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The trees surrounded the caste like great armies defending their citadel. Their armored trunks reached out in the air protectively. This great expanse of green enhanced the castles eerieness and beauty as its portcullis made out of hard iron guarded the passage. Sentinels silently walked the walls with wide eyes.

The circle towers had a spiraling staircase. The staircase made it awkward for invaders to fight upwards. The steps were also uneven so the defenders had an advantage.

Great mighty pride trebuchets stood with legs on towers ready to unleash their hinged fury. The grey stone seemed eerie in the night as it enhanced its beauty with the radiant moon shining down guiding it by its face. The vault drew the attention as turrets take root and grew like trees.

On the throne room of Pureheart's grandest fortress lies no other than the king and his queen. Scattered upon the corners of the throne room were guards and officials wielding swords or perhaps daggers for the untrained ones. Indeed twilight sealed the noise, except for the commotion happening inside such benign fortress.

"Your majesty, every day is another blood wasted. If we don't react immediately, then Witherstone will soon occupy our motherland!" Admiral Brook complained sarcastically. He is one of the king's officials, famous for his strategic mind during warfare. His white eloquent mustache brings terror to one's eyes while his sword on the other hand is filled with the smudges of blood acquired from countless men.

"My compadre, I am doing whatever I can to defend our motherland. Please bear in mind, I am aware of the threat succumbing Scacchi. We will still continue my father's plan." Felix Braveheart, the king of the Pureheart Kingdom, uttered with stress and pressure. His eyes are painted with blood, and his sword was forged under the finest flames.

"My king, why do you still insist to do your father's proposal? The former king is dead, you should make your own decisions for the sake of the kingdom and the whole motherland.

My men have scoured ten territories, yet all of them died under the hands of the opposing enemy." Sir Efron, another high-ranking officer the king, has pledged his opinions towards his majesty. He is a serious and loyal gentleman of the royal family.

Commotion raged upon the throne room. The clash of ideas and opinions has forged a battle between the hierarchy of the kingdom. The sentinels however, had no choice but to stand in their post, ever watching the king and his men fight for the perfect decision.

As the commotion bewildered, the daughter of the king and queen entered the throne room and gathered everyone's attention.

"Father, the prisoner says he is of Rome. I have not heard of such a state before nor have I visited one. The man must be a liar, and probably one of Vladimir Witherstone's pawn." Jupiter knelt down before his father as she pertains to the young man.

"Impossible, if what you say is true, then why does the young man look exactly like us? He does not have the physique of beasts and varmints, nor does he even sound like one." The king doubted his daughter.

"May I speak, your majesty?" An old and man came forth with a long staff on his right hand. His beard is not of Earth for it reaches the pristine floors of the fortress. The man's eyes speak of nothing but wisdom and knowledge, he is Balthasar Bluemagic, another yet odd official of the hierarchy. The king nodded his head and permitted the old man to speak.

"If the current situation we are facing today is the absence and scarcity of men, may I suggest that we use prisoners as our soldiers?

Any men with either good or bad attributes can be converted into a wise soul." Balthasar Bluemagic suggested.

"Abuelo, you have my respect but the use of prisoners may cause internal conflict to our plans. It is uncertain to tell who among us is the sheep wearing a fake wool." The king disagreed in a respectful manner. He is not a man of arrogance but rather, a man of humility and kindness.

"Your Majesty, if we lose the war then all your father's hard work will wither away. If Vladimir's men capture more states... this will be the end of our regime, or perhaps should I say, checkmate?

The black sheep cannot hide himself for his attitude will always be different from the rest of us. If you don't mind, I wish to speak to the abrupt prisoner who randomly appeared between a siege." Balthasar uttered with a hoarse throat. Steadily, he walks out of the throne room, heading towards his respective compartment.

"Your Majesty, what shall be your bidding? All of us submit to your command. The war will end soon, that's if we don't make another blunder." Sir Efron knelt before the king, with one of his hand placed upon his chest. With respect and loyalty, he uttered with sincerity. The rest of the king's officials including his daughter, knelt upon him, earnestly waiting for an answer.

"As the current king of the kingdom, I vow to protect our people. Do what Balthasar bids, and bring the young man to him early in the morning. As for the lack of soldiers, I hereby proclaim to use the other prisoners.

The faith of the kingdom and our motherland, falls under our hands. Vladimir, will soon meet his demise." Felix Braveheart declared openly amongst all of them. Some of his officials didn't seem pleased with the king's orders especially Admiral Brook. They had no choice but to follow his orders, for he is the king after all.

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