God Of Soul System Chapter 477: Uchiha Itachi!


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It’s been a few years, the Uchiha family still disappeared into the long river of history the same as the original story, and small frictions between various villages still took place, but in general, it’s still peacetime.

Roja’s disciples, Kimimaro and Haku joined the Anbu of the Mist officially, and because their powers were compatible, they started performing missions together.

The two went to perform a task in the Sand village and encountered the Kazekage, the two of them together defeated him.

After the news came out, the reputation of the Mist soared and adding Mei and Kurenai to them, they Mist was proven again to be the strongest between all the villages, and the two young ninjas were regarded as top geniuses in the world.

In their eyes, these two were equal in status to the seven swordsmen of the Mist. After all, they were so strong and young and still had rooms for improvement.

In the other great villages, like Konoha and the cloud, they were jealous of the Mist for having such geniuses. Not to mention Roja, who stood behind the Mist.

After Itachi killed the Uchiha, he joined the Akatsuki spying on them and controlling their growth.

In the past, the Akatsuki was developed secretly.

Thanks to Zetsu and Obito, Akatsuki was rapidly developing and took many S level criminals from around the world.

After all, weaklings don’t have any use for the organization and aren’t qualified to join.

At this moment, in the Rain village, in the headquarters of the Akatsuki stood the Gedo Mazo, the statue of the Ten-Tails, people could feel the power contained within even though the Tailed beasts weren’t captured.

In this room, some phantom images were standing. This was a secret technique for the Akatsuki to communicate.

“How is the gathering of information about the Tailed beast going?”

Pain stood, and a pair of Rennigan could be seen in his eyes.

“The one tail was sealed in Gara of the Sand.”

“The two tails are…”

Several figures said one after the other.

One of the figures was Orochimaru, one of the Sanin and the rogue ninja of Konoha. After briefly mentioning the situation of the Nine-Tails, he spread his hands and revealed an evil smile.

“Are we going to start working on the tailed beasts?”

The Akatsuki members knew that their goal was gathering all the Tailed beasts, with their power, they can rule the world. Although Orochimaru had many doubts about this, he wasn’t clear about what they were trying to do.

Pain shook his head and said: “No, just keep gathering information… What is the situation of the Three-Tails?”

They briefly said what they knew about the other beasts, but no one mentioned the three tails.

After Yagura’s death, the Three tails died along with him, before resurrecting in some other place in the country of water.

There is nothing special about this, and the problem was where the three-tailed beast was located. Because the water country still had the Mist behind it and behind the Mist… Was a mountain everyone was jealous of.

“We didn’t discover the trails of the Three tails…”

The man who spoke to Pain was Itachi, after this, he said calmly: “But I found a clue.”

Pain nodded and didn’t find any problem. Instead, he said: “be as cautious as possible in the country of water. Don’t disturb that person. If you can’t find the Three tails, just return after completing the bounty mission.”


Itachi nodded with light in his eyes.

When he mentioned that person, all people could tell who was that.

Almost all S Class ninjas were cautious when he was mentioned, everyone in the world knew him; he is feared by almost all people, and was crowned the title God of shinobi, Roja. Everyone had different thoughts when Roja was mentioned.

Especially Orochimaru, who was jealous of Roja, but he still didn’t want to provoke Roja. If the Akatsuki tries to deal with Roja, he will leave them directly. In his view, although the Akatsuki were strong, it’s not comparable to Roja.

Others such as Sasori were jealous of Roja but not afraid of him and somewhat dissatisfied as well.

Nagato and Konan were different.

Nagato shook his head, Roja had the power to change the world of ninja and stop the wars, but he didn’t do anything. In order to make the world feel the pain, in order to make peace, even if Roja was the one he is facing, he won’t hesitate.

Konan had different ideas. Although she was like Nagato and couldn’t understand Roja’s behavior, she still respected him in her heart.

Pain once again started talking about what they should do.


Then all of the images disappeared.

In a remote area in the country of Water, two figures could be seen sitting on a rock with their eyes closed.

In the next moment, their eyes opened, and both of them were wearing black clothes with red clouds, one of them was Itachi Uchiha!
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