Forced love, true love? Chapter 19: Save myself for marriage.


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He followed her inside, noticing her off behavior.
"MingLi what's wrong with you?" he asked sternly.
"I'm fine", she replied curtly.
XiaYi didn't like this answer, he observed her from afar. Even well she was eating she was unusually quite and even looked depressed. She didn't even eat much, which was saying something since MingLi was a foodie. He somehow felt it was his fault and felt extremely guilty.
" What's wrong?" XiaYi asked again, the coldness in his voice domineered over his worry.
"..." this time MingLi outright ignored him.
"MingLi, is it me?" XiaYi asked disheartened.
Still MingLi didn't answer, XiaYi jumped up throwing all the food on the floor. MingLi's fork was halfway to her mouth, but she immediately put it down and walked out of the dining room. Leaving an angry XiaYi by himself.
What the hell had he done?
He went to look for MingLi, he found her listening to depressing music and smoking again. This time the cigarette was normal, but still XiaYi's face contorted in anger. She had a cigarette in one hand and wine in the other. She sat staring at the stars a look of absolute devastation on her face.
"What did I do?" he asked desperately.
MingLi looked so broken and tired, his heart was in two.
"That was my first time" was all MingLi said as she walked away toward the spare room.

XiaYi was now even more confused.
He knew it was her first time, it was for him too, so what?
"MingLi, I don't understand, did you not want your first time to be with me?" he asked her as she laid on the bed.
" You are not my husband, what happened last night is only supposed to happen between husnad and wife on their wedding night." She replied solemnly.
XiaYi finally understood
She wanted her first time to be after she was married. Even if she didn't marry him, she would still only give her first to her husband.
Guilt was eating XiaYi eating him from the inside out.
" Why are you only upset now?" he asked.
"I only took in what happened after my movie", her replies were void if emotion and she was undeniably angry
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