GENIUS GIRL Chapter 207: Chapter 207: The rooftop (The End)


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Su Residence.
"Ms. Daniella you got a mail" one of the maid handed her a white envelop. It's been three days since Ken left for Paris, he left with a broken heart but Daniella knows that he need a distraction.
Meanwhile, Glen and Yvette went back to Paris to meet Yvette's parents, they left Danny to her care, and she has been helping him to catch up with his school.
Nathan and Samantha will leave in two days, they will go to Germany for a tour and they will bring Selena and Anders. Selena has been blabbering about her heart that she's just as heartbroken as Ken.
Daniella found a new babysitter but this time, she chose a middle age-married woman, Claire and Sebastian have been visiting them to check on the triplets specially Alexandria, her eyes were just like hers.
She scanned their brain, and it's normal as the other kids, but she suspected that Alexandria's eyes must have been one of the side effect since the chip sustained their life when they were still in her womb.
Matthew and Peyton decided to travel, though she doubts Peyton was telling the truth, knowing her, she must have made a new enemy in her city that's why she's hiding.
Her twin brother Danny and Saina went back to her province, the girl wanted to live a peaceful life with Danny, but she's not sure whether the two have a plan to get married.
Her friend Scott and Jenna had moved back to London while Irene stayed in Manila together with Robert.
Everyone's life became normal but Daniella knows that she had two more people to deal with, Arthur and Kierry.
And the mail had she received today will determine if she will give Kierry another chance or not.
She sat on the couch as she opens the letter, her eyebrow rose while a smile curved up her lips.
(Just as I had suspected) she said in her mind. It was a result for the DNA test.
She went to Nathan's room and knocked, minutes later it opened and she handed the paper to Nathan with a warm smile on her face.
"she's your daughter" she faintly said. Nathan creased his brows but accepted the paper
"what?" he asked
"I suspected that Arthur might be infertile, so I checked your DNA and Selena's, and it matched. She's really your daughter" she could see the stars in Nathan's eyes, behind him was Samantha who was also shock.
"Oh my god, Danny showed me a different DNA result before, how come?" he exclaimed.
Daniella sighed and shrugged her shoulder, "I had checked it but the result he showed you was the same result Kierry gave to Arthur. I honestly don't know why she wanted to prove to that jerk that he's the father"
She sighed and continued.
"When I saw the result, I noticed the weird computation, I checked Arthur's medical result, and it showed that he can have kids but the reality was not." she has been wondering that since Danny told her about Selena, so she asked Peyton to check on Arthur and all the information she got didn't disappoint her. After Peyton sent her the papers about Arthur, she immediately took a DNA sample for Nathan and Selena, though she kept it secret to not give the man a false hope if ever the result was negative.
The couple embraced each other out of happiness.
Daniella sighed, "I am going now" she said which made Nathan turned to her.
"where are you going?" he asked, it's only eight in the morning.
Daniella blinked and twitched her lips.
"Well first, I need to bring my son Danny to his school then do some shopping for the triplets and I will need to check the lot I bought in the cemetery, afterwards, kill Arthur and call Robert to bury him" she counted all her task in her finger and lift her face to look at Nathan.
The man has his lips parted with surprise. He shook his head and smile
"I can see you had your schedule full today, goodbye then" Daniella bid her goodbye and left.
Hours later .
A scattered powder-puff clouds cluttered the sky, the whole heavens were in a bright glow, while the air was thick with anticipation.
A picture of a quiet rooftop pictured in Daniella's mind. She parked the car in the city hall building opposite to the Tivoli Condominium where Arthur and Kierry were staying.
She went the car and opened the trunk; she took the guitar case while her other hand picked up the binocular. She smiled and went to the elevator.
The elevator was full of the employee's working in the government; It was a city hall, a perfect spot to kill her target from the distance.
She smiled at the people who looked at her; she stopped at the 30th floor and went to the floor restroom.
She took her laptop and disabled the camera from the floor to the rooftop, as she confirmed it, she left the restroom.
She opened the door and saw an empty rooftop, smiled curved up her lips.

Daniella was unpacking her gun when she realized that she missed something.
"Damn it!, I should have brought the other bullets, tsk" she shook her head and decided to use the resources she had.
Tivoli Gardens condominium .
Arthur and Kierry were in the living room watching the news, he had a bathrobe around his small but fat body while Kierry was sitting on the couch with the laptop on her lap. Unaware that on the rooftop opposite to their building was a woman standing watching them like a hawk
A day as clear as sparkling wine penetrate in the living room, giving her a good view of her target.
Daniella smiled and lay the binoculars on the floor. She then set up her rifle and tied up her long hair.
She grabbed her phone and dialled Arthur's number.
"hello?" the man answered.
"Arthur" she called out his name, while her other hand inserted the bullet in the rifle.
"Daniella?" she could hear the surprise in his voice.
"Yup" she cleared her throat and took the bottled water from her bag.
"so you found me" he stated, but his voice was unsure.
