Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul Chapter 219: MY FINAL WISH WITH A KISS


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There was a strong pulse which came from my heart, and the next time we know it, we are back to the Realm of the Frozen Soul. Only Rikkun and I are the living entities here. I have purposely left out all our friends. I don't want to see their crying faces. And I don't know how to say goodbye to them.

But regarding the man I love… I want to stay with him a little longer.

"No, Tiara...No…" The handsome blonde prince stared at me with disbelief. "I won't allow you! Please don't do this! Tiara, I'm begging you!"

"Rikkun…" I frowned. "This is the only way to save everything. This is the thing that only I can do. I have to sacrifice my dreams and my life for everyone so that you guys will keep on living."

"Then take me with you!" Rikkun cried as he wrapped his palms on my praying hands.

"You're asking for the impossible, Rikkun." I chuckled while letting tears crawl from my eyelids. "We both know that you can't sing!"

"Stop that! This isn't fair! This isn't fair!" Rikkun cried like a four-year-old kid. He kissed my praying hands as he hugged me tight like a koala.

I noticed that the ice is now climbing and are now covering my knees. I don't have much time to enjoy my last moments with the man I love. So I have to tell him everything in my heart.

"Rikkun…" I gently pushed his face away from my chest and gave him an eye-to-eye contact. His emerald eyes are still beautiful but shaky, and it's sparkling because it's wet with his own tears. "I love you, Rikkun."

"I love you too, Tiara. So please, don't-"

I shook my head, silently telling that he should let me talk. I don't want to argue with him. I don't want us to fight in these last moments. I wanted him to listen only so that I can convey all my feelings to him.

"My king, my love. I know that you're a knight that is full of courage that can stand up against fate and omnipotent powers. You are the hero that can fight in an endless pit of darkness. You are the light that saved me from the infinite curse."


"I love everything about you, Rikkun. I love your emerald eyes. They look like fireworks in the middle of darkness, giving light and hope to me every time I'm in despair. I love your cheeks. They look like strawberries whenever they blush. I love your golden blonde hair. Every time it sways, I can see a light brighter than the sun."

The ice shards started to elevate until it covered my toes and lower thighs. Rikkun saw it, and he can't help but panic. His hands are shaking, his jaws are trembling, and his eyes are giving off a stare that the last thing he wanted to see is to lose me.

But even so, I continued talking.

"I love your gentle headpats. Whenever you brush my hair, I feel a spark, a connection between us two that can never be severed. I love your voice. Even if you're a terrible singer, calling me Darling every time makes it the best song that has ever entered my ears. I like your hands. Even though they are rough, I can feel their softness and warmth every time we locked fingers while walking together."

The ice shards are now covering my whole thighs. I can no longer feel my legs as if all my nerves and prana circuits are now suffering from painless frostbite.


Rikkun drew the <Heart of Light> and swung it forcefully to destroy the ice that has been covering my legs, but it's no good. It won't shatter. It won't even dent. The ice has finally become a part of me, and the <Heart of Light> can never be used against me.

He used his Weapon Gem; the crimson sword from Diadem. But the ice won't even get a scratch. The ice that has been covering me is the sturdiest and hardest thing in all the universes. There is no way that it can't be broken.


Even so, Rikkun continued to strike.

But I held his wrist to stop his worthless attack.

"Tiara… I… I can't-" My lover's words are giving him the hint that he's going to break.

I shook my head again.

Seeing that I'm begging for him to calm down, he lowered his sword and dematerialized it. He kneeled to the ground and stared at me with his hopeless eyes.

I gently caressed his face that has been soaked with tears. Then I continued to talk.

"I love your face, Rikkun. It's so handsome, but it becomes funny whenever you're angry. I love it more when you sleep. You look like a defenseless baby lion that is so majestic and cute. I love playing with your lips when you're asleep. They're so soft and squishy that I wanted to kiss it over and over."

The ice has finally covered my hips. Rikkun doesn't want to give up, but seeing that I'm against it, he has no choice but to comply. He has no other choice but to listen to my words.

"I love your kisses, Rikkun. I can still remember it when you saved me from being burned at the stake. They felt like gelatin whenever we kiss. It's like a drug that compels me to try it again and again. I'm addicted to the connection of our souls whenever our lips collide."

"S-Stop…" Rikkun muttered as he cries. "Tiara, please stop."

I don't have the slightest plan to stop. My bountiful chests are now covered with ice. I don't have much time to say my last words.

"I love your hugs, Rikkun. I can still remember our first hug when I baptized you as a Gate Guardian. It is the only thing I needed to power-up and defeats the enemies standing on our way. The warmth of your body is the best healing touch of the world."

The ice has finally frozen my hands. I can't feel them anymore, but it doesn't matter. I can still talk. So I continued.

"I love your personality, Rikkun. You may be rude to strangers, but you are a sweet lover and a supportive friend. You act like you don't care about other people, but you always end up sacrificing yourself to save us. Your cold glares upon the members of the Aether Crusade are nothing but a warm welcome. We all respect your leadership because you deserve it."

The ice has finally covered my shoulders. Half of my neck is already frozen solid.

"Tiara…. Tiara…." Rikkun cried like a kid. He already doesn't know what to do. He gave a hug at me and closed his eyes, not wanting to see what will happen to me next.

"I love everything about you, Rikkun. Your heart and your soul. I truly love you." I said.

This time, I could no longer suppress my tears. My voice is now shaking as I continued to speak.

"I'm sorry if I'm so strict. I'm sorry if I'm so awkward. I'm sorry if I'm so perverted. I'm sorry if I'm so desperate. I'm sorry if I let you die for seven million times. I'm sorry for repeating your suffering. I'm sorry for breaking your nose all the time. But please remember that I did those because I love you more than anything in this world."

"Tiara, please don't go!" Rikkun's hug became tighter. "I love you too! I don't mind if you discipline me! I don't mind if you're awkward! I don't mind if you're perverted and desperate! I don't mind dying for you for a hundred trillion times! I don't mind if you punch my nose! Just, please…. Please, don't go."

This time, the ice has covered my head. The only thing that is not yet frozen is my face. My eyes, my nose, and mouth are still able to sense the cold air.

"Rikkun…" The last droplet of my tears fell on my lover's shoulder.

"...What is it, Tiara?" Rikkun's bright emerald eyes opened wide, now fixated on my face.

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"Is it alright if you give me a kiss?" I said.

Rikkun didn't waste any moment as he immediately crashed his lips to mine. Our mouths hugged each other and savored the soft sensation and sweet flavor of our final kiss.

As I enjoyed the moment of my last wish, I felt a freezing sensation on my brain. My eyes felt heavy as if they are now wanting to go into an eternal sleep.

Rikkun stopped kissing me as he noticed that something is wrong. He stared at my eyes and locked on it for a second.

Before I sleep forever and sing the <Song of Salvation> for all eternity, I gave my last words from the depths of my heart.

"I love you, Rikkun. I'll be watching you in my dreams."

"Tiara… No no no no no no no!" Rikkun hollered. "Nooooo!"

My eyes closed.

All my senses have shut down.

I can no longer feel anything.

My mind, my body, and my soul has been completely frozen and sealed from reality. I can no longer hear Rikkun's voice. I can no longer feel his warmth nor his presence. Once more, I have lost the man I love.

But I have no regrets.

Because I had a single wish that will be granted.

A wish…

A wish for Rikkun to have a happy ever after.

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