GENIUS GIRL Chapter 190: Chapter 190: Eveline Su, Part 1


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It's three in the morning...

The moon serves as a light in the garden while the guards around the Su villa patrols, Daniella climbed in the tree and jumped on the other side of the wall.

She could have use the gate but she wanted to surprise her husband. Thinking of him, a smile plastered on her lips.

Her feet walked to their bedroom's direction while taking the rope from her bag. She tied the end to the hook and throws it in the air. It landed on the rail of their balcony, then she used it to climb.

When her feet lay on the balcony floor, her heart jerked.

She saw Evan sleeping next to Danny, but the triplets were not in the room, her eyebrow creased and remembered that the triplets were sleeping at the next room, with that, she walks out of the balcony and jumped on the next.

Her jaw clenched when she realized that the door of the balcony is not lock, she entered and saw Novie and Ken sleeping on the couch, hugging each other.

She blows a silent sigh, the two squeeze their body to fit in the couch instead of using the bed, but what shocked her the most was the fact they were sleeping together.

(What the hell did I missed?) she asked herself. (why is Mr. Chu living in my house?, why are they sleeping together!!!)

(oh no! did he force her?) she exclaimed with disbelief.

Her head shook and turned to the triplets.

One by one, she touched their cheeks and a warm smile plastered on her lips.


Daniella poker her face when Ken fall down from the couch, she shook her head and went closer.

(The hell! he's still sleeping) she thought when Ken didn't move after falling.

she took her phone out and took a picture, while a naughty smile curved up her lips.

(Mr. Chu you will do everything I saw for as long as I have this picture) she laugh inside.

She went back to her bedroom and changed her clothes; she lay down in between of Danny and Evan.

Her eyes glistened with excitement, just the thought of seeing Evan's surprise face made her heart drummed like crazy.

She she closed her eyes, she reminisced the reason she aborted her mission and come back home.


In the cafe…

Daniella crossed her legs showing her snow like skin, her hand reached to the coffee and drank it.

Her eyes turned to the door after it opens

Her eyes narrowed to see the woman roaming her eyes, looking for someone. When their eyes met, a small smile was on the old woman's lips. Eveline Su, her mother-in-law.

She walks to her table and sat down.

Anyone can guess her age with all the lines and wrinkles on her face, even her shagging skin didn't escape her sight.

She analyzed her, the abnormal bruises around her body and how weak her nervous system is.

Her eyebrow rose when she noticed all the bumps on her body, her pale skin and the red nerves in her eyes.

(She's dying) she thought.

"So?" her voice was cold. Eveline gulped and met her eyes

"I am sorry" Daniella saw the sincerity in her eyes but it's too late. Her sorry will not bring her mother back.

"Your sorry will bring my mother back. Now tell me what you know" the call Daniella received before contained her father's address, but when she checked the location, he was no longer there.

The woman lowered her face, embarrassed.

With that, Daniella felt a little guilty by how she treated her, even though she was at fault for giving the address to Mr Chu, she's still Evan's mother.

She sighed.

"Just forget it and tell me why did you gave the address to Mr. Roy Chu?" Eveline brows snapped and stared at her.

"I didn't gave it to Mr. Chu I gave it to Arthur Schmidt" those words made Daniella lose her cup. Her eyes widened, shocked.

"What? Say that again?" she thought her ears were deceiving her..

"I gave the address to Arthur" she repeated, Daniella narrowed her eyes and looked at her.

"Tell me the whole story" and in that moment Daniella heard another side of the story.

Eveline looked at the glass wall, watching the people passing by, he lips parted to tell what she knows.

"Arthur used to work as a scientist to Mr Chu company, he recommended Alexandria to work as a receptionist because she needed a job, but that time Arthur and your mother were only friends"

"later I found out that your mom and your uncle Steven and my husband were friends in high school, my husband told me that your mother and Steven were twins, Steven had a part-time job to pay for their tuition fee, because they were orphans, that's all I know about your mother's life"

Daniella's heart aches knowing the hardship of her mother.

"After she got the job as a receptionist, your mother and Alvin became so close I noticed how my husband spend more time to her than his own family"

She sighed and continue.

"but your mother never loved my husband, he was only a friend whom she's using"

Daniella eyebrow rose by her words.

"using?" she asked, confused

The woman smirked and continue.

"Alexandria used him to get close to Roy Chu"

"And she succeeded, Roy fell to her so deep she became his only mistress, he was like a dog obeying her"

Daniella smashed the table and lean forward to her.

"Your lying" she wanted to slap her, but she holds herself.

"You can read my eyes if you want." Her words shocked Daniella, she sat back and realized that Eveline must have known everything.

"Continue" she drank the water to ease her tension.

"Arthur was courting your mother at the same time, when he found out about her relationship with Roy, he threatened to expose her to Mrs. Chu".

"Then your mother eloped and married Arthur, and that time your uncle Steven was so furious"

"When they came back from abroad, she was pregnant and Steven's gone, with no help, Arthur came back to work for Roy"

"Roy is a businessman but at the same time he loves Alexandria so much and accepted her request to let Arthur work again, but when he found out she's pregnant, he was so furious."

"That time, they were developing a device that can track the fetus brain, Roy gave Arthur an option, he can continue but he need to convince Alexandria to test the chips to her unborn babies"

"Arthur told her they will get paid handsomely if it's success, so that's probably the reason your mother agreed" Eveline snorted.

"Then one day, she ran away, she disappeared, and no one knows why"

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