God of realms Chapter 5: Chapter 5 : A battle to the death


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Coming nose to nose with the wolf beast, Kurozaiwa was beginning to freak out.
After all the only beasts he saw were the beasts that pulled the carriage of Wang and the others in the village and they were domesticated.
But before him was now a real wild beast that was showing his teeth and was ready to pounce on him.

The idea of running away without waiting for the beast to make the first move came in his head and he did'n want to wait for it to make the first move, being in a forest the idea that with his large build the beast would not pass between the trees easily and catch up to him.
If he could go back to the village there would be guards who stand watch in the night.
And so Kurozaiwa began to run wildly in the forest and took the path who was the densest to not make things easy for the beast who followed him, but the beast was following closely and the trees who were supposed to hinder the beast did not much and were uprooted wherever he passed.

Beginning to panic Kurozaiwa saw a hint of hope when he saw a tree who was exceedingly massive of more than 30 m high, he made his way to the top of the tree like an agile monkey.
Having found his way to the top of the tree he had a better view of the beast and saw that the beast although imposing was wounded and had a black sword planted in the back of the beast.
Having no weapon with him he saw a glimmer of hope and his eyes where shining thinking of a plan to grab the weapon and so have a better chance of surviving because fighting the beast without was tantamount to suicide considering his present strength.

Staying in the tree was not an option, he could not know if the beast would stay here or would leave and if it leaved he could not know when it would.
Having the strength of the 9th level of QI condensation and having trained his body for the last 3 years, he had become extremely fit and agile and falling from this high would not really bring him harm, so he took aim and launched himself like a bullet towards the back of the beast, except the beast saw him coming and dodged, lucky for him Kurozaiwa had managed to grab the handle of the sword and with the force of coming down the sword was freed from the beast.

Kurozaiwa landed heavily on the ground and did a roll before standing up sword in hand, he turned and faced the beast who was growling toward him angry that his prey had managed to get away time and time again.
Yet Kurozaiwa was facing proudly before him and that angered him all the more, with a loud roar the wolf was charging furiously.
Seeing the beast charging at him Kurozaiwa was astonished from the speed the wolf was deploying when he was such a massive creature.
Dodging just barely the maw he was impacted by one of the paws and sent flying for 20 meters, an acute pain was spreading trough his chest and there were surely some broken ribs.
Managing to stand up he saw the beast charging again, having seen the speed the beast could attain he was ready and readying his sword and slide between the legs of the beast and lifted his sword who easily pierced his belly from which a large amount of blood and gore was sent flying and was showering Kurozaiwa from head to toe.
With a mournful cry the beast collapsed with unwillingness and the light in his eyes was growing dimmer until there was no life in it anymore.
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