God Of Soul System Chapter 197: East Blue


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“Shiki? Which Shiki? Golden Lion Shiki?”

The papers in front of Sengoku were wet, but he had no time thinking about them as he asked.

Although there seemed to be no Second Shiki, Sengoku still found in unbelievable.

He was just talking about him.

And not only can they not find him, even if they do, they would have to send an Admiral to kill him but now Roja actually said that he killed him alone?

“There shouldn’t be any other Shiki out there.”

Roja fell on the broken island that fell from the sky.


Sengoku went silent.

He knew that Roja won’t lie or Joke about something like this.

Roja didn’t fight in six months, although Sengoku knew that he is very strong and his improvement speed was very fast, six months ago he was near the level of An Admiral. And in just half a year he has reached the Strength of an Admiral Already?

You know, the strength of the three Disasters and Doflamingo are also near the Admiral’s level, And going even further is extremely difficult.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many guys with Doflamingo’s strength and so few with the strength of an Admiral.

In just six months, Roja’s strength had reached the Level of an Admiral?

Or was it that Shiki lost his legs and his power weakened to below the Admiral’s level?

After a long silence Sengoku said: “Roja where are you now?”

Roja took away the Den Den Mushi and looked around the sea. His brows picked a little. there was nothing around him, and he was sure that this isn’t the place he was in before.

It seems like Shiki’s island is constantly moving in the sky and the speed wasn’t slow either.

Roja exposed a touch of helplessness.

“I don’t know where I am.”

He is also not very good at judging the geographical position, So he only has a permanent pointer pointing at the headquarters, no matter where he was it would always point at the Marineford, He walks in the direction of that pointer to reach there.

Hearing Roja’s words Sengoku’s mouth twitched.

If he wasn’t sure that Roja was unlikely to lie, he would think that Roja just saying whatever he wants.

Sengoku was frustrated as he shook his head: “Then try knowing where you are.”

After Sengoku hanged up, Roja put back the Den Den Mushi in his pocket and was speechless looking at the boundless sea.

This is really a problem.

Relying on the pointer, Roja obviously couldn’t determine his location, not to mention Roja’s pointer was only pointing at the headquarters.

Roja shook his head, then glanced at the property bar after the fight the energy should’ve increased a lot.

There was a little bit to the fifth stage now, it seemed like in a few days he would reach the fifth stage. After that Roja shook his head again and picked a direction and went straight ahead.

Although he wasn’t able to judge the geographical position, he wasn’t an idiot. Based on the permanent pointer that doesn’t change, he can go in a straight line.

As long as he can find an island then he can tell where he is.


Roja foot moved on the water that sprayed constantly as kept going forward. He used water instead of going directly on the air to save some effort.

Roja didn’t think that will find empty islands, two or three of them, he still couldn’t determine his location but he could take a short break.

One day later, Finally a seemingly larger island appeared and was getting closer and closer as he moved. He also could tell that this island wasn’t empty because there were some ships parked outside.

Woush! Woush!

Seeing the island is close by, Roja accelerated, His figure left a shadow behind as he flashed a few time and reached the island.

This was a medium-sized island and there appear to be many villages located here.

Roja didn’t stop at the port but went toward the other side where there weren’t many boats, after that he used Haki to find the nearest person and then directly went toward him.

Although it was a bit weird to ask someone where this was, the man seemed to see Roja’s uniform and was answering seriously.

“East Blue, Goa kingdom… Shimotsuki Village…”

After getting this answer, Roja’s face couldn’t help but reveal a hint of astonishment.

If he remembers correctly, this should be Luffy’s hometown, Where Foosha village was located, as well as Zoro’s and the other’s hometown and also his.

“It’s been a long time since I met Garp, it is not bad to go now.”

Roja touched his chin and exposed a gentle smile, now he simply should tell Sengoku.

When he was about to call, he remembered that he didn’t know Foosha village’s location, so he shook his head helplessly ready to find someone to ask.

But at this time when Roja used his Haki, he found someone unexpected on the mountain.

Roja’s eyes flashed with surprise, His figure flashed like a ghost and directly wen toward the mountain, When he saw the figure, Roja finally said.

“Shimotsuki Village… no wonder I had this familiar feeling.”

In front of Roja, In the middle of a grove, several practicing targets were put there forming a triangle.

A green-haired Teenager, with a wooden sword in his mouth, each hand had a wooden sword, he was full of sweat but still continued to swing.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A burst of crackling after the explosion, the teenager’s face had a trace of red, his hands struggled to hold the sword and the wooden sword finally comes off his hands.
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