Flamboyant in a Cultivation World Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Return


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Yuèguāng, Tae-Ra and his second elder brother arrived in the hall where all the big shots were.

His brothers' sudden movement made it a little hard to breathe and his face was buried on his second brother's chest, his one arm holding Tae-Ra and the other around his brother's waist.

His second brother could feel, Yuèguāng's shaking body in his embrace and stroked his hair and said: "It's okay, you can let go now."

Yuèguāng shook his head refusing to let go; his second brother pulled away from him, making Yuèguāng loose balance and fall to the ground.

Yuèguāng's second brother looked at him with wide eyes and couldn't believe what he saw, Yuèguāng was crying and his bottom lip was bleeding.

His brother rushed back to him and helped him up, he started panicking, he wiped the blood from his lip and then wiped his tears.

Second brother: "I'm sorry are you okay?"

Yuèguāng shook his head, "Second brother, you surprised me, suddenly moved so fast, I accidentally bit my lip."

Yuèguāng's eldest brother flashed to their side after seeing what happened, he pushed the second brother to the side and examined Yuèguāng.

Eldest brother: "Little brother are you okay? I'll punish him later in your stead."

Second brother: "I didn't mean it."

Eldest brother: "You know he no longer has cultivation and his body is fragile, yet you still hurt him! Should you not be punished?"

"Enough the two of you!!!!", yelled Yuèguāng's father, making the palace hall shake violently.

Immediately the two brothers kept quiet, but that's when Tae-Ra yelled out screaming.


Sitting on the ground behind Yuèguāng with her legs stretched out in front of her, she covered the top half of her body with Yuèguāng's coat and hid under it.

This sudden cry coming from under Yuèguāng's coat caught everyone's attention.

Yuèguāng pulled away from his eldest brother's hold and swung his coat off her and uncovered her.

He bent down and pulled her into his embrace.

Yuèguāng: "Where does it hurt?"

Tae-Ra: "My..my..my ears hurt"

Yuèguāng looked in the direction where the yell came from and his eyes sharpened but quickly went back to being emotionless.

The people in the room caught a glimpse of the changes in his eyes and looked at each other.

Yuèguāng ignored all of this and continued to tend to little Tae-Ra, he wiped her tears away, wrapped her up in his coat and walked out of the palace hall, Tae-Ra heard someone rushing after them, so she made them disappear.

The person who chased after them was Yuèguāng's eldest brother, he came to the corridor and there was no one there, he went to his room, still no one, he returned to the hall and reported to his father.

A search party was yet again sent out to look for Yuèguāng but this time they were looking for Tae-Ra too.

When Yuèguāng and Tae-Ra reappeared, they were back at the foot of the mountain, Yuèguāng looked around then looked at the little girl in his arms and asked:

Yuèguāng: "Why did you start crying?"

Tae-Ra: "I was scared! What do you expect from a little girl?"

Yuèguāng looked at her and rolled his eyes; he put her down on the ground and sat down next to her.

Yuèguāng: "I completely forgot that my father arranged a meeting with them."

Tae-Ra: "The people who killed you?"

Yuèguāng nodded his head: "Yes."

Tae-Ra walked up to him and placed herself in between his legs; she laid there and looked up at him: "Are you planning to get revenge?"

Yuèguāng: "Of course."

Tae-Ra: "Hehe...what's the plan?"

Yuèguāng: "There isn't one."

Tae-Ra looked up at the smiling Yuèguāng and smiled back at him.

Tae-Ra: "Alright I will just wait and see what happens, let's return to your room, they're looking for you again, your excuse will be, you are hard to see with no cultivation, you returned to your room and nothing else."

Yuèguāng: "Must we go?"

Tae-Ra: "No but you should."

Yuèguāng: "Err…"

Tae-Ra looked at him then touched his cheek, and they vanished and reappeared in his room.

Yuèguāng placed Tae-Ra down on his bed and closed her saying, "It's time for little girls your age to sleep," then changed into a lime green robe and loosened his hair and walked out of his room.

The guards reported to the sect master that Yuèguāng was in his palace and asked for food, for Tae-Ra to eat.

He made his way to the back of his palace to the washroom and ordered some servants to run a bath for him and asked not to be disturbed by anyone including the sect master and masteress.

When the bath was ready he walked back to his room and picked up the little girl that was snoring and walked back to the washroom.

In the washroom, he stripped himself naked and removed all of Tae-Ras' clothes, picked her up and threw her into the water, and climbed in the bath.

The two of them were playing and having fun in the water but that was all lies, when they entered the washroom Tae-Ra noticed that there were five people hidden in the void inside the washroom and sent Yuèguāng a voice transmission warning him.

The people were identified as Yuèguāng's grandfather, father, the sects grand elder, the Shé clan's clan master and his grandfather.

They were suspicious of Tae-Ra, mainly because Yuèguāng's father and grandfather felt that from the look in Yuèguāng's eyes earlier on that something was off and it seemed like Yuèguāng was very attached to the little girl, the whole incident where they vanished and reappeared could not be because of him that had no cultivation, and it did seem a little odd that a little girl could have such power.

According to history, a child could start cultivating at the age of eight but there were some cases where children were born with cultivation and were incredibly strong at the age of ten, so the elders wanted to have a look and see if that - was the case.

They continued to observe what was happening in the washroom but were disappointed in the end.

Yuèguāng: "Tae, stop slashing the water all over and come here."

Tae-Ra: "Kaaaaaaaay~"

She moved towards him and sat in his bosom.

Yuèguāng: "From now on, you cannot cry every time my father yells at us, we don't want you to irritate him then have him separate us, now do we?"

Tae-Ra: "No, I don't want you to leave me, please don't."

Yuèguāng: "Mn, I won't so just behave."

Yuèguāng started playing with her hands and they sat in the bath quietly for 30 minutes then left but before that:

Voice transmission.

Yuèguāng: "When can I cultivate again?"

Tae-Ra: "Anytime."

Yuèguāng: "Can we go to the pond again tonight?"

Tae-Ra: "No."

Yuèguāng: "Why not?"

Tae-Ra: "The pond only helps bottlenecks and tempering the body. If you want to increase your cultivation we have to leave this place and travel."

Yuèguāng: "Really, where?"

Tae-Ra: "To where there's an abundant amount of martial power essence in the air."

Yuèguāng: "Which is?"

Tae-Ra: "There are loads of places, but we should start from the beginning, I gave you all the martial skills you will need that will provide you with a devastating result, but will be right for your body, you won't face hardships and you will execute them all with precision."

Tae-Ra: "Also, when are we getting out my body is turning old!"
They get out of the bath and headed to the room, had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day it was decided that the two families had to sit down and discuss what happens next regarding Yuèguāng's lost cultivation and the foolish girl.

Late in the morning, Yuèguāng arrived at the hall where everyone was waiting for him, Tae-Ra was walking behind him with slow steps and kept on tumbling.

The elders and guests grew slightly irritated at the fact that, they had to wait an hour for two people, to walk from one end of the palace hall to the next, even Yuèguāng's family grew slightly irritated and embarrassed.

Inside the hall, the two families stood opposite each other and began their discussion.

Yuèguāng stared at the lady standing beside a large and handsome man expressionlessly, the lady looked back at him with a smile.
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