"Yes, but I have a question before Satan take your soul" she spoke and drank the water, after she felt the liquid slide from to her throat, her eyes shut. The hotness of the sun was making her thirsty and sweaty.
"what it is?"he asked.
Daniella gulped before speaking.
"Did you know that you're not our father?" the other line went silent and that made Daniella's face scrunched.
"How did you know?"
Daniella rose her eyebrow while wiping her fingerprints from the gun, then she took the gloves from her pocket and wore it.
"Is that even a question? you're too ugly to be my father, but anyway, was it the reason why you agreed to Mr. Chu's proposal?, because he made your wife pregnant?"
"Yes" he replied short as if it didn't bother him.
Daniella gnashed her teeth after she found out the truth she realized that Arthur agreed as a revenge and the result of that revenge was their extraordinary life.
"I only had one child and we know who it was" there was a proud tone in his voice, as if it was her loss that he's not her father.
Daniella shook her head. (You've been played, old man)
"Can I speak to Kierry?" there was a moment of silence before she heard Kierry's voice.
"What is it Daniella?" her voice was bored as she speaks.
"Well, I found out about your little scheme this morning"
She could see Kierry looking at Arthur, then she moved away and stood next to the window.
"What are you talking about?" Kierry asked.
"I got the DNA result for Nathan and Selena, so I am guessing you already know where this conversation is going"
Kierry's reaction amused her, but her hand got tired from lifting the binoculars, so she lowered it and continued.
"I am giving you a second chance for Selena's sake. Leave Arthur now. You can excuse yourself that you need to go somewhere else" Daniella removed her brown blazer and lay it on the floor.
"I can't have you around once I killed him" she continued and looked at them once again, Kerry turned to Arthur who was sitting and asking her what's wrong. She heard Kierry saying she needed some air, and she saw the door closing.
Minutes later Arthur was alone in the living room, (finally) Daniella said in her mind.
Daniella plastered a smile on her lips as she adjusted the gun. She sighed and shut her eyes for a moment.
(This will be the last time I will kill a person), she said to herself and hardened her expression.
Her hand reached to the trigger once again while looking at Arthur. She could see the red light emitted from her gun to Arthur's head, the man was clueless that his life was about to end.
She gulped after her finger touches the trigger, before she could press it, a warm and familiar hand lay over hers.
Her eyes shut when she heard her husband husky voice.
"I once told you to never hesitate, focus on the target and push the trigger" he spoke in a low and concentrated tone, then his finger lay over hers, helping her to push the trigger, she shifted her face to his side and saw his handsome face while his narrowed eyes were focused at her target.
When his lips curved up, her heart jerked. She remembered meeting him on the rooftop. His coarse voice and his scent that made her heart pound. The aura around him differed from now, it's more soft and light overpowered the brightness of the sun.
She remembered the man who threatened her, A well- built dignified young man with a face that can make anyone gasps. When she laid her eyes on him and saw the strange light in his eyes, it made her wonder why she could not read him.
Evan looked at her with his pensive eyes and smiled, their faces are too close.
"See? Targets dead" he spoke asking her to look at Arthur who's laying on the couch.
But Daniela didn't look, she stared at him with her sparkling blue-green eyes, cheerful expression was on her face.
"How did you know I am here?" she asked.
Evan smirked, "You're my wife. Now, let's go before someone will see us here"
A warm hand touches her heart after knowing that her husband has been supporting her all along.
When Evan turned to her, his face was serious.
"Daniella" he suddenly called out her name and encircled her hands around his neck while his hand wrapped around her waist. He stared at her and spoke in a slow and quiet tone.
"Tell me, I've done a lot of awful things to you, Camille, the Princess and I even called you childish, You could have choose someone better than me." He stopped and sighed.
"Why did you stay?"
Daniella stared at him with a smile on her face, she could see her reflection through his eyes. Instead of answering, she tiptoe to reach his lips.
It was a short but sweet kiss.
As they lips parted, she smiled.
"Because every time I kissed you, the only person I am seeing in your mind was myself. You never stopped thinking about me" she bites her lips while tears formed in her eyes.
She stared at his hazel brown pupils squinting in the glare of Sun; she caught his eyes half crying half laughing by her words, his lips curved up a smile that outshines the noonday sun and it made her heart jerked.
Her face erupted in a luminous smile, in a soft slow voice, she continued.
"Evan, I know that you love me more than I love you, and that's made me to love you even more." She gasped.
"I can't imagine my life without you. The first time we met in the rooftop, you asked me to be Selena's babysitter, that time, my brain might not have recognised you but my heart does"
"So Evan, I will spend the rest of my life loving you, and I know it's too cheesy, but you're gonna have to suck it" she winked and they both laughed by her words.
Evan took the gun and the binocular on the floor and jammed it in the guitar case.
"Let's go home," he gave her a sweet smile and stood up, he held her hand while the other carried the guitar case. He looked at her once again before leaving the rooftop.
"Our kids are waiting"
In that moment, her heart overjoyed. Thinking that she had a husband that loves her dearly and kids that made her life complete.
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