Finding Wives In A Cultivation World Chapter 5: Family?


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Several hours from traveling, they spotted a village nearby, so they decided to spend the night there.

It took only a minute, before Ye Xiao and Qui Ya stepped on the village grounds. Checking the surroundings, they were indeed in a poor and small village. On the opposite end, they could see a few similarly broken down old houses. The streets were unpaved and filled with yellow, muddy sand, making the area dusty.

However, this environment offered another outlook on life. Although outdated and rural, one could live closer to nature. One could also freely live their remaining days in this peaceful place.

Ye Xiao couldn't care less about the beauty of the village. He looked around for villagers and there he spotted a petite girl.

He decided to ask the girl, but suddenly Qui Ya voiced out. "I will look around and ask for informations."

"Okay, be careful." Ye Xiao answered and she vanished.

He then went to the girl, "Miss... " as he went closer, he was able to get a closer look at the girl which made his entire body froze.

The petite girl standing before him was a beauty. Her skin was fair and smooth as an entire head of dark black hair fell lightly on her shoulders. Her big round eyes gleamed of innocence and clarity.

"Eh?" Seeing that someone trying to talk to her, the corners of her mouth moved to reveal the smile of a gorgeous angel.

"You must be a foreigner, right? You must have travel long. What can I do for you?" Her beautiful eyes gleamed as she smiled once again and her cheeks revealed a sweet pair of dimples.

Ye Xiao was still dazed by her beauty.

[My god! How can this world produce a woman of such beauty! Compared to the gorgeous Qui Ya who was barbaric, this little village girl was on a different league. She had the countenance of a flower and the face of goddess] It was difficult for Ye Xiao to contain his infatuation.

"This is Tianshin Village. Wild beasts won't enter this place. Besides, there are many cultivators who would beat them savagely if they ever showed up." The little village girl looked at Ye Xiao's expression and thought that he was afraid. He was watching her little hands imitate the beasts as she spoke. [She was extremely adorable.]

Ye Xiao regained his senses. Staring at a beautiful girl he said, "Actually, my partner and I were exhausted from our journey. We hope to spend the night in your village to rest."

"We have a room for you and your partner but... we only got one."

"Aiya, don't bother yourself with the minor details. The important point is that you are willing to let us spend our night here in you village. Thank you my lady"

"Ah... la... lady? I'm Zhi Rou." The little village girl froze momentarily as her face blushed red in shyness, tipping her head down.

"It's alright Zhi Rou. From today on, you shall be my lady." Ye Xiao replied sincerely.

"You... How can you say... Ah..." Zhi Rou sounded extremely anxious and flustered as she covered her adorable face before turning around to run off.

In this place, even if it's a tiny village, people were still very traditional and conservative.

In speaking this way, Ye Xiao was as good as taking liberties with her and teasing her and not just complimenting her on her looks.

Zhi Rou ran to a hut and hid inside as she started using her little fingers to fan her hot flushed cheeks.

Ye Xiao went to their own hut, which Zhi Rou designated them to be. He laid back down on the bed and smiled in admiration of himself.


From the mold-filled window, Ye Xiao saw a glimpse of Qui Ya's shadow in the distance. He then went to confirm before he opened the door to let her in.

Ye Xiao glanced at her. Her slim waist and delicate arms didn't contain any signs of muscle. Even how many times he would glance at her, he won't get tired.

"That was so tiring. This village had beast everywhere. It took me too long to completely get rid of those gross creatures." Qui Ya wiped the sweat off of her forehead and threw her sword onto the ground.


[Mission:Reward Qui Ya for her hard work. (Reward is 100 points.)]


"Hmm? This is..." Qui Ya caught the bottle of juice as she gazed at him.

"You will like it." He was a bit embarrassed after Qui Ya stared at him for so long.

Her lips moved without a word. After moments of silence, she resumed her usual boldness. She opened the bottle of juice which Ye Xiao told him how to open it and took a big sip out of the bottle.

Gulp! Gulp!

"Haha, this is awesome. This weather is so ridiculously hot. Hmm, this is cold?" Qui Ya looked at Ye Xiao suspiciously.

[Ding! Congratulations host for successfully completing a mission. The reward is 100 System Points.]

[Host:Ye Xiao]

[Experience Points:200/1000]

[Cultivation Stage:Foundation Building Stage Level 1]

[Cultivation Technique:◀Ancient Dragon God Arts▶ (Beginner's Access)]

[System Points:1100]

[Skill Paths:Sky Levitation]


Ye Xiao then closed the System and look at Qui Ya, "I can't tell you that... for now..." He did not want to lie about this, but the System shouldn't be discovered until the exact moment.

"That's fine. You wouldn't tell me where this juice came from even if I asked." Qui Ya waved her hand to dismiss the thought. "Ok, what's next?"

"Now, do you know how to cut a chicken?"

Ye Xiao left the dazed Qui Ya in place, as a proud smile stretched across his face.

He took out a couple of cooking items and the chicken. "Tonight, we will make roasted chicken again!"

The reason why he always chose to cook this dish was because of his limited cooking ability. Hence, this was the only dish he was good at, since he cooked the same thing every day.

[Maybe I should hire a maid?] Ye Xiao thought, before he got rid of the idea immediately. His secret would cause too much hysteria. Therefore, a maid would be inconvenient in hiding the truth.

[I think a girlfriend would do.] He thought, as a mischievous and happy smile appeared on his face.

Qui Ya's mind was full of questions she wanted to ask. But instead, she stared at the steaming chicken and sniffed the delicious fragrance, that she couldn't remember how many times she had done so already.

She was in no rush to know now. She cut the chicken into parts silently, but uncontrollably glanced at Ye Xiao who was putting a fire. His faint but happy smile made her heart beat a little faster.

"Lightly... It looks like you are going to chop through the cutting board as well... "

"Ah, oh." Ye Xiao's voice made Qui Ya instantly look back at the chopping board. When she realized her irregular action, she felt a mixture of rage and embarrassment. But behind those emotions, a little bit of happiness was there as well.

[Happiness? What a distant word.]

She almost had to trace back to her time in the village she was born in.

Qui Ya faintly remembered when she was young, the village was peaceful and it was almost like heaven in there.

No crimes, no class structure, and a society governed by an honest leader. Everyone equally shared the work and resources, and there was no conflict of interest. Everyone was kind and happy. Although people occasionally argued sometimes, nobody questioned their happiness. Compared to other villages, that place was heaven.

At the time, both of her parents were still alive. She had an adorable sister that was only one year younger. After the end of the year at the village, they both witnessed the first bloodshed throughout their lives.

Then they lost each other.

She later learned that a lot of bandits picked the poorly defended and newly discovered village as raid targets. They used the remaining conscience of those people and looted their supplies and population. It was at the raid, that she lost her family.

After that incident, she destroyed any remaining conscience she had, and became a qualified 'lone cultivator'.

But for some strange reason, her frozen emotions melted a little now.


Qui Ya had an illusion that she was home. She soon realized what she was thinking and her face turned red.
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