God Of Soul System Chapter 156: Admiral’s strength


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Heavy artillery range is longer than the light ones. In general, it would be hard to equip such a weapon on a ship, basically, there is not a single on the beast pirates’ entire fleet.

Also, the power of the heavy artillery is far more than the light ones, for example, if someone wanted to defend against it using his sword, he won’t survive if he didn’t use Haki to do so.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the heavy fire, The beast pirates started waving their weapons to defend the cannon balls that were falling while the ship continued to rush forward.

Quickly, the Pirates’ ships entered the range of the light artillery.

“Open fire!!”

On the other side, the Marines used their ships light artillery, while their morals shot high up the sky.

At this time, The beast pirates started shelling, they entered a sufficient distance for them to attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Both side still didn’t clash but casualties started appearing from both sides.

Sengoku stood at the highest point while looking coldly at the field.

“The annihilation war… Shall begin!”

This war isn’t the usual kind, in this war, there was no need for arrest, all the pirates shall be executed on site.

Kaido may be hard to kill, but his men aren’t, if the entire beast pirates fell, then even if Kaido was hard to deal with, he won’t establish his power as one of the Yonko easily.

The threat will be reduced like that.

“This distance is enough.”

Standing at the front of the camp, one of the three Admirals Kuzan or Aokiji, saw that the beast pirates’ ship was close enough to a fight, his eyes changed as his figure flashed.


Aokiji jumped up directly and fell into the sea with one hand pushing down.

“Ice age!”


Almost a moment, From Aokiji’s palm as a starting point, the sea suddenly turned to ice in an instant.

Suddenly cold waves spread in all direction, the water under the beast pirates’ ship turned into ice, The ship can no longer move forward!

“The Admirals made their move!”

Aokiji’s move stunned every Marine, Numerous were excited.

In front of Aokiji, Kaido who was on the deck of the beast pirates’ ship, his figure was huge as he stood there calmly watching the freezing sea and Aokiji.


Admirals simple weren’t in Kaido’s eyes, He fought Aokiji more than once, and every time he attacked the Marine alone, Almost all the time Aokiji would block his path.

“Worororo! Little ones, Together with me, Destroy the Marines!”

Seeing the ship completely stopped moving, Kaido’s eyes were full of killing intent, and with a roar, his pirates jumped into the ice.

Kacha! Kacha!

With Kaido jumping down, the ice beneath his feet cracked and those cracks spread to every direction. If it wasn’t the sea that was frozen, then the ice would’ve shattered long ago.

With Kaido’s coming out of his ship, the group of pirates jumped down too, with murderous intent filling the air.

If the momentum of the Marines is calm, then the momentum of the beast pirates was as crazy as it could be.

As Jack was knocked down in the sea then later was saved, Now he eyes were bloodshot as he followed behind Kaido and with a dull Roar, he shouted.

“Kill All the Marine! Kill Them All!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many pirates strode toward the Marines like an earthquake, While Kaido looked like a giant leading all those pirates toward the G6 base.

“Ice spear!”

Aokiji with a cold face waved his hand, Suddenly numerous spears appeared in the air then fell toward the beast pirates.

However with Kaido in the lead coupled with the three Disasters, those ice spears before falling were smashed.

“what a horrible thing, Beast pirates…”

Kisaru stood in front of the camp watching Aokiji attempt to block them, but he didn’t succeed, he slightly widened his eyes exposing a wretched expression, and then his figure suddenly transformed to light.

The purpose of this war is to annihilate the beast pirates, even if it’s impossible to kill Kaido, but the beast pirates must disappear, So Kisaru directly moved.


Kisaru figure flashed and shot into the sky, his body emitted dazzling golden light like a golden sun, his hand was on his chest as he crosses his arms in front of him, then he slowly looked toward the beast pirates below.

“Yasakani no Magatama!”

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

Dense golden light particles like rain dropped from the sky.

Those golden light particles exploded after landing, and their damage was higher than even the heavy artillery.

In front of this attack, Kaido looked up to the sky, he received the attacks with his body without suffering anything.


Soon under his feet, the ice cracked again as he jumped high into the sky, he rushed toward Kisaru and punched fiercely.

“Too bright! get out!”

“Oh, yo.”

Kisaru folded his hand on his chest to block the incoming attack, but this was a punch from Kaido, the power of this punch directly exploded down from the sky.


Kisaru body crushed into the ice, the ice exploded but Kisaru wasn’t injured, with a flash he landed beside Aokji.

“Beast pirates…”

The last one didn’t jump like the other, Akainu was looking from a distance, Finally a terrifying heat was felt as his arm suddenly turned into magma, a drop of magma landed on the ground and the ground melted.

“Kill all pirates!”

With a roar, Akainu pointed both fists into the air and magma burst out.

Ryusei Kazan!


Akainu’s fists turned into a huge magma fists and shot into the sky, with a terrible temperature the fists of magma fell from the sky toward the beast pirates.

At this point, all the three Admirals made their moves, their power shocked the Marines.

“This is… The strength of the Admirals.”

“How powerful.”

Whether they were pirates of Marine, this display of power made their mind vibrate.
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