Flamboyant in a Cultivation World Chapter 3: Chapter 3: 18 Years Later


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Across the universe, there's a world called Earth.

Earth is filled with billions of beings that they call humans and animals.

This world called earth is being destroyed by humans, with many aspects such as; pollution and adultery, murder and well you know the rest.

But on this earth, on the continent called Asia, there is a country called China, in the Jiangsu province, a town called Zhouzhuang, there is a person called Yuèguāng.

And this story is all about Yuèguāng.

Let's go back in time to the year he was born.

The day he was conceived was the day a high school girl had sex with her boyfriend because she loved him so much that she decided to allow him into her body and two months later she found out she was pregnant.

She and her boyfriend decided to keep the baby, but back at home her parents were not happy at all, their perfect daughter disappointed them and there was no return from here, she finished her school year not long after Yuèguāng was born.

As her mother Yuèguāng's grandmother, was playing with him one day, she noticed that every time he got excited his heart would beat hard and his breathing would become heavy.

She took him to the doctor the following day and found out that Yuèguāng's heart had a hole in it. After all the appointments and treatments were set, she went back home and did some investigating.

It turned out that Yuèguāng's father was doing drugs at the time, which made Yuèguāng's growth complicated and led to him having a hole in his heart.

At the age of 4 months, he was operated on and he was going to live a long life after this, the family was happy and only needed to take care of him by continuing to take him every month to the clinic for check-ups.

Yuèguāng was now a healthy baby boy and grew up to be handsome but he did not enjoy his life, his parents have had an on and off relationship and he had to work from a young age.

The year that he turned 20 years old, the girlfriend he was dating for 3 years left him for a rich man, this turn of events made Yuèguāng dejected and hate woman and one day he asked the heavens that if he were to reincarnate, he would like to be a woman and marry a rich man that loved him and would not throw him away.

That same year he turned 20, he took the same bus home that he took home every day for the past 5 years.
As the bus was crossing an intersection, they were hit by a truck that's breaks did not work.

Yuèguāng went flying through the window of the bus and landed a foot away from it, he could not move his body and was staring at the sun slowly setting in the west and remembered his wish to the heavens.

He looked up to the sky and said: "If today I die, please anyone up in the heavens that is listening, reincarnate me as a woman so that I can marry a rich man that will love me"

He closed his eyes and was no more.

The Void


A spirit drifted and regained consciousness after a month of drifting.

Yuèguāng: "Where am I? Hello… is anybody there? Why is it so dark? Can you turn on the lights, please?"

After a long pause of silence.

Yuèguāng: "Oi oi oi oi oi… Why is no one answering me? Do I look like someone you can mess with?"

Still no answer.

Yuèguāng: "Why can't I feel anything? Where's my body? My hands? My dick… Oi!!!!!!! My dick is gone. No no no no this can't be happening."

Yuèguāng: "Where am I?"

Yuèguāng: "The last thing I remember is looking at the sun… Wait did I die? Why am I still alive? Oi!!!!! I'm not afraid of the dark so you can switch the lights on, people of the heavens? Am I going to be reincarnated? If so can you make me a woman please, I wanna piss sitting down."

Still, there was no answer.

Yuèguāng could not tell what day it was or what year, he was there just drifting around in the darkness and annoying the shit out of himself with his voice.

But one day in the distance there was light and Yuèguāng drifted slowly towards it and reached it after 4 months.

As soon as he reached the light he got sucked in and felt his whole body ache, but could not speak or open his eyes.

He felt the warmth wrapped all around him and fell asleep.

After sleeping for a long time he woke up, after opening his eyes he could not recognize the room he was in.

He lifted himself up and sat up on the bed, he stretched his arms up above his head and cloth fell down on top of his head.

Yuèguāng: "Mn?"

He looked up and saw that a large silk cloth was covering his head; he placed his arms in front of him and fixed the sleave's, he looked down at his body and saw that he was covered in a robe.

He opened his eyes wide then squinted and turned his head left, then right and looked all around the room.

The bed he was sleeping on had silk blankets, his bed was wooden with different carvings on it and the mattress was just a big cushion, a very comfy cushion.

He laid back down and rested his head on the pillow that was slightly hard and looked up at the roof.

Yuèguāng: "I really was reincarnated, but unfortunately I am still a man. But why am I dressed like this?"

