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The trip to the police station was a bit better than the hospital, at least. He wouldn’t have to worry about where she was hurt. But that didn’t really make it fun or relaxing. For Minjoon, at the very least.

But the cameraman was different. On the entire trip, the man had a hard time trying to keep down his laughter. He apologized when Minjoon finally gave him a sharp glare.

“Sorry. I know it’s not a funny situation. But I really can’t help it. A full grown man getting beat up by a lady… Is Kaya the amazing one here, or is the guy just weak?”

“The guy is definitely in the bad. Stalking at his age… And Kaya… Well, it’s better than getting hurt, but good lord did she make me surprised… I don’t really feel like praising her for her violence, though.”

“I understand. I wouldn’t want to praise my wife if she beat someone up either.”

Minjoon just sighed. He didn’t like looking so tired in front of other people, but he just didn’t have the energy today. He’s worked hard all day, and he just had to end it at the police station…

‘I’m really unlucky today.’

Minjoon looked out the window with a complicated look. The street was filled with palm trees. When the car stopped for a little while, Minjoon’s gaze fell on a single house.

It was a condo. The windows weren’t closed up by the curtains or anything at all. He could see a young couple staring at a laptop together in a warmly-lit room.

The two’s eyes met, they smiled, and they fiddled with each other’s hands. They spoke to each other quietly with a happy look in their eyes.

It was interesting. The people on the other side of the window would live their own lives today. He didn’t really feel it when he saw people on the street, but… Looking at their lives from the window made him feel quite emotional.

‘I wonder if I can make other people feel that way.’

Just like how Minjoon was able to get a glimpse of the couple’s lives, his life must’ve been shown to many other people as well. Kaya’s, too. And this would continue to be the case. Thinking this made Minjoon feel more careful than usual.

This also made him reconsider how he’d react to meeting Kaya at the station. He was going to get mad at first, but… That wouldn’t make him look pretty from an outsider’s point of view. While he couldn’t make all aspects of his life look perfect… at least this time he could choose.

“Kaya must be scared right now, isn’t she?”

“…Who knows? I mean, she beat up the stalker by herself. Is there anything to be scared of?”

“I’m asking because I’m not too sure.”

Minjoon spoke with a light smile, then closed his mouth.

Somehow, the reporters managed to find out about the incident and got to the station before him. No, maybe they just camped at the station all the time? Flashes started exploding the moment Minjoon got off. Mics got shoved towards Minjoon’s frowning face.

“Hello, Minjoon. This is Natalie Olson from LA Street. I heard Ms. Lotus got involved in an incident. How do you feel right now?”

“I heard the victim was Ms. Lotus’ stalker. Did you know she was being stalked?”

Even Minjoon would get angry at reporters coming onto him at such an untimely moment. But he decided to act as calmly as possible.

“Thank you for working so hard to cover even small stories like this. But I’d like to hold off the interview for a moment. I need to meet Kaya first. Please understand. Thank you.”

People would judge him through the lens of the camera, just like how he judged the couple through the window. Same with Kaya, and Rachel. That’s what it meant to go public.

The reporters couldn’t say much more with him being respectful like this. They just kept taking more pictures. The cameraman quietly opened up when they entered the building.

“You’re smart, Minjoon.”

“What do you mean?”

“Facing reporters. They usually get more excited when you get angry. Being polite was definitely the right call. Makes them stay away from you.”

“I didn’t do it with that in mind.”

“Even better, then. You’re naturally the type of person the reporters can’t really touch.”

The cameraman smiled. But Minjoon was unable to smile back. He could see the cops gathered on one side of the building, with Kaya looking down at the table in front of her. The cops seemed more sympathetic than threatening, too.

Kaya raised her head when he was about ten steps away. Minjoon stopped when their eyes met. Looking at the fear, anger, and sadness on her face… Rendered him unable to do anything other than sigh.

Kaya jumped up from her seat. Minjoon’s face looked a bit annoying to her still, but she was thankful still. The last thread of pride in her heart broke, and her face scrunched up into a crying face.


