practical training really seriously.

Most of the time they were in battle.

During this period Garp passed by. When he saw Roja training and performance He was shocked but more pleased.

In addition, Z was so dedicated in training Roja that his heart started questioning if Roja was his nephew or Z’s …

Roja still wasn’t able to condense the Busoshoku Haki.

Until the second month, Roja was finally able to use it. not fully gasped as there still some probability of failure.

The practice was like hell.

Just two month to comprehend how to control and use Busoshoku Haki and make it attach to his sword. Even if Roja has a soul that is stronger people it still will be really hard to do what he did.

Using Busoshoku Hardening, out of ten, it will succeed once or twice.

With the continuation of practice his success rate was getting higher and higher. From once or twice to three or four times and then to Five to six …

from the start to now it’s more than two months. Roja success rate now is more then 80% and was close to fully gasp it.


In the small Room Roja was hitting a thick steel plate which punctured while his fist was colored blue ink or black.

“Busoshoku Haki around the fist and the condensation on the fist are of completely different level …”

Roja looked at his punch and wondered.

Before, he tested his punch with just the Haki surrounding it. It did brought some increase in power but not much. But when he condensed the Haki into his fist and used hardening, the increase was huge.

Roja used hardening brought double the force used with a punch without haki.

The Busoshoku brought his attack power up by another level. in fact it was equivalent to his soul sword when he upgraded it.

Despite it only increasing his attack and defense but that increase is terrifying.

“i will try again …”

Roja pulled out his Honoo no tsuki took a deep breath and concentrated his Haki once again on the sword.


it seemed like it will condense but suddenly collapsed.

“Is this a failure, It seems that it is not a matter of lacking control but what i lack is Haki strength.”

Roja looked at his sword while revealing a thoughtful expression but he didn’t give up as he tried again.


This time he didn’t fail as the sword Body was colored with a dark color. It turned into a black sword.

Roja made a swing.


A very thick steel plate which was by the side split into two from the middle. the cut was smooth.

Roja used Tobu Zangeki toward the another plate which was cut with a flash too.


The energy swept the steel plate in the corner and cut it.

“The power of Tobu zangeki is almost twice the normal or slightly weaker. it should be my control wich is lacking.”

Roja looked at the scene before him with a satisfied smile.

His strength increased by almost the double.

If it was a few months ago a double in his strength is nothing but for the current Roja a double in strength was something really terrifying.

Roja’s growth rate was slower than before as he only increased his phisical strength by 35%.

Haki will make anyone in this world strong and even devil fruit user will need the Haki as it will increase their strength greatly.

Roja didn’t want to depend on his luck. Because Roja didn’t want a devil fruit like Lucifer’s, he didn’t want to be a devil fruit user by trying his luck on some unknown fruits.

The Haki didn’t have any Luck ingredient. It’s the power that will grow with effort.
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