Starts coughing…

After his coughing started, a young woman dressed in grey cloth came rushing into the room along with a man dressed in white and an older woman dress with jewellery and a beautiful purple embroidered gown.

A girl in grey rushed to his side and kneeled down next to the bed: "Young master, are you okay? Does it hurt anywhere?"

The man dressed in white rushed over to him, pushed the girl aside and placed his hand on Yuèguāng forehead.

As soon as the man in white placed his hand on Yuèguāng's forehead a sharp pain entered his brain and a rush of information entered his head.

Yuèguāng could not understand all this and chose to ignore it, he looked down at the girl on the floor and saw that her hand was bleeding and her pained expression as she clenched on to her bleeding hand.

Yuèguāng looked at the man in white and his eyes turned sharp, he pushed his hand away and said: "How dare you hurt her, say sorry."

The man in white looked at Yuèguāng then looked at the older woman behind him, he turned back and looked at the girl on the floor and scoffed.

Yuèguāng saw this and grew furious but before he could voice his opinion the man in white said: "Young master, you were injured badly in your fight with the young master of the Shé(Snake) clan."

Yuèguāng: "Shé clan?"

Older woman: "If you weren't at the cultivation level of lower, you would not have lost to him, my son."

Yuèguāng: "Who are you?"

The older woman's eyes widened and her face froze, the girl on the floor looked up at him and the man in white stared deeply at him.

Older woman: "Son, do you not recognize me you mother?"

Yuèguāng kept quiet, he looked around the room and remembered that he reincarnated and realized that he was in someone else's body.

He looked around at the people in the room then pushed the man in white aside, jumped out of bed and ran to the door, pushed it open and he was inside a corridor.

He turned left and ran as fast as he could but felt that his body felt heavy, he came to another door, pushed it open and the scent of fresh green grass, he slowly walked outside and saw the beautiful scenery and saw people fighting outside.

Yuèguāng: "Where am I?"

Since everyone outside was a cultivator they stopped what they were doing and turned to look at him, they had all heard what he said.

The beloved young master did not know where he was.

The older woman came flying after him and landed in front of him, Yuèguāng looked at her in shock, he stepped back and stumbled over his feet and landed on his butt.

He pointed at the older woman and said: "Wha… what are you? Humans can't fly."

The woman looked down at him then kneeled beside him and stretched out her arms to put her hands on his shoulders. When she put her hands down he felt a shiver go down his spine, he hit her hands away, quickly got up and ran in the opposite direction.

All the cultivators looked at him with wide eyes, "What happened to our young master," they all thought, and some had already begun whispering amongst each other.

Yuèguāng ran towards the woods, as he was running he approached the woods but slammed against an invisible force field. When he landed on the ground his nose was bleeding from the impact and his face hurt.

He placed his hands on his face and the minute he closed his eyes, all the memories that previously flooded his brain flashed past his eyes and he recalled all the memories of the previous owner.

The older woman from before was his mother Mǔqīn (Mother), the man in white was the sect's physician, the girl dressed in gray was called Pú rén (Servant), his father's name was Tàiyáng zhī fù (Father of the Sun) and he had the name Yuèguāng, he had the same name as the previous owner.

The world they lived in was called Shìjiè and he lived in Héxīn (Core) and was part of his grandfather's alliance sect, Gāo ér qiángdà (High and Mighty).

The reason why he was badly injured was all because of a woman, his fiance, Měilì de wèihūnfū (Beautiful Fiance). They were engaged at a young age and grew up together, but she did not like him because he was more beautiful than her.

Growing up they were all ways compared and going into her teenage years, she grew disgusted by him and wanted nothing to do with him because it was embarrassing for her, a woman, to be compared to a man.

She found a handsome young master from another sect and made him fall in love with her and left Yuèguāng for him.

Seeing this far into the memories, Yuèguāng grew angry and displeased with the woman once again.

The memories carried on, to the scene of him confronting her with the other young master besides her, but the confrontation did not go very well. Before he could voice her shamelessness he was beaten to a pulp by the bodyguards of that young master.

He was beaten to the point where the previous owner of his body died with resentment.

Yuèguāng: "Don't worry old Yuèguāng, now that I have your body I will get back at her since she feels disgusted by our looks."
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