God Of Soul System Chapter 126: Hissatsu, White Sword Emperor!


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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roars sounded and endless petals scattered.

Roja didn’t stop his attack, he also maintained the flames while using the petals. He gathered them after they scattered due to Garp’s punches.

This confrontation was a precious experience for Roja, He would know the extent of his power and also he would see for himself the power of the top in this world.

Facing Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Garp wasn’t using his Busoshoku hardening constantly, only when a petal reaches his body would he use it only at that same place, he didn’t waste any use of Hardening.

(Tl: Really Garp… Your more OP than the MC himself.)

This degree of mastering Haki isn’t anything common, compared to the full body hardening, this was many levels ahead.

To be able to use this, there no doubt that Garp has reached the top between Haki users, especially his Busoshoku, Roja can’t compare to him.

Roja’s Bankai couldn’t hurt Garp in the slightest. Garp didn’t counterattack, he was only defending casually.

“Yes, this is very good… Any other moves?”

Garp used his fists to scatter the petals and blow the flames, still, he looked so happy and was laughing, it seems that he didn’t fight for a long time and this aroused his curiosity.

This kind of battle made him move his body and relieve some stress, It was really fun for him.


Fatigue hit Roja after the huge consumption of spiritual power, he took a deep breath and stretched his hand.

The cherry petals gathered together, they gathered at the side of Roja and formed huge wings, also in his hand a sword formed, while the sword and the wings had a slight black color.

“Senbonzakura Kageyoshi…”

Hissatsu, White sword Emperor!

Roja used this move which will consume the rest of his spiritual power. All of that power gathered in his sword and changed the atmosphere.

Garp could feel the power gathering in Roja’s sword and couldn’t help but reveal a serious expression.


The next moment Roja rushed forward and swung his sword downward toward Garp.

This sword wasn’t only using the power of Senbonzakura, he also used Getsuga Tensho in this attack, this attack combines all his powers except for the flames.

And facing this attack, Garps still used just a fist.


(Tl: Now that I think of it, If Garp really hit Akainu after the latter killed Ace… What would’ve happened to him…)

The fist and the Sword collided, the air suddenly comes to a stop, then waves formed and rampaged in every Direction.


Suddenly the Cheery petals splashed, Roja and Garp stood in the middle of the island.

The shockwaves reached until the sea which created huge waves.

After a long time, everything stopped.

Between Roja and Garp a deep Crack appeared.

Hiru returned to his original Form in Roja’s hands, Roja was barely standing, he didn’t have any scars but he so exhausted that he will lose consciousness any moment.

In front of him, Garp stood there unscathed.

Just, he looked at Roja with a different expression, he was abnormally shocked.

That final strike, He felt the power building inside Roja, so he didn’t go easy, he used his full strength in the last punch.

His punch broke Roja’s Getsuga Tensho, Broke Roja’s Senbonzakura, but it didn’t make him retreat back, he blocked it.

This means… in the last blow the two of them were almost equal in strength.

Regardless of speed and defense, Roja’s last attack had almost the same strength as his las punch.

Garp was clear about his own strength, his heart was very clear, even the three current admirals won’t stay in their places after receiving a punch from him.

But Roja wasn’t one of them, he wasn’t someone that could compete in the top of the world yet.

How can this not shock Garp?

“This brat… he really grew up.”

Looking at Roja holding his sword and breathing hard, Garp knew that he exhausted the last bit of his strength in the last attack. A satisfied smiled appeared on Garp’s face while his eyes looked pleased.

Roja’s breathing was very light because he wasn’t physically tired, his spiritual power was almost completely used, so he looked so tired.


Finally, using the last attack, Roja did what he wanted to do, he strong heart affected his soul sword, which made him get stronger and become more powerful.

The result of the fight didn’t matter, it wasn’t about winning and losing.

In this fight, Roja got to know the extent of his strength.

Going all out desperately, in term of attack he reached the power of an admiral, maybe comparable to Garp.

His defense is a mess, If Garp took the initiative to attack him, it would’ve taken about a moment for him to be knocked out.

If Senbonzakura Kageyoshi couldn’t block Garp then there is no way he could block him at all, and still, his last attack consumption is too large compared to Garp’s serious punch. Only God knows how many times can Garp still punch like that.

(Tl: Garp are you by any chance… Saitama???)

The mastery of Haki and the physical strength is also worlds apart, Roja finally understood why Roger could run wild in the world but still when met Garp he had to fight.

Garp was at the peak of attack and defense, basically almost invincible.

Whitebeard’s attack power was very high, but his defense cant be compared to Garp’s, And Kaido the beast who couldn’t die even when he tried to suicide has a strong defense, but his attacks are as strong as Garp or less.

If Roja was to fight Aokiji or Akainu, relying on their devil fruit to reach Admiral positions, Roja can resist for a short period of time.

But in front of Garp, he wouldn’t last a moment.

What’s most troublesome about Garp isn’t his physical strength, but his Mastery over Haki.

“Haki, physical strength and Swordsmanship… those are the aspect I should enhance…”

Roja will always remember this fight, this was the first fight against someone that could be called at the peak of the world.

Roja thought that if he reached the fifth stage int he soul sword which will improve his Haki, and practice until he reaches the Fifteenth compression… All of this would make him have the power of an admiral!

At that time, even if he was facing someone as strong as Garp he still could put on a fight.

Furthermore, if he was to comprehend his own sword, he will be more then just a sword master and also when he reaches the fifth stage he will be able to use Yamamoto’s Shikai…

Thinking to here, Roja’s mouth curved into a smile, His eyes flashed with light, when that time comes, let’s see who is the world’s strongest.
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