God Of Soul System Chapter 163: repelling Kaido


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Waves after waves swept the battlefield from all directions, with Kaido and Roja at the center.

The Haoshoku released made it hard for countless Marines and pirates to breath.

The place of the collision was full of cracks in the air. It looked like thunder that was flashing and crushing down on the ground.

Kaido’s fist was covered in Haki while coming down toward Roja’s head bringing boundless pressure as if it will bury Roja the moment it touches him.

Roja naturally was smaller than Kaido, he seemed like a dwarf in front of him, But the moment his Haoshoku erupted, He seemed as big as Kaido or maybe bigger.

Despite Kaido’s fist wanting to come down, he still couldn’t smash Roja’s sword.

Roja didn’t step back!


The atmosphere around Roja changed as if his power didn’t belong to this world, it concentrated on his sword and eventually, he blocked Kaido’s fist.


At this moment Kaido’s eyes revealed a hint of shock, he still couldn’t suppress Roja’s power.

This forces seemed unstoppable.

Not just blocking his fist, after Breaking his fist it continued to go toward his body.


With the loud sound, the Sword energy exploded out.

This clash between Kaido and Roja resulted in Roja going back a step while a terrible wound appeared on Kaido’s abdomen and chest.

This moment, Almost everyone watching, including Aokiji and Sengoku who were almost behind Kaido, Kisaru, and Akainu who were Fighting the two Disasters, all the Marine and Pirates were shocked.

Kaido… lost this clash against Roja?

If this strike only repelled Kaido, then it’s not something big, but there was a huge wound on Kaido chest and abdomen.

In this world the people who could injure Kaido were numbered, If anyone can easily get past Kaido’s defense then his title as the Invincible will be simply a joke, he would be dead long ago.

The other Emperors and the Marine couldn’t kill Kiado!

Most people like Jack and Doflamigo won’t be able to break Kaido’s defense, let alone defeat Kaido in a frontal collision.

Even in the Marine, there wasn’t anyone who could do this.

“Kaido-sama… Unexpectedly…”

“Am I dreaming?”

The beast pirates were well aware of Kaido’s strength, the last time he fought with shanks and also with Whitebeard without any loss, but now someone had left such a deep wound in his body.

They couldn’t believe what they saw.

“That attack was ridiculously strong, Roja…” Aokiji looked at Roja while his eyes flashed with shock.

Even Sengoku looked at him with shock.

If Kaido’s defense and recovery is perverted, then Roja’s attack was also abnormally perverted.

Although the swordsman attack power and effectiveness is good, it’s not as good as devil fruit ability, but just now Roja did this only with swordsmanship.

With a single attack!

Roja’s last attack is probably is at the peak of strength in this world, it’s about the same power As the strongest man, Whitebeard’s attack.

“This is great, I will remember you!”

Kaido looked at Roja with excitement in his eyes, as if he was seeing a treasure in front of him.

He no longer rushed toward Roja as Aokiji and Sengoku were already here.

After all, one was an admiral and the other was the fleet admiral if together they couldn’t stop Kaido, where will their face go then.

“Remember me? Being remembered by Kaido is really an honor.”

Roja sword returned to normal, while he stood in the field looking at Aokiji and Sengoku. He didn’t glance at Kaido, his eyes didn’t have any fear within.

He was influenced by Kaido’s fighting style, which stirred his blood, he only made two strikes but those strikes made him have a strange feeling in his heart.

When going all out, he could repel even Kaido.

After the fight with Roja ended, the battlefield resumed the previous battles again.

Aokiji and Sengoku were fighting Kaido, Kisaru and Akainu were fighting the remaining Disasters, the situation was already one-sided.

Although Roja’s Reiatsu was almost exhausted, his physical strength was still ok, So even without using any soul ability he could use swordplay and Haki, he still one of the strongest within the Vice-admirals with only that, so his abilities will affect the entire battle.


Kaido smashed an ice spear, he glanced at the field when he saw the two Disaster still fighting with Akainu and Kisaru.

“I will deal with them, all of you, retreat!”

Kaido began attacking again like crazy.

Aokiji and Sengoku feared Kaido even if they could suppress him, they didn’t want to get Grabbed by him. Also, Injuring Kaido won’t be of any use.
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