Flamboyant in a Cultivation World Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Little Prince


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Yuèguāng: "The entrance."

Some people started smiling and silently mocked the young man for asking such a stupid question.

Young man: "Is there something there?"

Yuèguāng looked at the young man deeply, then changed his view to the entrance and then back at the young man and said:

Yuèguāng: "I am not from the royal family."

The young man continued to stare into Yuèguāng's eyes and nodded his head.

Yuèguāng: "I am not from a sect."

The young man once again nodded his head while looking into Yuèguāng's eyes.

The people around them they saw that the young man did not take his eyes off of Yuèguāng and it seemed like he was being controlled.

Yuèguāng: "I don't belong to a noble family."

The young man nodded.

Yuèguāng: "I am not a well-known cultivator."

The man shook his head and looked up at the central section, all eyes were on him and he got nervous, he looked back at Yuèguāng then said: "You shouldn't be here."

Yuèguāng nodded his head and said: "But I can't leave this stadium."

A cultivator not too far from them spoke up and asked: "Why can't you leave?"

Yuèguāng looked over at the cultivator and said: "I'm cultivating."

He giggled and continued to hand out flower crowns.

He was soon done with the east section then walked over to the entrance but the minute he was near the entrance opening, lightning hit down on the floor beside his feet and he quickly stepped back.

His breathing became quick and he moved forward again and a fire started burning, closing off the entrance.

Everyone in the stadium saw this and they were immediately alerted, some started making a noise and asked "Who is it? Who is it?" but no one answered, for a short while a commotion was going on and a few kingdom guards flew to Yuèguāng's side and touched the flames but nothing happened to them.

They went through the flames and returned and reported that there was nothing wrong.

When Yuèguāng heard this, he tried walking towards it but his clothes started burning and exposed his legs.

Soon the royals came down from the central section and examined the fire, they too could not find anything wrong with it.

They looked back at Yuèguāng suspiciously but were slightly surprised to see that, instead of being alarmed, Yuèguāng changed his dress and put a white dress on then walked to the centre of the stadium.

He looked up at the central section, heaved a heavy sigh and looked at the royals and guards at the entrance and bowed his head and said: "I'm sorry, my master won't let me leave, I have to finish what I started?"

Emperor: "Master? Finish what you started?"

Yuèguāng looked to the central station where the voice came from and smiled.

He stepped on the air and as if walking up steps, he walked in the air and made his way to the central station.

When he reached there, he stepped on to the platform and looked back down at the cultivators below in the north, east, south and west sections, his eyes widen and the word "Scary" left his mouth.

"Scary", everyone thought after hearing what he said and looked at one another confused, what was she talking about.

Yuèguāng looked around at all the people sitting in the central section of the stadium and smiled at them all behind the mask.

He made his way to the first person and placed a flower crown on her head, he did for the next person and the next and the following, till he came to a group of people that were wearing gold silk robes, young, old and middle-aged.

The first one was a little girl, he placed the flower crown on her and smiled.

The second was a little boy, he placed the flower crown on him and smiled.

The third was a baby sitting in a young woman's arms, he looked at the woman and placed a flower crown on her head, the woman squinted her eyes; he saw this but continued to smile.

Yuèguāng took a flower crown out of his myriad sack and was about to place it on the baby's head, but froze in place, he squinted his eyes and looked into the baby's eyes then looked at the woman behind the baby.

He pulled his hands back and returned the flower crown to the myriad sack and looked at the woman and asked:

Yuèguāng: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Woman: "How dare you place your hands and my children and myself?"

Yuèguāng looked to the side at the kids he placed flower crown and asked: "Is this woman your mother?"

The kids nodded and he looked back at her and ask: "You have 4 kids am I correct?"

The woman looked at Yuèguāng but did not say anything, he looked to the side at the other people wearing gold then looked all around him at the other people sitting on the platform in the central section.

He looked back at the woman and said: "I placed a crown on three of your children then you, why is it that you only question me after I questioned you?"

The woman continued to keep her silence and looked at him.

