God Of Soul System Chapter 125: Garp’s fist!


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“Be careful.”

Roja’s emotions are restless when he faced Garp, he needed to adjust his state of his mind. After that Roja swung his sword.

“Getsuga Tensho!”


The red crescent shaped sword energy flew toward Garp.

Compared to before his Getsuga Tensho was much stronger, after all, he may have stopped his physical training but he didn’t stop training in his sword for even one day.

Roja now was practicing the eleventh compression already.

In addition, Roja’s Haki improved greatly.

Although Roja didn’t practice for that to happen, when his soul got stronger his Haki got stronger too automatically.

After his constant practice, his arm strength and speed were enhanced, adding his powerful Haki, the strike became a lot stronger than before.

Wouch! Wouch!

The sword energy continued to fly toward Garp, even a Vice admiral won’t face this attack casually.

“Sure enough, this is a lot stronger than before.”

Garp looked at the attacking heading toward him, he smiled and praised the power of the attack, but his action was simple, he just clenched his fist and punched.


The Strike that was so strong crumbled in front of Garp’s punch just like that.


Roja’s mouth twitched when he saw this scene, He got a feeling that the Gap in strength between Garp and Doflamingo is just too huge.

Doflamingo had a lot of moves, Roja had a lot of moves too, and Garp seems to have used one and that is … A punch!

How messed up could this get? In the past, he just faced the world with his fists.

This type of fighting style is really too weak in front of abilities, but that’s only at first when someone gets too strong that style will just turn abnormal.

Sword flow, Torch!

Seeing that Garp could block his attack so easily, Roja decided to go all out, he waved his hand which produced a huge fire pillar while the heat swept in all directions.

In the original Story, Ace used the abilities of his fruit to produce fire, but of course, they can’t compare to Roja’s, Maybe the flames that Roja produced before were the same as Ace’s.

But after the soul sword’s upgrade, whether it’s the range or the temperature are completely on another level.

In the battle with Doflamingo, Roja’s flames could surpass the power of Doflamingo before his awakening.

“The power of that strange flames become a lot stronger too.”

While facing all those flames, Garp grinned, he clenched his fist again and casually waved from a side to the other side.


A wave of wind immediately surged toward the flames and blew it away.

When facing the flames, If he didn’t use Busoshoku then he won’t have the ability to withstand it. it still can affect him.

Just a little.

Roja expected no less from Garp, He knew that with the flames he won’t be able to do a thing.

Unless he upgrades his soul sword to the fifth stage, he won’t have any chance to confront Garp with the flames.

“Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Without any hesitation, Roja maintained the flames and dropped his sword to the ground.

He could use more than one ability at the same time, But the consumption is too large, even against Doflamingo, Roja didn’t maintain the flames after using the Bankai so he won’t run out of power.

But when facing Garp he didn’t care about that.


Countless blades penetrated the ground and began to rise, they turned into Petals suddenly and at the same time come crashing toward Garp with the flames.

“What is this?”

Garp looked at Cherry petals in the sky, suddenly his expression changed because he couldn’t know the number of those petals even after using his Kenbunshoku Haki.

It seems like the ability that defeated Doflamingo is this one.

What kind of ability is this?

Is it a Paramecia cutting fruit? No, is this the awakening version? interesting…

Garp knew from the start that Roja got a peculiar talent, So far he couldn’t guess the origin of his abilities, Still, he just clenched his fist again then punched out.


Under the punch Many petals scattered and made beautiful scenery, it looked as if the sky was raining Cherry petals.

“Even in my most powerful state, while I can control everything, and while also using Busoshoku Haki, I can’t stop a single punch from Garp?.”

Roja mouth twitched while thinking of what he had just experienced.

Was he really a human? Roja really started to doubt that, if it was Doflamingo, even if his using awakening, with countless threads, Garp could just settle it with a punch!

Without any special skill, this guy is just a super soldier right? How did he reach such a state of physical enhancement really?

Roja’s heart shook.

“However, to do this, he should have used his full strength.”

In fact, Roja’s guess was right, from the beginning of the spar, He used his left hand with full strength.

Doing this will make Roja realize his powerlessness, and without going into full force, it won’t cause this effect.

The so-called the top of the world is not just for show.
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