Flamboyant in a Cultivation World Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Goodbye


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Right before Yuèguāng made a breakthrough into the Martial King realm, his cultivation sphere acted up and it started burning; it left his soul and travelled inside his body, distorting his physical features.

Tae-Ra, the man and the woman, tried to help Yuèguāng but everything they tried did not work, sealing his cultivation did not work either.

As his body started distorting, his cultivation sphere exited his body and destroyed it; this shocked Tae-Ra, even for a Martial God, she had never seen something like this occur before.

In the air in front of her floated nothing but the lilac sphere.

For days it just floated there and did nothing else, this went from days to weeks, to months and on the last day of the 3rd month it started glowing. Tae-Ra squinted her eyes when she saw this and moved back.

The sphere started turning, then streams of blood came out of it slowly and after 5 hours a body was formed; after 3 hours eyes, nose, ears, lips, hair fingers and toes were formed.

The sphere entered the body and after 10 hours the body opened its eyes and took a deep breath in.

Tae-Ra looked at the naked body standing in front of her and could not believe her eyes, the face, resembled Yuèguāng's, the jet black hair, all the facial features resembled him.

Her eyes moved down and on his chest were a pair of grapefruit-sized breast.

Yes, Yuèguāng had breasts! Two acceptable sized breasts, a toned tummy and beautiful long legs, and between his legs a vagina.

Tae-Ra turned around and exited the cave they were in, walked to the waterfall and washed her face, she returned to the cave and that body was sitting cross-legged on the floor examining her vagina.

Tae-Ra: "Oi Oi Oi, don't touch it so much, just now you get hurt."

Yuèguāng looked up at Tae-Ra and smiled, he then looked back it his vagina and asked: "Is it real?"

Tae-Ra looked down at his vagina and slowly nodded her head and replied, "It looks like mine."

Yuèguāng jumped up and ran out of the cave past Tae-Ra and looked at his body's reflection in the river at the foot of the waterfall and smiled.

He jumped into the river and sat down.

Tae-Ra walked over to him that was sitting in the river and looked at the smile on his face before she was curious as to why he had a females cultivation sphere in his soul, but now she understood that from the very beginning Yuèguāng was never meant to be a male but a female.

Tae-Ra turned into her child form, took off her clothes and jumped into the river and walked over to Yuèguāng and sat down between his legs and faced Yuèguāng.

Yuèguāng looked down at Tae-Ra that was facing him and had a bad premonition.

She lifted up her small hands, placed them on his breast and started squeezing, Yuèguāng instantly felt an electric shock go down his spine and all the martial power leave his body.

He dropped down and was laying in the water looking at Tae-Ra that placed herself on his stomach and continued to fondle his breast.

Yuèguāng: "Wha...what did you do?"

Tae-Ra: "What's wrong? Can't handle it?"

Yuèguāng: "Can't handle what?"

Tae-Ra: "Having your breast fondled."

Yuèguāng looked at her, moved his arm and smacked her off him; he pointed at her and yelled: "Horrible, little shit!"

Tae-Ra stood up, placed her hands on her hips and pointed back: "How can you speak to your master like this?"

Yuèguāng folded his arms and said: "From now on, call me meimei."

He smiled, then walked away while swaying his hips.
(Will be referring to Yuèguāng as a woman from this chapter onwards)

Back in the cave, Yuèguāng sat down on the bed made out of grass; she started cultivating and entered her consciousness and was sitting in front of her cultivation sphere, she looked at it and smiled.

Finally, her wish was granted and could finally meet a man and marry him, but then again wouldn't that make her gay?

Yuèguāng: "Errr… I shouldn't have been reincarnated with my memories", she shook her head and started cultivating but soon she made several breakthroughs and her Martial King power went berserk.

It reached the peak of the realm and almost exploded inside her body.

Tae-Ra was standing near her when this happened and when she saw the sudden change she sealed off Yuèguāng's cultivation.

She opened her eyes and looked at Tae-Ra and asked: "Why did this happen?"

