「GameOver」[Reincarnation] No Game No Life fanfic Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Chess Game


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" So bored..." I sighed as I defeated the level 100 boss for the 1000th time
"Waga no imouto yo (My little sister), you are not the only one who is bored...", Haru says as he play with his Nintendo switch.

So let me introduce, the one playing with the Nintendo Switch is my older brother, Haru, it means spring in Japanese. My name is kaito, I don't really know wut it means (xd) , it seems that my parents were a big fan of Japan hence they named me and brother, Haru and Kaito.

Both of us don't usually go out, we just stay in the room and play games all day. We are a popular gaming group, but apparently that's what people think, as we play in the game, both of us has a mouse in our hands so we have been seen as a 4-player group ,but in reality, we are a pair and the group's name is...

[Game Over]


"nii chan,, there's a mail."

"little sis, why don't you get it."

"what if it's a mail from one of your friends?"

"urg... Why do I feel like my little sister just insulted me... Kaito, you know that I don't have any friends, I'm a introvert, so are you."

"nii chan, you should get the mail soon, it's rude to not read a mail when you are on the phone."

"fine!" he said meaning he had given in, he went over to the computer and clicked on the mail

To: [Game Over]
From: Unknown

Have you two siblings ever thought that the both of you are born in the wrong world? 

"Imouto chan, look at this, Unknown, knows that we are [Game Over] and they know that we are siblings!"

I thought to myself, how can anyone know that we are [Game Over], its clearly impossible! Unless... We have stalkers?

"Hey, are you fantasying that we are having stalkers? You know that it's not possible, no one knows where we live and they don't even know how we look."

Haru has a point. But it is weird for someone to know that.

"Anyways, we must reply to the sender, it'll be rude not to, " I said as I tried to ponder about this  Unknown  sender.

Suddenly, he or she sent another mail, and Haru clicked on it.

To: [Game Over]
From: Unknown
Pls do click on this link
"Nee, Nii, should we click on it? It looks fishy...what if there's a virus in it?"

"There's no way... Let's just try and click on it..."

As soon as Haru clicked on the link and suddenly a chess program popped out.

"It seems that this is a chess game... Kaito, you are better at chess, I'm bad at it... Hahaha..."

"But... Big brother, the two of us as a whole player, I won't play it if you won't play together!"

"Ore no kawaii imouto chan (my cute little sister), of course I know that, ill help to patch up the mistakes, [Game Over] is not [Game Over] if it's not the two of us, and only the TWO of us are [Game Over], no one else can take that position."

"ill play if you feed me, "I said as I handed him a pack of pocky. He came to me, takes me off the floor and places me on his lap.

Haru explained in his thoughts, chess is a finite two-player game, zero-sum, perfect-information game, luck has no part in it.  Theoretically, there is a perfect solution that will never lose. But... only if you understand the 10*120 possible states of the board!

"Chess is no different from tic-tac-toe, " I mumbled as I played the chess program.

Haru said, "That's right. Kaito has beaten a program that is designed to defeat grandmasters 20 times in a row, alternating between first and second."

"Nii chan, urusai! ( Big brother, be quiet)"

Kaito has always been very focused when it comes to chess, it's  as if she'd turned into a different person.

After a while of playing,


"What's wrong?"

"it cut off its own piece advance."

"Wait, kaito... A program will always select the best moves, that is why you can beat them. But they are deliberately using a bad move to lure you in... It's a human," Haru explained his theory as he pats my head.

I was a bit irritated that the player was trying to lure me in so I started to pout.

"Calm down, if it's a contest of skill, you'll never lose. I'll tell you when I spot that they are trying to lure or spook you. The two of us, together, form Game Over. Let's see who can beat us!" he assured me as he puts a pocky in my mouth.

One of [Game Over]'s rule: Never to lose to anyone.
Because of this rule, we will never lose, we will preserve.

"B2 to B4, take rook, be careful of the traps, ill tell you when there is a trap" Haru instructed as I put a pocky in my mouth.

"Stop eating already, remember we are [Game Over] together."

"I know, as [Game Over]"

"Let's do this!!" Haru yelled, determination reigning in his voice.

"Its Showtime! Until Game Over!"

~The end of chap 1~
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