God Of Soul System Chapter 53: The feeling of time extension


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Watching Roja, Smoker and Lao G fighting, all the people there were shocked. Smoker and Lao G are showing some shocking strength but the most incredible one was without a doubt Roja.

The road was full of flames and Roja’s Energy attacks were tearing the ground. Right now Roja’s power was clear to all the elite camp members.

Even Drake and Hina with the other new comers looked at the battle with a blank mind.

Drake was very clear that a month ago Roja was strong but absolutely not as now. Roja’s power now is above his when using the fruit ability, Not only the speed but even the strength.

And Roja’s Tobu zangeki, compared to a month ago, was so much powerful to the extent that if Drake received one strike he will be cut in half.

Most of the elite camp looked at Smoker who was the most powerful in the elite camp could only play a supportive role.

Doesn’t this mean that Roja is stronger then Smoker ?

After joining the elite camp for a month he became the most powerful among them which only a few could do.

In the battle Roja wasn’t unharmed as there was a clear trace of blood on his mouth. That was how powerful Lao G’s fist was.

Even after getting injured Roja’s striking power didn’t drop but instead in kept on getting more violent.

In this fight Roja almost had no defense all he did was attack!

In the elite camp there is no one who will fight this aggressively this style was a pirates style.

Lao G was retreating more and more.

He already thought that Roja’s attacks were strong but not threatening but didn’t expect that Roja would be this aggressive and sometimes he would receive his fist just to return a sword strike back.

In this case Lao G didn’t want to be reckless as his weapon were his fists and Roja’s attack are becoming more violent and unstoppable.

Even while Lao G was using the Busoshoku his fist was still full of scars and he had numerous blood stains.

“Sword flow , Torch!!”

Roja was again surrounded by flames. Even The elite camp members want to help him they want be able to as only Roja and Smoker who got a logia will not be hurt by it.

As the monstrous flame kept burning Lao G was getting exhausted as not only does he need to avoid Roja’s strike but also have to suppress the flames.

This time the elite member of the DonQuixote family Lao G was suppressed.

All the people on the site were shocked and even Z eyes were shining with unprecedented light.

Roja battle performance although was slightly rough at the beginning but was getting better by the time.

As if he was a sword genius his moves kept getting better after every exchange.

Roja whole body was covered in blood but only the blood on his mouth was his all the other was Lao G’s.

Roja was suppressing Lao G and his whole body had a strong momentum.

while fighting suddenly Roja started to feel that everything was extremely slow while Lao G was throwing a punch and Roja’s sword was falling. Everything seemed to stand still.

Isn’t this the feeling of time extension .

This state can only last a moment but in that moment everything become clear. The trigger of this state was before dying or life and death situation.

In addition to that.

Even masters will perceive this state and only few will be able to enter it.

Roja entering this state was a coincidence. He was in this state because he used too much the ability of the soul sword far more than any previous fight.

Roja didn’t know how many times did he use the ability of the soul sword as he now could clearly feel the existence of the sword in his soul!

Roja wasn’t in a crisis of life and death also he wasn’t the last moments before his death. but using his soul so much made him enter this state.

For the others it was only an instant but for Roja everything was clear his sword trajectory the power of his strike and the trajectory of Lao G’s fist.

While he was trying to look more carefully his senses suddenly returned to normal. Every thing returned to it’s normal speed.

Roja found it hard to describe what he felt with words.


Roja’s sword suddenly fell which seemed just like a normal energy strike but the burst of power was impressively more powerful by three percent.

Lao G defended against the sword.

The swing compared to using Getsuga Tensho wasn’t anything great and an upgrade of three percent won’t make a huge change as it even failed to shake Lao G black fist. And Lao G didn’t care.

(Tl : Black with Haki.)

After all Roja used the Getsuga tensho which increased the power of his strike by three times.

But Lao G didn’t know that this upgrade wasn’t in strength but was in the way of the sword. which enhanced his foundation with the sword.

And the power which is almost three percent stronger will make Roja’s Getsuga Tensho leap in strength.
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