Flamboyant in a Cultivation World Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Where have you gone?


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The man did not answer and slowly moved his eyes to the emperor.

Yuèguāng sighed and looked at the man standing not too far from him and shook his head.

He crushed the remaining two pills and using the same method as before he, he guided the crushed pill into the man's nose with the needles but this time, Yuèguāng closed his eyes, held out his hand and his body burned with a silver and blue flame.

The cultivators in the stadium eyes widened at this sight? They were witnessing a legend before their eyes.

The needles behind Yuèguāng glowed in the same silver and blue flame and shot towards the man; they logged into his body and penetrated through his tough skin and muscles.

After entering his body he started screaming, a heart-wrenching scream was coming from him as if he was being torn apart from the inside.

This continued for a while till the man stopped screaming and passed out but it wasn't over; Yuèguāng continued to guide the needles in his body to kill all the black slugs that were glued to his organs.

Soon the flame on Yuèguāng's body grew stronger and stronger and the flame was burning on the man's body.

After 30 minutes of burning wildly on the man's body, the flames died down but what was left of the man was nothing but a charred body.

The cultivators around Yuèguāng saw this scene and could not believe it, someone in the royal family was burned before them and nothing could have saved him from the powerful silver and blue flames.

Yuèguāng opened his eyes and heaved a heavy sigh and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He walked over to the body that was floating in the air in front of him and touched it.

Once he touched it the charred body crumbled before him, what was left of the man was only his cultivation sphere.

He closed his eyes again after stepping back and sitting crossed legged on the ground.

The silver and blue flame appeared on his body again and this time it appeared on the mans 4 children.

They floated into the air and rotated around their father's cultivation sphere.

All 4 of them soon fell asleep while rotating and the cultivators grew alarmed, they wanted to stop but they were afraid.

The children continued rotating and soon small openings appeared on their bodies, from being pierced by the needles; blood started streaming from their bodies slowly and came together around their father's cultivation sphere.

After another 40 minutes, a body was formed from the blood and the flesh; the flames on the 4 children moved to their father and the wounds on their bodies healed.

They opened their eyes and smiled as they continued to rotate around their father's body and the eldest child spoke: "Father wake up."

The man opened his eyes and sat up as he looked at Yuèguāng; he then looked at his children and tears started falling from his eyes.

Happiness, pure happiness.

Yuèguāng opened his eyes and looked at the people who were using up his energy, then cut off his power and they landed on their feet, the children ran to hug their father.

Yuèguāng sighed inwardly and cursed Tae-Ra who was speaking to him.

He shook his head and stood up; he placed his hand in his myriad sack and 1768 flower crowns flew out into the air and along with the needles floated onto the remaining heads that did not have a flower crown on it.

Kang Rong: "Why did not do this in the first place, instead of going to each individual person?"

Yuèguāng turned to look at the man that spoke; he smiled and said: "If I did this in the beginning, if I left and wasn't sealed here, I wouldn't have seen the pain this child was in, I wouldn't have known that he was in pain because he was conceived with the black slug virus attached to his father's genetics."

Yuèguāng looked back at the baby and said: "If it was not for him, I wouldn't have learned a valuable lesson today."

Kang Rong: "Lesson?"

Yuèguāng looked at him and answered as he walked towards him: "Mn, patience is key."

He put his hand on Kang Rong's chest and instantly Kang Rong's scar burned like nothing before.

He looked at Yuèguāng and his eyes grew watery and when he tried touching Yuèguāng only an after image was left, Yuèguāng disappeared.

The people in the stadium went into an uproar.

Where did she go? Why was she here in the first place? What did this all mean?

That woman had the flame of a legend on her, what did it mean? Was it the end of the world?

One of the legends of the 9 continents said that there would be a cultivator with a silver and blue fame that was destined to rule over all dragons and right here, today, someone with a silver and a blue flame was before their eyes, and did the unthinkable and saved a baby and its father.

And the words exchanged with the 3rd and youngest True Sovereign Kang Rong.

What did all this mean?

The festival was postponed till the next day and everyone returned to their respective palaces and news spread about the woman who appeared and left without a trace.

But in Kang Rong's palace, his people were gathered around him with bewildered expressions on their faces.

Fēng húlí - Wind Fox (Female), was kneeling in front of Kang Rong with tears in her eyes and asked: "Brother you can't lie to us, is it really true?"

Kang Rong stared at the floor and shook his head slowly from side to side with tears in his eyes as he said: "I'm speaking the truth, the minute she touched me, my scar burned as it has never before, those beautiful smiling eyes, that voice, her jet black hair."

Èmó lièquǎn - Demon Hound (Male): "Brother!?"

Kang Rong looked up at Èmó lièquǎn and said: "It's her, I'm certain of it."

All his brothers and sisters disappeared and he was alone in the palace.

He bit on his bottom lip and looked down at his hands and clenched them tightly and released his True Sovereign cultivation and shattered the entire palace.

He flew up into the sky and started searching for Yuèguāng as well, thinking to himself, "How couldn't I have felt it before? How could I let you just disappear? What am I going to do if I can never see you again? Where have you gone?"

Tae-Ra: "How can you be tired?"

Yuèguāng: "Tae-Ra, you made me not use my martial power and walk to each individual person in the stadium. Then I ended up using it all at once on two individuals, of cause I'll be tired after that!"

The four of them were currently sitting by the largest waterfall in the 9 continents in the Dìqiú (Earth) kingdom.

After the whole situation that happened at the beginning of the festival in the Hǎiyáng continent, they travelled to the Dìqiú continent to increase Yuèguāng cultivation but also it was time for him to fight against the wild animals and temper himself.

After resting for a few days, Yuèguāng, the man and the woman went into a forest and took Yuèguāng there to start training.

The Dìqiú continent was known to be the only continent with an abundant amount of creatures, wild and tame; this place was also the Black Python's birthplace, unlike her husband who is from another world.

First, he started with the little creatures, catching them and setting them free afterwards, next was to catch up to the ghost birds. They had this name because they were so fast that the eye could not see; this was a test to see if Yuèguāng could communicate with them and summon the ghost birds.

It the sky above the clouds stood the three of them; Yuèguāng called for all the birds in the surroundings and they gathered in front of them.

He asked them if they had seen the ghost birds and some shook their heads, but between all these creatures that flew in the sky, there was this small bird that looked tired.

It looked at Yuèguāng and started crying; when he asked the bird what was wrong it told him it was lost and did not belong on this continent, it came here because it was being chased by a cultivator and that happened a few hours ago.

After asking the little bird more questions, Yuèguāng found out that it came from the Red Moon Dragon Valley.

It was a small bird that was a dull pink colour and it looked like a miniature version of an eagle.

Yuèguāng promised the little bird that it could travel with them and they would return it to its home in the future but not now because they had other things to do.

The ghost bird was still not showing up after being called for three days, so they gave up and Yuèguāng went back and carried on catching animals, the most difficult one he caught was a yellow leopard that was in the Martial King Realm.

Yuèguāng succeeded in catching it but at a cost, it died while trying to escape from the tree roots that held it down. It strangled itself to death trying to escape.

This scene broke Yuèguāng's heart and as he tried to bring it back to life, he was stopped by the Red Lightning Anaconda, the reason being that, even though he had the power to bring something back to life, it was not always required because eventually, the worlds would become unbalanced.

Yuèguāng got over this only after a month but during that time, he cultivated and made it pass the Martial Lord realm and entered the Martial King realm but this was not the only thing that happened to him.
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