She thought for a while before answering, "Your sphere must have been cultivation in your place when you lost your body, let's return to the pond so you can comprehend better."

Yuèguāng nodded her head and got dressed, the Red Lightning Anaconda and Black Python arrived and were shocked to see the new Yuèguāng, after explaining the situation to the two of them, they returned to the foot of the mountain from before and Yuèguāng headed alone to the pond.

A few days in she slowly comprehended and got used to the sudden changes in her cultivation but this continued for another several months till she reached the Half-Martial Emperor realm, the 3rd stage to be exact but the day she reached this stage and exited the pond her world started to crumble.
When she exited the cave, she was no longer on the mountain and was in the shop where she met Tae-Ra for the first time.

She looked around and called out for the three of them but received no response.

As she looked around she saw that there was a myriad sack sitting on the counter and picked it up, when she opened it, out flew a letter. She opened it and it shot into her mind, the contents of this letter, "Meimei, I'm sorry. I had to leave, I received a message that my husband needed my help against sworn brother.

Previously I ran away because I don't like war but he is my husband and I can no longer stay and just watch, I enjoyed our time together and I don't regret meeting you.

You will achieve great things in the future and maybe someday I will return and introduce you to my husband and our sons.

I left you money in the myriad sack and other essentials you will need.

Cultivate properly from now on because you will no longer be able to access the comprehension pond, that place is in another world and only I can access it.

Keep well, stay out of trouble and make this silly master of yours proud."

Tears streamed down Yuèguāng's cheeks, she felt pained in her heart that she couldn't be with Tae-Ra any longer.

She sat there on the floor cried her heart out and fell asleep on the cold floor.

The element of fire gathered around her body and lit up on her body gently, warming her up.

The pink eagle rubbed itself against her cheeks and wiped away the tears and fell asleep beside Yuèguāng.

That night even though she was sad, the dream she had, gave her hope.

On the same continent Héxīn (Core), in a mountain across the land stood 9 individuals.

These 9 individuals were represented Kang Rong, Fènghuáng, Hóngsè shǎndiàn lóng, Péng, Fēng húlí, Rényú, Tiāntáng de yǎnjīng, Bái lǎohǔ, Hǎiyáng bǎohù zhě and Èmó lièquǎn.

The 9 of them where on the mountain where the mountain tiger resided, they had been waiting for several months there and the 20 years ended 2 months ago.

All of them had wretched expressions on their faces, "Why? Just why did their sister-in-law not show up?"

The brothers and sisters looked over at Kang Rong and felt nothing but helplessness, they had been waiting for so long and still, there was no sign of their sister-in-law anywhere.

Kang Rong was sitting on a rock on front of the mountain tigers home and looked inside, he looked at the family of mountain tigers and wondered which one of them would have killed his woman.

His staring scared the mountain tigers and they chose not to leave and quiver inside their home.

Later that day Kang Rong told his brothers and sisters that they could leave, being so close and knowing one another well made them not want to leave but they had to, their brother wanted to be alone.

After they left, he walked to the nearest tree and sat down beside it, he looked down at his hands and tears started falling from his eyes, his heart ached, he felt nauseous and drained of energy.

When the dawn of a new day arrived he looked at the rising sun, wiped his tears and asked while clenching his fist: "Did I kill you?"

After a long pause of silence, the tears started falling again but this time he left them to be and disappeared with a bitter smile on his face.

In the little shop, Yuèguāng woke up and gasped deeply for air and looked around, after she calmed down she asked herself: "Was he speaking to me?"

She looked at the little eagle beside her and picked it up and placed it against her nose and rubbed it against it.

She smiled at the little bird and got up from the floor and looked again inside the myriad sack and her eyes widened, the amount of money, clothes, shoes and jewellery was overwhelming.

She placed the sack inside her myriad sack, looked around the shop for the last time and exited. After she closed the door, it vanished before her eyes.

She smiled gently then headed over to the mountain, to where Kang Rong had been, for some reason she felt that she needed to go there.
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