GENIUS GIRL Chapter 192: Chapter 192: Panda


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"Uncle Evan, I don't like this tie, I am going to school not a wedding," the tiny voice around made Daniella open her eyes.

Her brows snapped by the sight; Evan was squatting on the floor while fixing Danny's tie.

"Your mother is here, and I need to impress her so you will wear this tie" Evan whispered in a deep voice. The little boy pouted and looked at her direction.

His face brightened, "Mommy"

With his tie unfinished, the boy dashed to the bed and hugs her.

Daniella chuckled and muddles his hair.

"I missed you baby" she rains a small kisses on his face and the boy laughed.

"I missed you too, but Daddy is downstairs with auntie Yvette so I am going now," he said in a cheered voice and bid his goodbye.

As the door closed, Daniella shifted to her husband, "I thought I asked you not to cut your hair" she sulked, Evan smiled and sat beside her.

His hand fondled her cheeks while his eyes twinkle.

"Alexa kept on pulling my hair so I didn't have a choice,"

Evan bent down, his lips against her lips, kissing it gently ,and even those light kisses sent quivers through Daniella's body, her skin shivers that made whole body tremble.

"I miss you" he whispered, but she didn't respond, he swept his mouth against the hollow of her temples and lower it to her cheekbone, "Daniella" he mumbled.

Daniella had reached up and tugged him closer to her, his words were lost against her lips.

She kissed him lightly and softly as if his lips were a gem that requires extra care.

Evan deepened his kiss, he wants her and misses her.

She tangled her fist in his shirt, pulling him closer, a low groan came out from his throat while his hand wrapped around her, he picked up her body and rolled over until she's on top of him.

Their lips separated, and both smile was on their lips.

"I missed you too" she replied and shut their lips once again.


Novie went downstairs with Alexa in her arms while Ken has Ethan and Leo.

The triplets are four months old, even though Alexandria got her mother's eyes, they were all normal kids.

Ken lay the two boys on the floor and let them crawl.

"Ken! Pick them up" Novie yelled, "The floor is dirty"

Ken narrowed his eyes and carry them again, at the same time Danny came from upstairs, all dressed up.

"Whoa! What happened to you?" Ken asked, eyebrow rose and smirked on his lips. Danny had his hair waxed and neatly combed while wearing a black tux.

The boy shook his head, disappointed and went to the door where his father is waiting.

"Uncle Evan happened" he pouted and left the room.

Novie turned to Ken, confuse. "How old is he?" she asked.

Ken twisted his lips and thought. "I think six or seven, not sure" his shoulder shrugs and a vicious smile was on his lips.

"Since shorty is back, maybe you can ask for a day off" he smirked and sit beside her, two babies still in his hand while Novie fixes Alexandria's diaper.

She sighed and met his eyes.

"Daniella left a note in the bedroom this morning, we will be busy preparing the triplets christening, but she said after that I can have a whole month paid day off" she explained and pinch Alexa's cheeks slowly.

"And I will miss you" Alexandria giggled.

Ken pouted his lips, "I need to be in the office today, can you come with me? you can bring the triplets, I won't mind it" he asked.

Novie flattened her face and took Leo after she lay Alexa on the crib.

"I don't think Daniella will allow us to take the triplets outside" she worries, Ken sighed and patted her head.

"I will talk to her" he stood up and lay the two boys on their respective crib and walks upstair.

Daniella buried her face on her husband's shoulder and weep, Evan felt the liquid that dropped on his clothes and caressed her hair.

"It's not your fault Daniella, it's your parent's fault" he tried to comfort her.

Her sob went louder and every drops of her tears was like an arrow targeting his heart. He sighed and embraced her, face still buried on his chest.

"Hush" he kissed her hair.

"Everything will be all right"

Daniella shook her head and sniffed.

"I hurt many people Evan, people who were only doing their job because someone threatened them, I don't know what to do" she reminisced all the people she hurt, the kids who's still suffering after she paralyzed their parents.

"We will find them, all of them and we will help them" Daniella rose her face, regret was glooming her eyes. He pitied her, Daniella suffered so much.

He smiled at her, "After the christening, we will travel together and let Danny and Saina take care of the triplets, we will visit those people and help them, ok?" Daniella nodded but still crying.

She sniffed, "Thank you, I really don't know what to do" Evan smiled and lean closer.

"I accept kiss as a thank you" he teasingly said, she chuckled and moves closer but a knock from the door disturbed them.

Evan crinkled his nose, annoyed.

"This be better important" he stood up and walks to the door.

His face went blank to see Ken standing, his face was serious.

"I need to talk to you and Daniella" his voice was deep which made him suspicious, Evan shifted to Daniella and sighed.

"Give us a minute" then he close the door but Ken stop it.

"The last time you said 'give us a minute', me and Glen waited for half hour so--" Ken's lips frost when Evan slammed the door shut.

"58 seconds" Ken shouted and left.

Evan stared at Daniella, his lips twisted and shrugs his shoulder.

"We need to go, I might kill him if he knocks on the door again" saying that, Evan went to the restroom while Daniella changes her clothes.

Ethan and Leo fell asleep again while Novie is playing with Alexandria, they play peek-a-boo and the little girl giggles showing her gums.

Ken was busy staring at Novie while his hand plays with her hair.

A sound of footsteps made them look to the stairs.

Evan and Daniella were walking hand in hand, both were serious. The two sat on the couch while Evan took Alexa from Novie and play with her.

Ken strengthened and stared at Daniella, eyebrows creased.

"What now Daniella" he spoke, irritated.

Daniella rose her brows and looked at Ken, confused, "What 'what now'?" she imitated his voice.

Ken twisted his lips, "Why did you cry?"

His question made Evan and Daniella stared at each other, she's certain Ken didn't see her earlier.

"Who said I cried?" she replied and asked Anders to prepare the breakfast.

Ken stared at her so deep, eyes narrowed. "Daniella, you can fool Evan but not me, I know your after-cry face" he crossed his legs and slouched on the couch.

Novie looked at him, puzzled "What is her after-cry face?" she asked.

Ken chuckled and pointed at Daniella.

"You see those dark circles under her eyes?" he moves his face closer to Novie.

"Imagine a panda, that's her after-cry face" the couple laugh while Daniella glared at him.

She lean closer to Evan and whispered, "You can kill him now"

Evan grinned and whispered back, "No, I want to see his face when he finds out that he kissed his sister" they both laughed with the thought.

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