Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul Chapter 214: AN OLD FRIEND'S REQUES


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"Just how desperate are you in reviving Erylle?!"

Asumi-nee, in the form of Haliya, shouted. She's gripping her halberd so tight that the metal handle could snap at any moment. I've never seen Asumi-nee this angry before. No. I have never seen Asumi-nee angry. This is the first time. Normally, she would carefreely laugh to problems at hand, but not this.

"You don't understand, Asumi." The Outsider answered as he bowed. He looks like a boy who is trying to reason out his deeds in front of a scolding mother. "I am nothing without her. She is everything to me. My love for her and her love for me knows no boundaries. Isn't it normal for a prince to find a way to awaken his princess from a never-ending sleep?"

"This is not sleeping beauty, Yohan." Haliya's voice gives heavier tension as their conversation goes on. "It won't take just a kiss to wake her up. It will take everything. I don't think you're dumb enough to do that."

The Outsider hid his crimson eyes behind his brown bangs. His shoulders vibrated. And then he let out a chuckle.

"Hahahaha…. Hahahaha!" The Outsider revealed his wide-open eyes, his red irises glaring at Asumi-nee's soul. "You're underestimating me! I'm dumber than you thought, Asumi. A person will become foolish once love has consumed a person's heart."

Suddenly, The Outsider's shadow tentacles on his back started to grow and wiggle. The crimson orbs on his body started to glow which made our eyes ache.

Everything went black and white. In an instant, The Outsider vanished from where he's standing.

When time resumed, The Outsider returned to his original position. But he got one of us. He already got Venus, gripping the top of her head with his sharp cybernetic hands. Blood started to ooze from the Goddess of Beauty's forehead.

"Eliseo!" Everybody shouted.

"H-H-Help… m-me…" Venus's eyes are now soaked with tears.

"Yohan, stop!" Asumi-nee/Haliya cried as she held her chest. "You're better than this! I know you're still the Yohan I know!"

But The Outsider replied a creepy demonic smile, silently saying that he will never comply to his old friend's words.

"Asumi…" The Outsider chuckled with a deep voice. "I'll show you how desperate I am. You remember Erylle's little brother, right? It's him, right? Oh, wait. I'm talking about Eliseo from another universe. So this one is just a counterpart. I'm sure Erylle wouldn't care if I killed him."

"Yohan!!!" Asumi-nee cried. "Stop-!!!"


The robotic alien hand squeezed the goddess's brains. Red meat chunks scattered around the area, and blood showered everywhere. Shattered skull pieces fell to the floor.

I can't believe it.

Nobody could ever believe it.

"YOHAAAAN!!!" Haliya cried as she charged her halberd, pointing the sharpest edge towards the enemy. Freyr, Ra, Hel, and Helena followed her lead, each and everyone ready to kill the enemy with their swelling hatred.

"You guys are bigger idiots than me." The Outsider pointed his right hand to the charging enemies. An invisible force made the raging gods levitate, unable to get closer to him. "I am Yog-Sothoth, an Outer God that is as powerful as the Frozen Soul herself. My powers are limited since I'm inside the realm of the Frozen Soul, but that doesn't mean that you can defeat me."

"D-Darn you!" Freyr cried. "Outsider!!!"

"I'll kill you even if I'll get cursed again!" Ra roared.

"I can't believe you're now a soulless demon!" Haliya hollered.

All of them struggled, but they can't swim in midair. It's as if they're just floating at the center of the outer space. They tried casting their best-ranked attack spells, but The Outsider just used his <Timelock> ability to freeze the flow of time and evade those attacks effortlessly.

"Asumi… I never wanted you to get hurt. That is why I will do a favor and give you a painless death. I shall now erase each and every one of you at once." The Outsider proclaimed his win over this fight.

The crimson orbs all over his body flashed a blinking red light.

Yog-sothoth is an immortal omnipotent god. He can just wish for the deletion of anybody's existence, and that will be granted in a speed faster than a blink of an eye.


When the blinding flash faded, he was surprised that his powers didn't work. All the persons he levitated are now freely standing on the floor.

"H-How the heck are you still existing!?" The Outsider was awed.

My allies didn't waste any time to do a powerful attack!

"<Moonlight Slash>!!!" Haliya and Freyr used their halberd and sword respectively, to make a blinding swift attack! The Outsider used his alien arm to block both of the blades!

"Haaaaaah!!!" Freyr and Haliya pushed forward, and The Outsider can't do anything but to dash back. He must have been really surprised when his omnipotent powers didn't work.

The Outsider took three seconds to realize that he is no longer in the form of Yog-Sothoth. He scanned the surroundings and finally formulated a theory of why and how his godly powers disappeared when his eyes gazed to mine.

"Tiara Hikari." The Outsider gritted.

Yes. I am the one who is keeping my allies' existence. As long as their body is not killed, they won't be affected by any omnipotent powers. I possess the <Heart of Light>; an anti-omnipotent sword inside me. I can use its powers at will as long as I'm singing the <Song of Salvation>.

"To be able to cancel out omnipotence of Azathoth and Yog-sothoth… You really are something, you damned witch!"

"Mister Outsider!" I shouted with full force, trying to imply that he is not dominating this fight. "I will never let you kill more of my friends! A very bad person like you will never be able to defeat them even if you're all-powerful!"

"If you're that persistent, then I shall have no other way but to kill you!" The Outsider is now angry.

Good, because I'm angry too. There's no way I can show mercy to the man who killed two of my friends.

"Don't you dare think that you will win that easily even if you can negate the power of an Outer God." The Outsider muttered.

The Outsider slowly walked towards the Frozen Soul. He stared at the beautiful lady's crimson eyes and pressed his face forward. He reached out his hand to her chest, which glowed with a golden light.

"Everybody, attack!" Freyr cried.

Countless spell shouts echoed. Several projectiles flew. Short-ranged slash attacks were executed quick. But there was a kaleidoscopic wall between my allies and the Frozen Soul. Their attacks won't go through.

A Gate was opened from the Frozen Soul's heart. Slowly, a white hilt of the sword emerged from that dimensional portal. Then, he drew the ultimate weapon that even I can't help but to feel scared.

It's The Outsider's version of the <Heart of Light>. The Heavenly Blade of Time, <Reginleiff>.

"I don't care how many power-ups you have!" Helena shouted from the distance as she readied her sword. "You killed my baby brother, and I shall kill you!"

The mighty sword princess channeled all six God Cores delegated to her to make a decisive and explosive attack. She coated her full body with electric buffs and hologram wings to boost her speed, and she enchanted her sword with ice, lightning, and an invisible barrier to level up her attack power.

"Haaaaaaaah!!!!" Helena stepped on her gas pedal on full throttle.

This might be a reckless attack, but she has exerted all the power of the six gods in this. Upon tackling the kaleidoscopic wall, it shattered to pieces! With such speed and strength, anybody would go down in just a hit of her sword!

"<Tachyon Slash>"

The Outsider muttered.

Everything became black and white. Time stopped once again. Helena was seen floating in the air, and seeing her is like watching an action movie on pause.

Silver wind spawned from the Heavenly Blade the Outsider is wielding, and it whipped through Helena's chest.

"Guh!" The sword princess cried as she had a glimpse of her guts tearing apart.

Blood sprinkled to the floor once again.

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