God of realms Chapter 6: Chapter 6 : Unexpected rewards


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After a long time Kurozaiwa stood up and was gazing upon the beast not yet believing that he had really killed it, after a minute or 2 he decided to go to it's corpse confirming that it was dead he let out a loud breath of relief.

The sword who was in his hand emitted some light and the beast who was tall as a mountain vanished in the sword, a warm current of energy was then transferred from the sword to Kurozaiwa who was startled by the events going on without his control, he just felt very confortable and after some time he just heard a little peng coming from his body and amazement was that he had broken through the 9th level from QI condensation to the 10th level and the sensation was not ending until he broke through the 10 th level of QI condensation to the 1st level of Nascent profound.

Being surprised about it he sensed the changes it apports him and was really curious about the origin of the sword, he decided to find where it came from and the best way to do it was to find the den from where the wolf came from.
After an hour of searching he found a cave and decided to enter it, inside he found a wolf cub who was born not so long ago, having the scent of blood from the wolf he killed earlier the little cub was attracted to Kurozaiwa and snuggled to his leg.
Not having the heart to kill the little cub and if he decided to leave him alone, only death would follow for the little cub.

After searching for some clues about the sword in the cave he found nothing and could only hope there where no downsides to keep it with him.
The time was close to sunrise and if he did not go back to the village the people were going to be worried, so he decided to find somewhere to wash himself and go back before they would discover that he was gone all the night.

After having gone back the day had gone by like everyday from the 3 years he spent in the village, except for one thing : he took milk with him and had gone to the cave to take care of the wolf cub.
Having gone to sleep after the day passed he was drawn in a space where an old man was standing who was smiling when he saw the facial expression Kurozaiwa had when he was drawn in the space.

The old man took the occasion to introduce himself : he was an ancient expert who had reached a realm of emperor profound 1000 years ago and was sealed by someone in the sword Kurozaiwa had taken from the beast and his name was Kwang. As for the reason why he was sealed he did not mention it and even when Kurozaiwa had asked he did not tell and just said that he did not need to know for now.

The reason why you are here now is because i need your help to unseal me so i can be free again, but do not think it will be easy and without benefits for you, i just need you to collect profound energy from beasts or human remains who will help me regain my strength that i had before i was sealed in this damnable sword, because i was wounded i lost most of my cultivation level for now and have gone back to being at the level of Sky profound practitioner, but if i want to get free i need to go back to emperor profound to break the seal to get out.
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