God Of Soul System Chapter 104: The Shock In The West Blue


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Hearing Tika’s question, The lieutenant was about to cry, a hesitant look was apparent on his face.
Tika frowned and asked, “Why did he go out?”
“Mr. Roja wanted to … Catch the Gecko pirates.”
Tika instantly was shocked, he snapped shouting: “Catching the Gecko pirates? When did that group appear? when did he go? How come I didn’t know?”
Seeing the look on Tika’s face, the lieutenant was frightened. After Tika talked, there was only silence.
After a while, the lieutenant whispered to Tika.
“That … Mr. Roja said to not inform you …”
“Damn it !!”
Green vines appeared on Tika’s forehead. He couldn’t help but clench his fist.
“That Roja, because he came from the headquarters, he didn’t put the Gecko pirates in his eyes. They absolutely shouldn’t be taken lightly.”
The previous leader was like this, he didn’t put the Gecko pirates in his eyes. But in the end, he got killed by them.
Thinking to here, Tika’s face turned to a face full of anger. He asked: “For how long did they leave? and what is their direction?”
Although he didn’t like Roja and even if he was angry in his heart, He couldn’t just see the leader of the base in danger and do nothing.
So he was ready to immediately go rescue them.
It’s been a long time and … there isn’t any news about them.”
Hearing this, Tika’s heart slowly sunk. They left a long time and there wasn’t any news about them. It seems that there was only one possibility.
If the second leader died, the headquarters would get angry and will dispatch a group of elites to chase after them. He was the main strength of the base, He wanted to be promoted to the position of the leader a long time ago but now that chance won’t come again.
“Really too young and isn’t fit to be a leader. Why did the headquarters send some boy to be our base leader …”
Toka’s anger gradually subsided and was replaced by a weak sigh.
He shook his head as he wasn’t ready to do any unnecessary rescue. he was ready to return to his office and quietly wait for the news.
But almost at that moment, a captain rushed toward him.
The face of the Captain was hard to describe, Just when he reached Tika he immediately stopped and saluted with some panic.
“There is a report … Mr. Tika!”
“Why are you so panicked? What happened?!”
Tika’s face suddenly sunk, he vaguely knows what was going on.
However, the captain said something completely different to what Tika was expecting.
“A report just came … all … The Gecko pirates … Are destroyed!! Our casualties, only one seriously injured and we didn’t have any deaths.”
Hearing this, Tika almost crushed the cigar in his mouth. He stared at the captain and subconsciously said: ” What did you say?!”
“… Also …”
The captain revealed a sluggish look as if he didn’t believe himself: “Our leader, Roja, found a base of the DonQuixote family in the West blue which was holding an underground auction. He broke in and caught all pirates there, seized a lot of materials … Our casualties number is … Zero.”

“And finally, base leader Roja has commanded us to send two warships to handle the seized materials …”
He said this while his own voice was trembling.
It seems like when he listened to himself he couldn’t believe it even though he was the one saying it.
The sea breeze blew gently.
The port was silent. If a needle falls down to the ground, anyone could hear it. There was only the sound of waves which kept on hitting the walls on the ports side.

A few days later.
The news about the underground base of the DonQxuixote family being exterminated finally couldn’t be covered anymore and spread throughout underground forces in the West blue.
Everyone who was there got arrested. the ordinary pirates, The DonQuixote family and even those representatives from some underground forces.
In some unknown organization, Nico Robin was looking at the news with an amazed look on her face.
“DonQuixote family underground base was destroyed …”
“is this a thing that the Marine could do?” Robin Rubbed the paper and murmured, In her mind, a figure flashed.
Could it … be him?
On another area.
The leader of some underground force lifted the table after reading the news.
“DonQuixote family … How would they be able to buy more arms now.”
The leader was a slave dealer, he had an angry look on his face.
“I was supposed to sell some slaves to the nobles in the west blue, which now was ruined. How am I gonna explain to them…”
If only the base was destroyed it wouldn’t be dangerous. But the base was destroyed while there was an auction, so many representatives were caught which make the problem a bit serious.
This was like an earthquake to all the underground forces in the west blue.

In the north blue.
On the calm sea, The DonQuixote ship was parked beside an uninhabited island.
“Doffy, Something just happened.”
One of the highest cadres of the DonQuixote family, Trebol, came to a luxurious looking room. in his hand, he was holding a den den mushi as well as several papers.
“The west blue’s base was found by the Marines, the arms are gone, that sword is gone and also many slaves are gone.”
“There are even some worse problems. Our business on the West blue was greatly affected, many forces are arguing with us and don’t want to do business with us anymore.”
Trebol face was really ugly, he kept returning the snot coming out of his nose times and times again.
Doflamingo was the captain, Seeing that the Marine was chasing and creating troubles for him everywhere, he wasn’t happy. and hearing Trebol words, his face turned cold.
“You bunch of wastes! Where is the problem?”
Doflamingo remembered that not long ago the base on the South blue was destroyed by Marine trainees. Even Lao G was brought down.
“In the west blue, the base was well hidden, I don’t know how the Marine found it. Why don’t you make the Marines know who are they dealing with ?”
Recently Tsuru the crane was trying to hunt him down and he felt really uncomfortable to keep on running around. He was in a very bad mood and after hearing Trebol words, His murderous intent soared.
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