“GOAT“ of all Ghouls Chapter 38: His majesty, the King


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Deep inside 24th Ward

Lucien finally arived at the 24th Ward and was looking at the ruins of the ward. Destroyed building everywhere and remains of behemot-sized kakuja of Underground King the Naagaraji.

This person was actually very interesting one. He was member of Washuu Clan, but he bore strong hatred against his own family and turned against them. In some part of his life he even initiated uprising against humanity. Most of this are just legends because this happened around hundred years ago. But fact remain that he was forced to fleed to the underground, where he waited till ghouls could rise again and battle the humanity.

Underground King wasn't pure-blood ghoul but rather One-eyed ghoul, which had his kakugan in his right eye.

As Lucien was admirind beauty of forgotten times he noticed person standing not far from him. It was man, clothed in typical Aogiri red robes and wore white mask featuring huge black lips, huge mouth with equally massive teeth and tiny slits for nostrils. His long blac hair were tied up in a ponytial. Noro. Second direct subordinate of the One-Eyed King.

Lucien looked at him and Noro then turned around and was walking somewhere. Lucien knew that this meant he should follow him. Noro only communicated through his actions, not words. They went through long tunnel on whose end was simple iron door. Lucien opened to the door and entered inside.

There was annother small corridor and wooden door on its end. Lucien entered the room and saw very beautiful and luxuriously decorated chamber. Many books were in bookshelved and there was one huge leather sofa in the room. Opposite the sofa were three leather armchairs with golden ornaments stationed around oval wooden table.

Everything here looked so beautiful and old. Just as Lucien was looking at the furniture he heard gentle voice behind his back.

"Hi there."

He turned around to see beautiful young woman, with child-like appearance. She had long green hair which was somewhat messy and uncombed, however she was radiating extraordinary charm.

"Hi, Lucien Etras di Aeon. Its pleasure to meet you, beautiful lady."

Bowed Lucien as he introduced himself. Eto noted that he had very good manners and his name sounded very familiar. Not from these times but she heard it from Arima Kishou. He once mentioned that there exists ghouls with surname Aeon, who are extremely powerful.

"Yoshimura Eto."

What suprised Lucien that she wasn't wearing bandages to cover her identity or anything like that. This Lucien find rather confusing but this was probably just a way of showing sincerity during this meeting. Eto was jumping around a examining Lucien from all sides like scientist researching about meteorite.

"We still need to wait for someone."

Said Eto as she sat down at one of the armchairs around the table. Lucien then sat down too, cause he didn't want to stand the whole time. When they were both sitting, Eto was intensively staring at Lucien without any pause for several minuts, thus create somewhat awkward atmosphere.

"Are you curious about something?"

Asked Lucien, when he already couldn't bear that staring.

"Hmmm, you look rather handsome."

She said out of nowhere. Lucien was caught up by suprise but he still kept his composture. He then decided to say something to her too.

"That time, so that no one (not even Father) would notice, I secretly rewrote the summary. What cannot change can only be broken. This is so to me, who left behind everything necessary inside the womb."

Quoted Lucien one line from her book. Yoshimura Eto, known in human society as Takatsuki Sen, famous japanese novelist. She wrote many novels and was very famous author. All of her works have deep meanings and many of them are more philosophical works.

"Oya you have read my books?"

Exclaimed Eto with suprise. Even though she was rather famous author, she was famous mainly in Japan. Lucien was clearly foreigner so she didn't except from him that he have read her books. This concrete quote came from her debut work "Dear Kafka". It launeched her carrer as Takatsuki Sen with 500,000 copies sold.

Title of this book is reference to author Franz Kafka, who was German-speaking Bohemian Jewish novelist and short story writer. His works, which fuses elements of realism and fantasic, typically features isolated protagonists faced by bizzee or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehensible social-bureacratic powers, and has been interpreted as exploring themes of alienation, guilt and absurdity. His most famous works inlude "The Metamorhosis","The Trial" and "The Castle".

"Yes, all of your work under your name Takatsuki Sen. I liked them very much. Not many novelist are writing such interesting themes."

Lucien quite liked her novels. She was chosing bizzare settings for her work and many of them very based from her experience and life. This one of reasons why Lucien liked her novels.

"That good to hear. Not many of our kind like literature and specially that with deeper meaning."

Stated Eto. It was rather true that most ghouls very only obsessed with hunting for prey or escaping from CCG. Very a few of them were interestend in noble art of literature.

Next hour they spent talking about various things like literature, books and even fighting. Even though Eto was rated as S-rate ghoul in her base form and SSS-rate in her form as Owl she was just using brute force. So Lucien explained her usage of some techniques. Eto quickly became interested cause she heard that he provided somthing similar to Tatara whose combat prowess rose to higher level after one month of training.

Admist of their talking long awaited third person finally arrived. Lucien saw familiar man with snow white hair and gray eyes. Wearing a pair of thin-framed glasses and pure white coat. Arima Kishou, White Reaper, Undefeated Ghoul Investigator and the real One-Eyed King.

"I apologise for being late."

Siad Arima with composed posture and indifferent expression. He was always very calm person who rarely showed anything other.

"Its honour to meet you, White Reaper, One-Eyed King Arima Kishou."

Bowed Lucien. He knew that Arima was One-Eyed King from his previous life. Arima wasn't caught by suprise and still had his calm and composed expression. In contrast to this Eto had face full of shock, she was wondering how could he knew that Arima Kishou was in reality One-Eyed King.

"It could be said same about you, Lucien Etras di Aeon, of the Aeon House of Sacred Devourer Ghouls."

Said Arima in his typical stoic voice as he bowed to greet Lucien in similar matter. Arima as member of Arima Clan, one of branches of Washuu Clan and himself being son of Washuu Tsuneyoshi he knew many confidental informations. For example existence of Aeon House, mortal enemies of Washuu Clan and he knew even that they can't leave that Island of their.

Over and above this he was also rather high-ranking member of Vasuki and most powerful person of the Commission of Counter Ghoul. He knew that cooperation with someone from Aeon House could be very benefical to them. At least he could keep Washuu Clan and Vasuki in check, when Aogiri would be bothering with CCG.

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