GENIUS GIRL Chapter 206: Chapter 206: Bea Chu


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The next day.
Ken's driver opened the car for him and for his mother, he had decided to continue her therapy in France since she refused Daniella's help. Until now she's angry at the twin as they were Alexandria's kid, he can't blame her, she's been through a lot.
As they stepped out from the car, another car came. His brows crinkled with confusion when he saw Anna, a bright smile was on her lips as she walked to their direction.
"Hi ken" she wrapped her hands to his arm.
"what are you doing here?" he asked, his face was emotionless.
Anna shrugged her shoulder, "I heard you're going to Paris and I want a free ride, so can I?" she blinked repeatedly. Ken sighed and nodded, he doesn't have energy to talk to anyone.
When he was about to push his mother's wheelchair, Anna stopped him
"I'll do it" she winked and went behind the wheelchair.
Ken went straight to the plane while some of his bodyguard stayed.
Anna turned to Bea Chu, Ken's mother, fear crept across her face
"Ken is in pain" she spoke in a worried voice. Bea hardened her face and held her hands.
"it's only temporary, soon he will forget her, so you must stay by his side, so when he totally forgets about that woman ,then I can talk to him about marrying you" her words ignited the guilt in her heart.
She sighed and pushed her slowly
"What about Novie's brother? Is he out of the prison" the old woman plastered a smile and nodded.
"yes, but I had warned her. If she tries to contact my son, her brother will be back to prison again, I have all the evidence of his crime"
The bodyguard assisted Mrs. Chu up to the plane while Anna followed.
Guilt and fear overtook her heart, she wanted to move on but after Mrs. Chu's offer, her mind decided to work with her.
When Ken used her as a bandage to cover the hole Daniella couldn't fill, she was hurt. She wanted to fight for his heart but Daniella was too perfect that she decided to give up.
She was shocked to find out that Ken and Daniella were siblings that's why she immediately cut her contract from a famous lingerie company to pursue Ken only to find another woman beside him.
She saw how happy he was that he even asked for his friend's help. The effort he made to propose to Novie, how romantic it was, it pains her heart. She said to Daniella that she will move on but just thinking of going through the process was killing her.
Then she remembered the night Mrs. Chu stopped her from leaving the party and asked to speak to her.
Anne called her sister Maddie to meet her in the parking space, she was drunk and heartbroken.
She took a cigarette and a lighter from her bag to smoke, her body was still trembling after Ken's proposal. Everyone was happy except her.
She got a huge fine for canceling the contract of her new project, even her manager scolded her for being stubborn but she ignored all of it, because finally, she can be with Ken whom she loves him since High School.
Remembering the days she was young and crazy in love to Ken, a sad smile pasted on her lips. She sighed and throws the cigarette.
"You can cause a fire if you don't throw your cigarette properly" an old woman's voice chimed to her ears.
She narrowed her eyes and looked around, there was no lamp post around and only the moon was helping her to see the road.
"Who are you?" she asked, then she saw a man pushing a wheelchair to her direction, after she saw the owner of the face, her lips parted, shock.
"Mrs. Chu" she smiled awkwardly.
"Yes, You're Anna right?" Anna nodded and extended her hands, the woman accepted him and turned to the man who was pushing her wheelchair.
"You can leave now" the man immediately left and Bea's sweet face turned serious.
"You're my son's ex girlfriend right?" Anna lowered her head and nodded.
"How did you know?" she asked with confusion, as far as she knows, there were only few people who knows about their past relationship.
Bea asked for a cigarette which she gladly handed.
"Walls in this Villa has ears, living here I have learned everything." she blows the smoke and stared at the darkness.
Meanwhile, Anna sweat, she doesn't know why but she's having a bad feeling.
"Ok, well, Mrs. Chu, as you can see, your son is engaged to Novie and I don't have a plan to disturb his happiness" she turned her back and opened the car door.
"I know, but how can you be sure that Ken will be happy with Novie?" she asked, Anna rolled her eyes and thought, (he just proposed to her!) she blurted inside.
"I saw the gleam in his eyes and I can confirm to you he's happy" she sighed and stared at the woman, because of the darkness she could not see her reaction.
Bea nodded and held her hands.
"You need to help me, Novie's family was a mess. She doesn't fit to my son, but you are" her hand tightened the gripped to her palms.
Anna gulped repeatedly, unsure what to say.

"Her brother is in prison and they need a huge money to release him, why do you think Novie is staying with Ken? They have only met and suddenly she agrees to marry him" Anna could see Bea gnashing her teeth, fuming
"Not only that, her ex has been asking the guards here to see her, Anna help me get rid of her. I think you're the right woman for my son" Anna's heart jerked by her words, she doesn't know if she should believe, her mind was asking her to refuse but her heart had decided.
"What can I do to help?" she asked, the woman smiled at her.
"I will help Novie's brother and release him from the prison, if she disappears, it means she only wanted his money" Anna shut her eyes.
"What if Novie refused, what will you do?" she has been wondering about Ken's mother since high school and now she has an answer.
"Don't worry, she will agree" the woman winked and asked her to push her wheelchair back inside. Before she left her, Bea gave her a warning.
"After today, don't meet Daniella, just call her or message or email, whatever, just don't meet her until Ken marry you" her voice was deep which made Anna confused but the alcohol in her head sealed her mouth.
"ok, bye" she bid her goodbye and called her sister again.
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