God Of Soul System Chapter 216: Pudding


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Almost all the leaders attending the tea party were full of excitement as they talked to each other.

And at this time, the door inside the castle opened, a figure that was fat came out.

“Mama came.”

Everyone stopped their movement and looked up.

Charlotte Linlin walked down the stair and opened her hands and said: “Ladies and Gentlemen from afar, Welcome! Enjoy the party as much as you can.”

“Everyone can have fun!”

Accompanied Charlotte LinLin’s greeting, the guests immediately took their treasure chest and stepped forward.

The leader of the world’s largest Organization had a cigar in his mouth as he said:

“I brought you a present, Charlotte!”

“Alas, Isn’t this my favorite chest?”

Charlotte Linlin looked at the treasure chest and her eyes shined, then immediately after, several guests came forward as well to give their presents.

Far away, Stussy was ready to take her own present to Big mom, but as she glimpsed at Roja, she seemed to know that he didn’t bring any gift, she couldn’t help but reveal her astonishment.

“You… Didn’t bring any gifts?”

Roja shrugged.

She looked at Roja and showed a wry expression as she said to him: “Yeah, this is your first time here after all… But without a gift, LinLin can get angry.”

Roja laughed for a bit, then he said to Stussy: ” Rest assured, I will solve this.”

Seeing Roja quite sure of it, Stussy took her own gift and went toward Charlotte.

After receiving many chests, Charlotte Linlin seemed very happy, she was dancing in her place, she didn’t seem like one of the Yonko.

Roja got up and began to walk with great interest, as he strolled inside the party, he saw various foods which he didn’t see before and their taste was quite good.

Compared to the guests, she is the most one enjoying this party.

Roja turned around and laughed: “It be a waste to destroy this place.”

There were many people who were wandering around to try various foods.

Roja came to the chocolate counter which was filled with snacks.

“Do you want to taste something?”

standing behind the counter was Charlotte Pudding, Her hair was blocking the third eye on her forehead, and she looked adorable with just two eyes.

But, just as she was going to give Roja some snacks, she looked at his face and felt he looked familiar, after a bit her pupil contracted.

Isn’t this guy…

“Oh, Finally someone recognized me?”

Roja took the initiative to take a piece of chocolate from Pudding’s hand and then looked at her forehead and smiled: “Can you keep a secret?”


Pudding almost sprayed blood out.

What a Joke!

The dignified new Marine Admiral, Ghost sword Roja, appeared in this tea party!

Pudding was really scared.

Although four Sweet Commanders are here as well as Charlotte Linlin herself, She didn’t know why, but When Roja was next to her she was sure that if she made a move, Roja will directly finish her off.


Roja looked pudding who started sobbing while he ate the snacks.

Pudding had an I know how to look, then she behaved and didn’t say a word, but her face was unnatural.

but what nice is that just at this time, One of the four sweet commanders, Minister of Biscuit came from the side and said: “The chocolate and the biscuit together are very good.”

As he spoke a pile of biscuit came out.

But, at the moment he was about to invite Roja to taste, he finally felt the weird atmosphere, and obviously, he saw the cold sweat on Pudding’s forehead.

“What happened?”

Cracker’s brow frowned, he looked at Roja and he felt the latter was a little familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was exactly.

“Hey pudding, what happened to you?”

Cracker looked at pudding and asked.

Pudding turned her head stiffly, she still couldn’t speak and although there was a sweet commander beside her she still couldn’t guarantee her own safety.

“No, nothing…”

Pudding grinned stiffly.

Cracker blinked his eyes, he turned toward Roja with anger as he said: “Hey, You should not bully my sister!”


Pudding almost sprayed blood.

Coincidentally, he didn’t recognize that this was the new admiral, if not he would’ve gone quickly and informed mother!

Although Cracker was somewhat strong, as he was one of the sweet commanders, in front of the new Admiral, Ghost sword Roja, even if tried all he can he won’t be able to come out alive.

Once a fight begins, she would be the first to die, and that’s something she didn’t want.

“No! No!”

Pudding was aware that Cracker didn’t recognize Roja, so she immediately put on a shy expression and took the initiative to block Roja from Cracker’s view and said: “He did not bully me, Brother you made a mistake!”


Seeing this scene, Cracker scratched his head.

Roja was a bit surprised by this scene and couldn’t help but chuckle.

“This… So that what is going on.”

Cracker looked back and forth between Roja and Pudding, he suddenly exposed an enlightened expression, he grinned toward Pudding and turned around and left.

Pudding at this time wanted to pull Cracker back here but she didn’t dare to do that, she could only watch as he was getting further and further away and wanted to cry.
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