GENIUS GIRL Chapter 191: Chapter 191: Eveline Su, Part 2


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Daniella waved her hand to order more tea for Eveline while she continued.

"Arthur and Roy had a fight after she left. Arthur wanted to do the experiment again but Roy refused because of the budget"

"He got furious, so he went to Mr Chu's rival and seek for help."


"The other mafia abducted Ken's mother and imprisoned her for so… so many years, your uncle Steven tried to save her but Arthur's new boss was too strong"

Eveline shook her head, sadness and anguish was in her eyes.

"Mr Chu hired another doctor. You must have known him, Dr Lee".

"If you remembered, you were only ten when Dr Lee took you and your brother to experiment because Mr. Chu wanted to make you two suffer after Arthur kidnapped his wife"

"But after Dr Lee found out your brain's capabilities and, the two became crazy and greedy"

"Years had passed. My life was so quiet. The only problem I had was Kierry and how she manipulated my son's"

She paused "But Kierry is another story"

Daniella smirked at her.

"Funny, because you left after Nathan died"

Anger crept across Eveline face.

"I didn't know Kierry asked my son to guard your family, it's my fault that Nathan died, that's why I left, but I am not sorry that your family died, your mother deserves it" she grinned.

While Daniella tried to hold herself from killing the woman in front.

"My brother is alive and so as your son Nathan" she stated

Eveline frost, tears ran down from her eyes. She lowered her head and continued.

"It was by accident when I found out about you, My husband was on his way to the bank, I followed him and found out he was there to transfer money, I tracked where the money was being transferred, it was going to Perth. I hired a detective to investigate it and found out that your mother was still alive and so are you"

"I confronted her but your mother was not even a bit sorry for using my husband, she used him, manipulated him."

"The detective I hired sneaked in to your house and found your mother's precious diary"

"I showed it to my husband, and he stopped supporting her when he found out that your mother lied to him about her previous work, even her brother doesn't know it"

Daniella's eyebrows crinkled, "What is it?

Eveline laughed and shook her head.

"She worked as a prostitute, entertaining men, and you know what, she's not doing it to support her education, she's doing because she likes it"


As she said those words, a huge slap landed on Eveline cheeks. She laughed and stared at Daniella mockingly while wiping the blood on her lips.

"look at my eyes and you will know the truth"

Daniella was so furious, she wanted to break all of her bones for saying those awful words.

"Your mother was never the victim. She used her face and body to control men, Roy, Arthur and my husband. And you know what's funny?"

Eveline stood up and lean forwards.

"You're just like your mother. You seduce Glen, Ken and my son. Not talking about Matthew or the other men you used just to get your revenge, and ha-ha, jokes on you, your revenge was useless. Because the person you should blame is your mother not Arthur, Mr. Chu or anyone, your mother" she yelled at Daniella.

People in the cafe turned to them, but they both don't care.

Daniella's body frost, disbelief with all the word she said, and wished it was not true but she saw it and it's the fact.

"I was furious, so I contacted Arthur and gave your address"

Daniella gulped while her eyes narrowed.

"Why my father and not Mr. Chu? I thought you and him are partners" Daniela laughed as she responded.

"Before yeah but after I found out the truth I didn't want Roy to find his kids"

"what kids?" she asked, confused but her heart started to pounder, while Eveline sneered.

"You should have seen Roy's face when he found out the truth" Eveline laughed like a mad psycho.

"Since you escaped the island Roy has been doing everything, he didn't even bother to save Ken's mother, all he wanted was his kids. His extraordinary kids" she spoke in a deep voice.

"I am asking you again, what do you mean by kids?" her nose crinkled with irritation while her heart almost burst.

"Before your mother married Arthur, she was pregnant"

She paused and sneered "Daniella, Roy Chu is your father, not Arthur"

Those words made Daniella stand from her chair. She picks up her bag and walks to the door, emotionless.

When she reaches her car, Eveline seized her hand.

"I found out about your mother's previous work because of her diary, here" she then handed a purple notebook to her, Daniella stared at it for a moment and took it.

Before she closes the door, Eveline spoke.

"Your mother was a manipulative bitch, I am taking my sorry back. I am not sorry at all" she said in a cold voice.

Daniella stared at her, emotionless.

"good, at least I will not be guilty once my kids ask why I didn't help you" she glared at her while a nerve pop in her neck.

"But you're wrong, My mother and I were different, she forced men to kiss her feet, while me?"

She smirked.

"Men and women kneel down in front of me because I am above them" then she slammed the door shut and drove away


In the parking lot of the hotel, Daniella stayed in her car.

She cried as if she were a mere child lost in a new city, her tears were like a river with ragged current streaming down her cheeks, her heart throbbed with the faith, and wished she didn't hear those words.

Her mother was perfect in her eyes, her smile, innocence and never once she didn't saw those memories in her mother's eyes.

She buried her soaked face to her hand while a knife sliced her heart into pieces.

She felt an unbearable pain all over her body, the pain she's feeling right now was worse than losing her mother or delivering her kids. It's different.

Knowing that her whole life was a lie is probably the worst thing that ever happened to her.

The guilt for the people she used and hurt to justify her revenge, the face of her victims as she tortured them, the pain in their eyes, all of it is tearing her heart apart.

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