She wasn’t able to finish. She just started hitting Minjoon’s chest with her fists. They hurt quite a bit. Minjoon grabbed her hands. They were ice-cold.

“Stop it. It hurts.”

“…That’s all you have to say?”

“You look pretty ugly right now. Your nose is leaking, and your face is red. Come on, don’t look so sad.”

Kaya was about to kick him, but Minjoon swept her into a hug right then and there. Minjoon muttered to her tiredly.

“Thank goodness. Seriously.”

She couldn’t really do or say anything after that. Minjoon continued with a wet voice.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“…You did nothing wrong.”

“Yes I did. I’m sorry for getting mad, I’m sorry for leaving you behind.”

Kaya just sniffled. She bit Minjoon’s shoulder lightly, before resting her cheek on his neck.

“Don’t leave me alone, then. I get scared.”



Kaya hesitated for a bit.

“…I’m sorry.”

“…So she was scared, huh.”

Minjoon looked at the screen in front of him dumbly. Thanks to Kaya’s cameraman, he was able to see exactly what happened on video.

What happened was simple. The stalker tried to hug and kiss Kaya out of nowhere. But Kaya responded quickly. She stepped on the man’s foot, then knee-kicked the man’s balls.

And that was pretty much all. She just finished off the man by kicking the man’s ribs.

“Two of his ribs are broken, and one’s cracked. And his balls… Well, I don’t really want to talk about it. Point is, he’ll need a few weeks to recover at the very least. I can’t really give a definite answer, but I don’t think she’ll get anything bad, so no worries.”

“…The stalker?”

“He’s going to be charged for stalking and sexual assault, but he won’t be in there for long. Problem is, he has a mental illness… He might be stuck in the hospital for the rest of his life.”

“Good. Ugh, what a weirdo.”

Kaya looked at the screen with an uncomfortable gaze. Minjoon muttered to himself with Kaya in his arms.

“You should be my bodyguard, I can’t fight.”

“Don’t keep picking fights with me, then. I’ll screw you up.”

“Alright, alright.”

The actual thing wrapped up by dawn, but after being pestered by reporters, they only managed to get out in the morning. Kaya looked at Minjoon apologetically.

“Sorry. You couldn’t even sleep because of me.”

Minjoon smiled.

“Let’s ask Marco for breakfast.”

The breakfast didn’t actually happen, though. The two only managed to wake up at 11, after all. By the time they were ready to go out, the time was 12.

It was time for brunch. They decided to have it at Lisa’s place.

“Are you really just fine with bread?” Marco said.

“Of course.”

“…It’s nothing compared to the plane ticket, though.”

“Well, you paid for it by accepting my invite.”

Minjoon grinned. The three of them, including Anderson, was driving on the streets of Venice. Marco spoke out with an excited voice.

“This is that place where the merchant of Venice takes place, isn’t it? I never thought I’d come here.”

“…Sorry man, but that’s in Italy. This is LA. Different place.”

“Oh, really?”

“But this place is probably better. Especially thanks to the bakery here.”

“That makes me nervous for whatever reason.”

Marco looked out the window after talking. The trip didn’t take long. A little later, the party managed to enter the bakery.

“Where’s Ella?” Minjoon asked, after looking around the store.

“…You’re looking for Ella here? Not bread?”

“Of course I came from bread. But I also want to see Ella.”

“She’s in preschool right now. Oh, I saw what happened by the way.”

“Yeah… Crazy stuff just keeps happening.”

“But it was pretty good. I got to see the true power of a female chef. And the boyfriend who didn’t lose his cool in front of reporters. You guys did really well.”


Minjoon turned to the cameraman with a smiling face. The cameraman returned a thumbs up. Lisa turned to look at Marco.

“Ah, he’s my friend. He’s good at baking. I wanted to show him your food.”

“…Is that really all you came for?”

“Well… You did say you needed a helping hand. Marco’s great. I can vouch for him.”

The system vouched for the man as well. Marco’s baking level was at a 7, after all. Minjoon glanced over at Marco. He blinked in surprise.


[Marco Denver] Cooking: 6
Baking: 8
Tasting: 8
Decorating: 7
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