God Of Soul System Chapter 123: Ghost sword Roja


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Gurgle! Gurgle!
Whitebeard was drinking beer directly from a big jar, after hearing Marco’s words he put the jar down and grinned.
“When did the Marine become so capable, Was it the new admirals?”
Although Doflamingo’s status was far less than an Emperor, he was just under them. he was a strong private and even Whitebeard heard a thing or two about him.
Garp wasn’t hunting anymore and Sengoku was promoted to the position of fleet admiral, Aokiji, Kisaru, and Akainu were promoted to the position of Admirals. Since then the world didn’t see any shocking events.
Garp was from the generation of Whitebeard While the three Admirals were just kids in his eyes.
“It wasn’t them.”
Marco shook his head and said: “But you should be interested in him.”
Hearing Marco say this, Whitebeard was slightly interested, Marco saw this then smiled and said: “The one who defeated him is Garp’s nephew, His name is Monkey.D.Roja.”
“Oh, Garp’s nephew?”
Whitebeard’s gaze turned deep as he murmured: “Roger, Sengoku, Garp…”
“It’s been twelve years since that time, and now even a kid from Roger’s crew is climbing up.”
Whitebeard said faintly while remembering the events from twelve years ago.
After listening to Whitebeard’s words, the pirates stopped drinking, and Marco stood by his side and listened.
In today’s era, Only Whitebeard could say Roger’s name casually, and only him could call Shanks a kid.
“Defeated Domingo… Even so, It’s still too early for that kid.”
It was too early for a kid to dominate the world.
Whitebeard smiled, and suddenly the sky trembled.
“Yeah, it’s too early.”
Maco stood in front of Whitebeard, smiled and responded.
Other people on the ship like Jozu smiled showing their self-confidence.
A new powerful Marine appeared, So what?
They are the pirates of whitebeard, even among the Yonko, they were recognized as the strongest. In their eyes, they could destroy casually destroy the DonQuixote pirates.
The world still has more characters as strong as Doflamingo, With that kind of power, they will only reach the power of an admiral, they won’t have the qualification to compete for the one piece.
But Roja still aroused their curiosity.
In the eyes of Whitebeard, not to mention Roja, even the three admirals are just little kids and it’s still ten years too early for them to think of dominating the world.

Although Doflamingo can’t be compared to the Yonko, he was dominating the underground trades.
Roja’s name will be known to all after he destroyed the Doflamingo family and defeated Doflamingo.
He didn’t step in the Grandline but he still shocked the world.
And after the incident, Many people mentioned his name. He was in the limelight.
After some time, I don’t know when it begins, or who gave him this name, but now Roja was called…
Ghost Sword Roja.
The news spread quickly in the seas.
Very few of the headquarters Marine had their own code names, like Iron fist Garp and Sengoku the Buddha…

Countless pirates knew these names.
Although many knew that compared to Garp and Sengoku Roja was still far away, but having this kind of strength when he was so young, if there is no accident then he would become as strong or maybe stronger than them.
At this time, Roja was with Garp in a warship, they were returning to the headquarters.
Roja was assigned as the first base leader in the west blue for only half a year, but everyone in the West blue will remember him.
the impression he left was huge especially in the heart of the Marines in the first base.
Many Marines in the first base started training desperately after his departure. Some even wanted to be assigned to the bases in Grandline to make a name for themselves.

on the Warship, In the leader’s cabin, Garp was sitting on a chair and eating something while Roja was sitting beside him and drinking some tea.
There were some papers on the table.
Garp looked at the papers then smiled after gulping down.
“Roja, you caused a huge storm, it seems that this won’t settle in a short period of time, you will have to face many enemies to become stronger.”
“He asked for it.”
Roja sipped some tea then smiled at Garp, this smile was full of self-confidence.
After the fight, Roja suffered some serious injuries, but for him, they were nothing, after resting for some days he completely recovered.
The people of this world were relatively strong, Even for an ordinary person, it was cut and blood was gushing out, After some days they will recover, let alone Roja.
After the fight, Roja didn’t consume much of his physical strength, but he almost exhausted his spiritual force, if he ended the fight sooner maybe he would have some left.
Roja did this to determine the extent of his spiritual power, so he can guess the amount of time he can use his abilities.
He also became more used to them and his understanding of them deepened.
This time he defeated Dofamingo and stepped into the Quasi Admiral level.
This level was one of the tops in the world, but there is still a gap between him and the current Admirals.
This strength may defeat almost all the headquarters Vice-Admirals but he can’t overwhelm the Admirals yet.
Still, he could hold his ground for a few Rounds if he was to face an Admiral now.
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