God Of Soul System Chapter 208: Roja’s promotion Options


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One of the monsters had a funny body, It’s like a mutated hippo, it’s mouth was full of teeth.

In One piece’s world, Even in the east blue, there is a variety of sea monsters.

“It’s not the one that bit off Akagam’s hand…”

Roja looked at the sea monsters, he shook his head and revealed a hint of mercy.

Why did they come out in front of him?

Roja was preparing to just hit them and send them back into the sea, but he suddenly thought about Luffy and Ace who were watching him, A smile formed on his mouth, he entered the Shinigami mode and Sen Maboroshi appeared in his hands.

“Since we will fight anyway, I should give my nephew a look at his uncle’s ability.”

Roja put his Zanpakuto in front of him.

“All Things of this World, Turn to Ashes! Ryujin Jakka!”

Roja waved his sword at the sea monsters, red-golden flames spread with a radius of hundreds of meters.

A pit of flames formed on the sea, there was no sea water, it felt like the sea disappeared somewhere and fire took its place.

It seemed like a work of God.

Luffy and Ace looked at this and were shocked beyond belief, their eyes were shining, and they thought they were dreaming.

But a faint heat wave came from afar which proved that the fire is real, all of this is real.

“Can such a power… Be achieved by a human being?”

The future fire fist Ace looked at this scene and recalled how he questioned Roja’s strength previously, He wanted to challenge Roja, he couldn’t help but show a stupid smile.

The third person, Garp exclaimed.

“What a terrible flame… Roja, that brat, really…”

Shock was apparent from Garp’s tone, that flames that could burn the sea, he felt that if he was the one going against it, it would be hard for him to defend himself even with Haki.

With this flame alone, Roja could stand at the peak of this world.


The flames continued to burn while Luffy and Ace were staring at it, at this time Roja moved and left quietly.

After the flames disappeared, the sea water surged from all direction to fill that hole, which set huge waves in the sea.

Roja’s back disappeared.

Roja moved on a straight line toward the Headquarters.

He was like Aokiji who moved across the sea with a bike, and Mihawk who moved using a small boat.

Roja moved step by step, sometimes he would run, sometimes he would break a wave his heart was calm and peaceful.

Just walking on the sea, he felt like the whole world is in his hands. Occasionally, Roja would rest on the same island and some other time he would use a sea king as he rested on top of it.

Roja crossed over to the Grandline, then continued toward the headquarter using the permanent pointer.

A few days later, Roja was on the back a sea king, His Den Den Mushi rang.

Roja took out his Den Den Mushi and answered, but suddenly on the other side, he heard a very cold voice with an angry tone.

“Is it Roja?”

This isn’t Sengoku’s voice, it was Admiral Akainu’s voice.


Roja’s was indifferent as he replied.

On the other side of the call, Akainu seemed like he was suppressing his anger and silently said: ” you are in the east Blue, in the Goa Kingdom, you found a trace of the revolutionary army, why didn’t you arrest them?”

During this period of time, the revolutionary army took some actions, the Marine was gathering information on their whereabouts for a long time.

After receiving the Information about what happened, Akainu returned to the headquarter and was raging and started to interrogate Roja over the phone.

At that time, Roja didn’t do anything to Koshiro, and he didn’t even arrest the revolutionary army, he knew that some of the Marine would come and ask him about it, but he didn’t expect it to be Akainu.

Roja facing the Den Den Mushi replied with no emotions: “My business, Do I need to tell you all of what I am doing one by one?”

“Watch your words!”

Akainu heard Roja’s voice and his anger burst.

“Vice-Admiral Roja, Although you are a bit powerful now, don’t forget your identity. I am an Admiral and have the power to question you.”


Akainu’s voice roared then he directly hung up.

Roja put the Den Den Mushi back in his pocket, his eyes looked at the boundless sea, suddenly he chuckled, he wasn’t angry, but he found it funny.

“Admiral, It’s about time that I sit there.”

A few days later, Roja returned to the headquarters and went directly to Sengoku’s office.

“You’re finally back, Roja.”

Seeing Roja’s face entering the door, Sengoku smiled.

Earlier, he also suspected Roja because of Akainu’s report. However, he didn’t expect that Koshiro, the owner of the Dojo, to be a powerful person, and he didn’t seem to be famous as well.

Although he only heard about it roughly, it seems scary.

That isn’t someone who could easily be suppressed, and also a report came about a fierce battle that occurred on the island.

Sengoku thought that most likely Roja tried to defeat him, but he failed to win against Koshiro, which led to the Revolutionary Army to run away, and Roja not wanting to say that is normal.

Akainu questioned Roja which probably made Roja unhappy, Of course, Sengoku didn’t add fuel nor did he comfort him, he ignored the whole thing and didn’t mention it again.

“This time, you killed Shiki, which is a big merit, I intend to let you serve as an Admiral counsel in the Headquarter, what do you think?”

Sengoku smiled at Roja.

Admirals will serve as Counsels in the headquarters, he will be eligible to enter the highest conferences, his status us like an admiral, just like the Crane.

Roja’s merit point coupled with the merit of killing Shiki is more than enough for him to be an Admiral. If there was a room for one more, then he would become one.

But unfortunately, they are three Admirals already.

“Admiral Counsel…”

Roja plainly said: “That position, leave it for the B*tch to do it.”


Hearing such a Sentence, Sengoku was stunned, a faint idea appeared in his mind, then his eyes widened as he looked at Roja.

He’s not going to…


In the next moment, Roja said.

“I, Vice-Admiral, Monkey.D.Roja apply for an Admiral promotion, According to the Rules, I challenge, Admiral Akainu!”
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