Flamboyant in a Cultivation World Chapter 10: Chapter 10: Lilac Coloured Cultivation Sphere


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After reading the last sentence Yuèguāng opened his eyes and immediately he could feel all the elements around him speak to him, and what was more surprising was that he could finally hear Black Python speak.

She had such a lovely voice.

The elements were all speaking to him but the elements he felt bother him the most was the element of Air and the element of Lightning.

He looked up to the sky and thought about the air and asked it to stop moving, immediately it responded and he could see transparent worms floating around him, the Red Lightning Anaconda and Black Python saw this too and were slightly surprised.

Yuèguāng turned to look at the husband and wife pair, and his eyes went slightly sharp as he asked the Air to move fast in their direction and immediately wind started to blow loudly and stopped right before it hit them.

Yuèguāng scrunched his nose and soon the air turned into a tornado and spun wildly and disappointed.

Next, he summoned the Lightning element and clouds formed above his head and lightning hit beside him, it wasn't strong but was powerful.

Red Lightning Anaconda: "Child try summoning the two elements again but this time use the silver and blue flame."

Yuèguāng nodded, then looked at his hand, he closed his eyes and called the silver and blue flame forward and opened his eyes, he was surrounded by the flames and immediately he felt the fire element annoy him.

His body started buzzing slightly and he called the Air element forth, and immediately the air around him was more visible and the worms changed into sharp needles and he aimed it at the black python.

She moved towards him and changed into her phyton form.

She flew fast and the needles headed straight for her, they did not injure her but flowed with her, intertwining along her beautiful shiny black scales, moving left, right, up and down, turning in all different directions and moving with the wind.

Next, he summoned the Lightning element and the lightning was stronger than before, it hit against the blue land and left a scorch mark.

Yuèguāng walked up to the mark and placed his hand, willed it to turn to its previous state and so it did, soon Yuèguāng was practising and started playing with the Flame element, it wasn't your normal red flame, instead it was silver and blue.

He set the land on fire, the sky on fire and himself on fire, this carried on for a while, until he felt his cultivation sphere act up again but this time it did not leave his body and morphed inside of him, it was no longer crimson red and changed to the colour lilac.

His cultivation was no longer at the 9th stage of the Spirit realm but at the 1st stage of the Origin realm.

Yuèguāng was very happy with this result, he started cultivating again, and when his consciousness travelled into his soul than to his cultivation sphere, he noticed that it was different.

His surroundings were no longer covered in crimson red light but lilac light.

He returned back to look at the husband and wife couple and asked: "Uncle Red, can I asked you something?"

Red Lightning Anaconda: "Yes child."

Yuèguāng: "Why did my sphere change colour?"

Red Lightning Anaconda: "It changed colour again?"

Yuèguāng: "Mn, it's no longer crimson, it turned lilac."

Red Lightning Anaconda: "Lilac?"

He looked to his wife then the two of them released their cultivation spheres and showed Yuèguāng.

The anaconda continued to explain: "Child when you were born, your cultivation sphere tells you if you are male or female. Males produce a pure Azure cultivation sphere while a female produces a pure lilac colour. Show us your cultivation sphere."

Yuèguāng looked at the two of them while thinking, but then released his cultivation sphere that proved he was correct. The husband and wife looked at him in shock, the anaconda's eyes sharpened as he looked at Yuèguāng.

The sphere's returned and the anaconda instructed Yuèguāng to continue cultivating and left.

A few day's he returned with Tae-Ra and Yuèguāng's cultivation advanced to the second stage of the Origin realm.

Yuèguāng was very happy to see Tae-Ra, when she arrived she was in her adult form and looked at him with a smile, she then continued to tell him about the outside world and all the nonsense that happened after he left his family.

Yuèguāng wasn't interested in all that and asked her about his cultivation sphere.

Tae-Ra: "Mn, Red told me about it, let me see."

He released it and it surprised Tae-Ra just as much as it did the husband and wife pair.

She continued to examine it and asked him questions about his past and still could not figure out why he was reincarnated as a females gender but in a male's body, something like this could only be answered by the heavens, and no one from the heavens were in a mood to talk so the topic was dropped.

Only after thinking about it for a while after Tae-Ra's arrival, did Yuèguāng come to the conclusion that it must have had something to do with his wish.

It was too late now and he just had to make due with what he had.

He continued to cultivate for the next 4 months and reached the 3rd stage of the Profound realm.

Once he reached the Profound realm, Tae-Ra told him that they would be journeying to the next place the Háo fēng (Howling Wind) Kingdom.

So when he reached the 3rd stage of the Profound realm and Tae-Ra returned from a business trip, the four of them headed to the Háo fēng (Howling Wind) Kingdom.

The Háo fēng (Howling Wind) Kingdom was as its name said, in various places, there were continuous whirlpools of howling wind.

Some were big and somewhere small, others were the size of a being(people) and the rest were the sizes of mountains.

Even though all the whirlpools were everywhere, this did not affect the cultivators.

Tae-Ra brought Yuèguāng here to practice his Air element and cultivate some more.

Soon another month had passed and he reached the 7th stage of the Profound realm.

Tae-Ra was pleased with his progress in comprehension and in commanding the Air element.

In the Howling Wind Kingdom, about a month has passed and some of the very small wind whirlpools have disappeared across the kingdom, this was all because of Yuèguāng.

Tae-Ra told him that millions of years ago, the howling whirlpools did not exist and were created by a battle between wind specialists and because of the destructiveness and all the martial power that collided it created howling whirlpools.

During their stay at the Howling Wind Kingdom, Yuèguāng took down many whirlpools and returned them to nature, and not only this all the land that was previously ruined by battles and were plundered for resources by greedy cultivators were restored.

Yuèguāng's control of the technique Commander of Life was at its peak of his cultivation, but it took time for him to restore nature because he could only restore a little bit of land at a time.

This was no problem for them because they had all the time in the world but what Yuèguāng did not know that the other three knew was that the Howling Wind Kingdom was in an uproar. Not only did Yuèguāng restore the lands, nature and remove some wind whirlpools across the kingdom, while he restored all that, all natural resources were being restored as well.

Martial power in the air, the wild man-eating plants and the plants that had knowledge.

The emperor of the kingdom sent out a manhunt for Yuèguāng, but because he was travelling with Tae-Ra and the husband and wife couple, they were never found.

Meanwhile, Kang Rong had also received news about the sudden events happening in the kingdom and came to take a look, he was astonished and wondered what would it be like if this happening where he lived too.

He was invited to the emperors' palace along with his parents and best friends.

At the palace it was not only them, strong cultivators from the nine continents were also there and the Celestial Oracle Penna.

A gathering of the strong was called because the emperor needed help catching the perpetrator.

The gathering was held three days after Kang Rong arrived at the emperor's palace and during his stay in the Howling Wind Kingdom on the second night Kang Rong woke up during his recuperation period.

He woke up because something painful attacked him on the back of his neck while he was asleep.

He woke up and touched the back of his neck and felt that something was engraved on his skin.

He called for his best friends to have a look and he was informed that the characters for "Moonlight" were engraved on his neck.

The spot where the characters were engraved burned with a sensation that he had never felt before, it felt as if his energy was continuously being sucked out and he felt slightly weak, but being him, he never showed one sign of being weak, all he did was notify his friends about it and they were to watch his back just in case something happened.
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