Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul Chapter 220: THE FROZEN SOUL'S DREAM


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I had a dream.

I am supposed to be sleeping for all eternity, so naturally, I am able to dream. Unlike when I'm still a mortal, my dreams as the Frozen Soul is clearer. There are no weird druggy hallucinations whatsoever. In fact, it feels so real. I can feel pain like I'm still human.

I'm in white nothingness, praying at the center of this empty world. I can only hear my own voice on this realm.

At the horizon is a single black dot. That dot slowly grew larger as flames started to burn the white nothingness surrounding it. It looks like it is consuming the fragments of this dimension little by little.

It was then when I realized that it is a Gate. The dot has become a portal to another side that has pure black emptiness.

A silhouette of a man appeared behind the Black Gate.

"Tiara?" It was a familiar voice I'm longing to hear.

"...Rikkun?" I muttered. I closed my eyes and shook my head. This is just a dream, so I should stop fantasizing.

The "Rikkun" here is a fake; a product of my imagination. Though I am sorrowful that I had to say goodbye with him, I shouldn't let my feelings hinder my duty as the new Frozen Soul.

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I can finally see his face. Blonde hair, green eyes, and a medium-sized body. He's wearing a long trench coat that looks tattered from the everlasting battle he went through.

"Tiara!" Rikkun ran forward, rushing to me.

For every step he makes, it burns the white ground. He left a fiery charred trail all the way, infecting the realm and converting it to the dark substance.

"Rikkun!" I also ran forward. Even if this is just a dream, I'll be glad to touch his hand once more.

But when we were just two meters apart, the Black Gate unleashed five chains. It caught his wrists and ankles, and even his neck. I tried reaching him with my hand, but Rikkun was being pulled by the black chains.

No matter how fast I ran forward, I couldn't reach him. I'm running at my full speed, but I'm not moving. The distance between me and my lover increases. Rikkun is being pulled slowly towards the Black Gate.

"Tiara! I'll save you, okay? I'll be coming back to you! I promise that I'll get you back!"

"Rikkun!" I cried an I held my aching chest. My tears sprinkled with a mix of happiness and sadness. "Yes! I'm going to wait for you!"

"No matter what it takes, Tiara! No matter what it cost! I'm going to save you! I will do everything, even the impossible, just to bring you back! Just wait for me!" Rikkun cried.

"I will wait for you, Rikkun! Toujours et a jamais!" I screamed back. "I will wait for you, even if it takes forever!"

His feet are being swallowed by the Black Gate; like a quicksand engulfing his body slowly. His legs sunk into the dark portal, and as time goes on, his hips, his stomach, and his chest followed.

He desperately reached his right hand to me, with little hope of struggling. The black chains are too powerful for him to resist. Suddenly, an immense malicious aura formed around Rikkun's body, similar to those of a Cursed Guardian.

His eyes transformed from emerald green into crimson red, with the sigil of a triangle on his irises.

"I'LL SAVE YOU EVEN IF IT COSTS MY SOUL!!!" Rikkun shouted with a demonic voice.

Before I can make a reply, the chains pulled him inside the Black Gate. The dimensional portal immediately closed afterward.

"...Ri...kkun?" I muttered. I'm not sure what I just saw. Is it really Rikkun? Or somebody else?

I don't have to worry about it. This is just a dream, and I'm fully aware of it. I'm just letting my thoughts wander on its own.

"I'm sorry about that." A new voice appeared.

I glanced behind me, and I saw a beautiful blonde woman with green eyes. She's tall and a little bit meaty on her breast and buttocks. She's wearing a white dress that exposes her shiny legs. Her beautiful face is a mirrored image of mine. I have seen her several times before.

She was the Frozen Soul. Was, because she's no longer it. I am now the Frozen Soul, and I have dethroned her during our final battle.

"Miss Erylle Fontaine," I muttered.

"I'm sorry, Tiara. I'm sorry that you'll have to suffer for this." The blonde girl said.

I shook my head with a smile. "It's okay. This is the only choice I had."

There was a long silence between us two. Erylle looked at the white ground, thinking deeply for something that is ought to be done. She clenched her fist. When she shifted gaze to my eyes, eight beautiful shape-shifting wings materialized on her back.

"I'm going to help you. I'm going to help Alaric Eisenhower." Erylle said as she put her fist into her heart. "There is a way for you to be freed without costing anything. Consider it as a payment for saving everything that exists… and for saving me too."

"Yes." I bowed. Tears raced on my reddish cheeks. "Thank you, Miss Erylle Fontaine."

"So as Alaric said, wait a little longer. He will be coming for you." Erylle said as she grabbed her chest and pulled a white Heavenly Blade from her heart. She used it to slice through this white nothingness, creating a golden dimensional rift.

There was a blinding flash of light.

After she disappeared, I noticed that the ground is converting into crystal ice. I saw my reflection on the floor, and something is odd about it.

I saw my own face bathed with blood. I have crimson eyes of the Cursed Guardian, and my hair was silver. There are nine black tails waving behind my back. And I have this creepy grin on my face.

I turned around, but there are no black tails. I grabbed the tip of my black hair, and there is not even a silver strand on it.

I looked back at the crystal floor, and my reflection is back to normal. Black hair, blue eyes, and an aura filled with purity.

There's no way I'll return back to being cursed. Shirayuki has been defeated, and there is no indication that she will appear in the future.

I am omnipotent and omniscient, yet this dream is scaring the heck out of me. I have seen infinite outcomes and none of it involves me having cursed. But why am I so terrified?

My mouth is trembling. There was the longest chill on my spine. I can't move my hands and legs. I'm completely frozen. I bowed my head and cried silently with my shaking voice.

"Rikkun… please… save me…"

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