Yuèguāng: "Where is this baby's father?"

The woman kept her silence and continued to stare at Yuèguāng.

Yuèguāng looked to the side where the adults were sitting and no one answered him, he then looked at the children and asked: "Do you three share a father with the baby in your mother's hands?"

The people in the central sections eyes constricted after hearing this question, how dare she ask such a question to the princess of the kingdom!

The children nodded then pointed to a man that was standing to the side far from them.

Yuèguāng looked over at the man and walked slowly towards him, he stopped in front of the man and stared at him.

Everyone looked over at Yuèguāng and saw that it seemed as if he was seeing straight into the soul of that man.

Yuèguāng lifted his hand and held onto the man's right wrist and said: "Master please restrain this man's cultivation."

The man's eyes opened wide and immediately his cultivation was restricted. Soon everyone was alerted and tried to go to the man's side but couldn't because their cultivations were restricted.

The others that did not rush to his side's cultivation was not restricted; Kang Rong's group, a few top cultivators, some from the royal and noble family and the emperor.

They all looked at Yuèguāng with sharp eyes but kept their silences and did not move, and search with their eyes for Yuèguāng's master.

The emperor looked at Yuèguāng with a calm expression and motioned for everyone to calm down and take their seats.

Yuèguāng's eyes were squinted as he looked at all the restless people and shook his head.

The woman looked at Yuèguāng and asked: "What are you going to do to him?"

Yuèguāng ignored her and pushed the man down to sit next to her, he took the baby from her and gave the baby to him, the man looked at Yuèguāng and tried to speak but his voice was also sealed.

Yuèguāng stepped back and looked at the man and his baby and smiled; he closed his eyes and started speaking.

Yuèguāng: "Be quiet!", and the air stopped moving.

Everyone looked at the needles around them that showed up out of nowhere and faced Yuèguāng, they looked towards him and gasped.

Yuèguāng: "Come here." and the needles moved to him at the speed of light and stopped behind him.

He reached his left hand out and grabbed the air behind him and placed his right hand into his myriad sack and pulled out a purple leaf with blue spots on it.

He brought his two hands together and a bang come from his hands; when he parted his hands 3 pills were floating in the air in front of them.

He crushed 1 pill, then took the baby from his father and used a few needles and guided the crushed pills into his nose and the baby's body started trembling violently.

Yuèguāng turned the baby around and immediately the baby started vomiting blood.

All the cultivators that weren't restricted stood up including Kang Rong's group and the emperor.

Yuèguāng quickly turned the baby back over and a glass of water tipped over above the baby's head and moved into a thin stream and cleared the baby's face of the blood and returned to the glass and floated next to Yuèguāng's head.

Yuèguāng moved the baby against his chest and stroked his head, hushing him quiet.

All this happened right after the cultivators wanted to move in and stop Yuèguāng from carrying on and soon stopped in the air near Yuèguāng when they heard him say:

Yuèguāng: "There, there don't cry, you will live a longer life."

The baby stopped crying and looked at Yuèguāng; he wiped the tears from the baby's eyes and took off his mask.

The baby stretched out its left arm and touched Yuèguāng's face; he lifts the baby up and placed their noses together and said: "Remember my face, find me in the future if you wish to thank me and fruit to eat, alright little one."

The baby looked into Yuèguāng's eyes and nodded.

This scene made everyone gape, how could a baby understand what she said?

Yuèguāng covered his face again and handed the baby back over to his mother.

He turned around to look at the people who approach him and said: "Should I restrict all of your cultivations?"

They drew back slowly but did not move back to their seats.

Yuèguāng turned around but slowly turned back to look at a group of cultivators on his right; he looked at them and saw a man standing in the middle of the group looking at him.

Their eyes met and instantly Kang Rong's heart started to beat faster and the scar on his neck started burning more powerfully.

Yuèguāng moved his body and stood before the baby's father and asked: "Why did you enter the demon sealing cave?"

Everyone's eyes lit up!

Why did this woman know about a forbidden cave?
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