God Of Soul System Chapter 134: Not Leaving unless You Agree


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“Ane-sama… Ane-sama!”

“That man…”

Hancocks two sister’s foreheads were full of cold sweat, they couldn’t help but retreat beside Hancock and nervously look toward Roja who was standing at the edge of the warship.

Roja stood there and retracted his Haoshoku, but the feeling was still there.

“Did you cause enough trouble now?”

Roja appreciated Hancock, Whether her charm or temperament, They were perfect in his memories, the only problem is that she is too headstrong.

Hancock is probably nineteen years old now, just one-year younger than him, basically, they were the same age.

Hancock looked at Roja and bit her lips, she didn’t know how to answer his question.

This question cannot be answered, Whether she says it’s enough or not, she would look like a child causing trouble.

“How could there be a man in this world who could resist my charm…”

Hancock’s eyes were showing her unwillingness, the fruit she ate complimented her greatly, with her charm and her fruit she could do anything, this is the first time someone was not affected.

Hancock’s charm will leave an impact on basically everyone, but the impact differ from one to other, For example, Aokiji and the other admirals would have a very small impact that they could easily suppress.

“Yes, he must be suppressing himself…”

Hancock thought, but she couldn’t believe her own idea because before when she used her Mero Mero Mero, Roja wasn’t using Haki.

“Wanting me to leave and cooperate with the world government and be one of the Shichibukai is absolutely impossible.” Hancock took a deep breath and said coldly.

Roja slightly shook his head and said: “That identity is very important to you, it should allow you to shelter this island.”

At this time, Nyon-ba who was thrown away, suddenly without anyone knowing how came back and looked at Roja deeply then turned to Hancock and said.

“Hebihime… What he said is right… If you refuse this time then the next time the Marine would send at least 5 warships and we’ll be wiped up without a fight.”

Nyon-ba was very shocked when Roja used Haoshoku.

With such a strong Haoshoku, how could he be a Marine? this matter made her puzzled and now this, she couldn’t just ask Roja, but since he has Haoshoku he wasn’t the same as those Marines.

From that strong Hoashoku, Roja surely wasn’t the world government dog, because those dogs won’t be able to use Haoshoku.

“Moreover, Let’s not say the Marines will act, This man’s power alone would wipe us all without anyone of us resisting.”

Nyon-ba continued to persuade Hancock.

“Even if the country will be destroyed I won’t agree.”

Hancock took a deep breath, she couldn’t yield because she is the Snake Empress, She has Haoshoku, Only those who don’t yield will be able to use it.

Because she didn’t want to yield, Roja appreciated this character of hers.

This is the temperament is what make kings, Never yielding always standing at the top, This was Boa Hanock’s grace.

But Originally Boa Hancock accepted the invitation, so Roja was sure to make her agree.

And this is his first mission as A vice-Admiral, He didn’t his first mission to be a failure.


Roja stood at the warship looking at Hancock, He shook his head slightly and said with a smile: “I am not leaving until you agree then.”

“Well, stay there forever.”

Hancock saw that Roja won’t attack, and she herself didn’t want to face Roja anymore.

She didn’t hesitate and started to leave the place back to the castle while leaving Roja there.

“Hebihime, You…”

Nyon-ba wanted to knock her snake stick at her, but that was impossible as Hancock is really powerful.

After looking at Hancock, Nyon-ba sighed and looked at Roja with apprehension.


“Don’t worry, I am not here to destroy the island, but to recruit her before she agrees I won’t leave the island and also I need her to turn my soldier back to normal.”

“Oh, I will go and ask her.”

Hearing Roja’s words, Nyon-ba sighed in relief.

Roja’s tolerance is difficult to figure out, basically, everyone who has Haoshoku will only do things to their liking.
So people won’t care about being offended like Shanks, and some people will not be able to be even a little disrespectful toward them or they will destroy the entire island of that person.

Although Nyon-ba didn’t see what happened, it seems something happened on the warship.
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