God Of Soul System Chapter 166: Impel Down


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The escorting of the prisoners was entrusted to Roja, Roja didn’t refuse but he had a request that the impel down must be reinforced.

Sengoku thought that Roja was afraid that Kaido would invade Impel Down, so after a moment, he agreed with Roja’s request, and sent a few more warships with him.

The ordinary Vice-admirals didn’t play a huge role in the war, Kaido could kill them instantly, only Roja could resist for a short while.

Impel Down had two advantages, first is the strength of it whole is about the strength of an admiral, and also they got that perverted Warden Magellan, also Vice Chief Warden Shiliew.

Coupled with Roja, even if Kaido attacked, they should be enough to hold him.

In fact, Roja purpose wasn’t to strengthen Impel Down’s defenses, but because there are many powerful foes that Roja wants to fight.

Roja felt urgent now, he wants his soul sword to quickly reach the fifth stage.

After that brief confrontation with Kaido, and him being not able to kill Kaido even when he laid in front of him motionless made Roja have a helpless feeling, Roja have been immersed in his thought these days.

Before, when Roja arrived in this world, he wanted the power to protect himself, but now he wants to be the strongest.

And after that contact with Kaido, Roja began considering a problem, that is life and death, Roja thought that Kaido will surely die of old age.

but he was different.

He has the soul sword and has the abilities of the shinigami If he was to calculate a shinigami’s life that would be in the thousands. But Roja still doesn’t know whether he was a shinigami or not.

“Maybe I will get the answer if I upgrade the soul sword to the fifth stage.”

Although Roja was looking at the sea, Roja could only see a hazy space with a sword hanging in the middle in front of him.

This was the soul space, and that was the soul sword as if knowing what Roja was thinking a flashed with a light slightly then returned to normal.

Impel Down, in the warden office, Magellan was sitting in his chair, while Shiliew was having a cigar in front of him.

“What the Fuck?”

Suddenly, Shiliew said coldly, and turn the piece of paper into pieces and threw it to the side, he looked at Magellan and said:” Sengoku actually worried about Impel down and think that the defense isn’t enough, he even sent reinforcement?”

It is indeed Dangerous to detain some pirates from the beast pirates, but sending a Vice-admiral with several warships is just making light of his and Magellan’s strength.

This feeling of being looked down open made Shiliew’s killing intent surge.

“They are escorting the pirates of the beast pirates and strengthening the defense is the best move they could do against the possibility of Kaido attacking.”

Magellan didn’t seem to feel as desperate as Shiliew, the latter suddenly said: “Don’t mess with me.”

Shiliew coldly snorted and said: “Since they look down on me, and sent a Vice-admiral over, I’d like to see that guys ability!”


Magellan had an annoyed expression and was about to reprimand Shiliew, but suddenly his face changed, his stomach made a strange voice, and he immediately went to the toilet.

He ate the devil fruit of poison, everything in his body is poisonous as a result he is suffering from constant diarrhea.

Seeing Magellan going to the toilet, Shiliew picked up the sword hanging up from his west and pulled out half of it, looked at it the returned it to the scabbard.

Impel down was located in the calm belt.

In the history of the Impel Down only one person could actually escape from here and that is the golden lion Shiki.

But he paid the price at that is his two legs.

Shiki was one of the three great pirates who roamed the sea with whitebeard and Roger until he heard that Roger was arrested and lost his reason, he attacked the Marine headquarters.

But still, Garp and Sengoku together fought with him and destroyed half the headquarters before finally suppressing him.

in the Impel down’s entire history there was no other escape.

“Vice-admiral Roja, in front of us is the Gates of Justice, after that we will reach Impel Down.” Next, to Roja, the rear admiral reported.

In fact, Roja didn’t need a report, he could see the huge iron gate in front of him.

Impel Down, Marineford and Enies Lobby, in front of each one there was a Gates of Justice, and between the three there was a huge whirlpool, the three gates formed a triangular shape.

Roja didn’t see this door for the first time, most of the time when he leaves the headquarters, he will pass through one so he wasn’t interested in this.

After the Gates of Justice, a huge castle appeared before them, which was Impel Down, in addition to this layer above the sea, there were six levels below, the higher the level, the more dangerous the prisoner.

This time, In the office, Magellan finally got out from the toilet, and after receiving the news that the warships had arrived, Magellan said to Shiliew, “They arrived, you should come out to meet them.”

“It’s time to take care of it.”

After leaving the room with a cold smile, Magellan walked after him with a smile and quickly walked outside the prison.
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