God Of Soul System Chapter 146: Roja Vs Jack the Drough


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As the two ships approached each other, each person on the deck was visible on the other.

Roja stood on the deck with his coat fluttering with the wind, when he saw Jack on the deck of the other ship his eyes flashed.

“Beasts pirates, one of the three Disasters, Jack the Drought.”


Jack was holding two sickles in his hands, His eyes were bloodshot, he looked at Roja and said slowly.

“Where is the devil fruit?”

Roja heard this and his eyes flashed with astonishment, Since he asked about a devil fruit it just means that the devil fruit that he just received is actually not a normal Zoan fruit.

Jack came personally for this devil fruit which means that it was either a rare Zoan or an ancient one… Which could get him a large number of points.

After thinking of this Roja smiled, Looked at Jack and said: “Defeat me and I will tell you.”

Hearing such sentence made Jack really enraged and his eyes were full of killing intent.

“Kill! All! Of! Them!”

After saying this, Jack jumped directly toward the warship.


Roja unsheathed his sword and his figure flashed in mid-air, He was planning to face Jack head on.

Suddenly the two of them attacked.


Roja sword collided with Jack’s sickles which produced terrifying explosion sound As if thousands of Cannonballs exploded at the same time.

The wind waves surged with them in the center and the sea below them formed a pit and waves were formed from the side.

“What a terrifying power…”

“It’s Jack the Drought, his bounty is 800 million.”

The Marines on the warship panicked while looking at the collision between the two figures.

Roja held his sword as he swung it down, while Jack used his two sickles to block, both men were still in midair.


After a stalemate, Jack couldn’t stay in mid-air for too long, he directly went down on the Mammoths deck, while Roja used Moon Walk to stay in mid-air.

“Jack-sama lost the clash?”

“Sure enough, Worthy to be the man who defeated Doflamingo… Ghost Sword Roja.”

Seeing this, the pirates under Jack revealed their shock, because always when Jack made a move he will destroy everything.

Almost no one could stop Jack.

Because of this Jack was Named the Drought, all the lands he passed through would seem like ruins.

“However, He angered Jack-same…”

A group of pirates swallowed their saliva, and one of them said: “No one except for the Yonko has a bounty more them Jack-sama.”

jack who was sent back to the ship had a terrifying face.

His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Roja, His killing intent was surging.

“What are you doing?”

“Kill Al the Marine, Kill them all!”

Jack said coldly and rushed again toward Roja, He wanted to shoot Roja down.

Roja was standing above them like a king looking at his subjects then he said.

“If you want to kill everyone then you have to go through me first.”

The next moment Roja held his sword, Suddenly flames started to appear, Roja waved and the flames rushed toward Jack and his ship.


Roja’s flames now were completely on the different level in both shape, size, and temperature, it was extremely scary.

Even thought Hiru can withstand the heat, if it was any other metal then it would have already melted.

While the flames were coming down, the heat was unbearable.

The beast pirates mostly all of them have a Zoan fruit, And animals have an instinctive fear of flames.

Jack looked at the flames without fear, But his face sank, His arrogance disappeared, He waved his hand and to waves appeared and flew toward the flames.

At the same time, Most people on the Mammoth moved, their sword flashed as they ripped off the flames.

Even so, a small part of it fell on board.

The moment it touched the ship, it was like a red flower that just blossomed.

Next, to it some pirates were caught off guard and were instantly ignited, the struggled and rolled on the ground to extinguish it.

“What a terrifying power…”

All the pirates looked at the blossomed fire with horror filling their eyes.

At this time Jack broke through the flames and waved his sickles toward Roja.

Roja was standing in the sky like a fire lord, He was already prepared, he held the sword with both hands and waved it down.

“Getsuga Tensho!”
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