God Of Soul System Chapter 200: Roja Vs Koshiro


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Koshiro came out, Roja didn’t take him lightly.

Although this guy didn’t fight at all in the original story, his daughter had one of the 21 O Wazamono swords, and when he taught Zoro the way of the sword, it was only the basic of swordsmanship, it just makes one start in the path.

The sword that cut anything and the sword that cuts nothing…

Such a phrase still held profound meaning even for Roja who reached the extent of power he had. it seems the realm of the grand sword master is related to such a saying.

“It seems that even if I say that I didn’t know their identities and just sold them some goods, you are unlikely to believe it.”

Koshiro had a headache while he said to Roja.

Around them, all the people were confused as they didn’t get what is happening at all.

“What do you think?”

Roja smiled and looked at Koshiro, and then he glanced at the onlookers around them and used his Haki.


This time, Roja made everyone faint, even under his feet, the ground started cracking.

All of the people in the village fainted.

But, Koshiro was alright, like nothing had happened.

The Horrible waves of Haoshoku passed him as if he was a rock, they didn’t shake him even one bit.

Although Roja felt a strong sword will for a second, how strong Koshiro was, he didn’t know but he isn’t weak.

“I didn’t use a sword for a long time.”

Koshiro saw the people that fainted due to Roja and his eyes flashed, then he shook his head and the look in his eyes deepened.

Roja heard him, smiled and said: “Don’t you want your Dojo anymore?”


Koshiro sighed and went to his room in the Dojo.

Roja didn’t follow him, he just stood there and waited.

After a moment, he walked out again with a sword in his waist, The sheath of the sword was red, the hilt was also blood red.

Seeing this sword, Roja recognized it, he may not know All the O Wazamono swords, but the Saijo O Wazamono swords, he knew them as he was looking for them before.

This was…

Blood swords, Ming!

The black sword, Yoru and the White Sword, Hiru were not ‘evil’ Swords, But this sword Ming was like the first sword, it was closer to the evil side.

“Let’s go to the mountain.”

Although Koshiro took out his sword, there was no momentum going out of his body.

Koshiro was calm and his face was harmless and natural, he controlled his emotions to a very high degree, which surprised Roja because even he himself can’t do something like that.

By now, Roja was sure that Koshiro is a grandmaster swordsman!

Koshiro staying in the east Blue and his link to the Revolutionary army… these series of mystery didn’t interest Roja.

What Roja was interested in is Koshiro’s swordsmanship.

Although Shiki was a grandmaster swordsman, when he lost his legs, he lost at least 30% of his strength.

Even if his fruit is powerful, Shiki’s strength was between the Admiral and the Yonko, in his peak, he was close to Whitebeard’s strength.

“I don’t really know how strong a grandmaster swordsman is compared to Shiki.”

Koshiro adjusted his condition while Roja did the same.

For such a presence, Roja didn’t dare to underestimate him.

Roja glanced at the property bar and saw he still need just a little bit of energy to reach the fifth stage, the stage that he was looking forward to reaching for a long time.

The mountain was surrounded by three villages on each side and another mountain on the fourth side.

when they reached the mountain, they went to the junction between the two peaks of the mountains, in there-there was a valley with no trees, only weeds bushes.

Koshiro looked at the sword in his hands and sighed.

“This sword accidentally hurt my friend so I vowed to no longer use it, I didn’t expect to pull it out again.”

After a minute, Koshiro pulled the sword out.

Blood Sword, Ming!

Its whole body was blood red, as it was made of blood, looking at it make’s you feel that there is a pool of blood inside of it.

The moment the sword came out, Koshiro whole person changed, His momentum suddenly turned into a frightening pressure full of blood as if a devil possessed him.

This sudden change of momentum made Roja think of Jozu, the fourth captain of the Whitebeard pirates.

“Except for the type, they are so much alike.”

Sensing this change, Roja’s mind wondered, not because he was afraid as in his eyes something other than fear appeared, it’s excitement and anticipation.


Roja held the same white scabbard in his hands.

Koshiro’s momentum was like the devils, Although his voice was gentle, it sounded very scary as he said to Roja.

“Although I don’t know what happened, but I noticed Your sword… It is completely damaged, I am afraid it won’t hold until the end of our fight.”

“It will be enough to beat you.”

Roja said dully as he rushed toward Koshiro and waved his sword.


A bright silver-white sword energy formed in a flash and with a strong and powerful pressure, it went toward Koshiro.


Facing Roja’s attack, Koshiro held his sword and waved, and his attack collided with Roja and they staggered in the air, then they issued a crisp sound and vanished.


Airburst from the center where the strikes collided driving all the dust away in every direction with some weeds.

In the next moment both their figures flashed.

Ming and Hiru constantly flashed and collided, and occasionally a sword energy strike would go into the ground and make some deep gully as the battle continued.
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