Finding Wives In A Cultivation World Chapter 4: Scanning Function


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[Ding! One Star Demonic Core is the core from the body of a Foundation Building Stage demonic beast that can be used as an antidote.]

[Ding! Blood Python Skin is a durable layer of a skin that can be used for protection.]

[Ding! Blood Python Blood Essence is a sack of venom that can be used as poison.]

[Ding! Scanning Function scans the desired target, displaying its Cultivation Stage and Level.]

[Ding! Disguise Talisman disguises oneself as a another party for a day. (Works on Infant Transformation Stage and below.)]

[Ding! Black Robe is a magical cloth when worn is able to conceal one's Cultivation Stage. (Works on Infant Transformation Stage and below.)]


After the explanations from the System, Ye Xiao finally grasped the new function.

[So in summary, if I scan someone, it will determine the Cultivation Stage? And it is the same when scanning items and beasts?]

Ye Xiao breathed out as his face brimmed with a smile for he was filled with joy.

Ye Xiao thought for a while before taking out the three items he got from the Blood Python and threw it to Qui Ya. He said, "Here, take it."

She stared blankly at him for a while, unable to react. [How could he so easily give away such a valuable item like a Foundation Building Stage Demonic Core? How could anyone be this generous?]

"Why are you in a daze? Take it." Ye Xiao began to laugh at her blank look. [Since I had absolutely no use for a mere item, I could throw it around like a toy without any issue!]

Qui Ya finally recomposed herself and immediately expressed her gratitude, "Thanks, I guess?"

Ye Xiao laughed and waved this off, "No problem, you are welcome. Here, the chicken parts are already cooked and ready to eat!"

The impression Qui Ya gave to Ye Xiao was not bad. [At least she knows how to express her gratitude.]

Qui Ya was once again drawn to the aroma of the roasted chicken parts and she greedily took one big bite.


A soft crisp sound was produced. She widened her eyes. [This... this is simply too delicious!]

"I never imagined that chicken parts could be one of the most delicious food I have ever eaten!"

Ye Xiao smiled to himself. [Seems like the culinary skills of the people from this world weren't great. Just a little roasted chicken could get them head over heels. Looks like I can use my culinary skills to gain the hearts of my future wives!]

The rich aroma of the roasted chicken filled the air of the entire forest and attracted many demonic beasts.

But when they noticed the headless body of the Blood Python in the swamps, they all backed down one after another.


For no apparent reason, a person popped into Ye Xiao's head. A girl from his previous life, who rejected him and made his life miserable. The girl who always held a b*tch face and a terrible attitude.

"What happened, my Xiao'er, why are you silent all of a sudden?" Qui Ya emphasized his name by adding 'er' at the end part, she looked at him mockingly.

"Nothing. I just remembered something from the past."

Qui Ya, surprised by the calm voice that answered, felt a chill run down her spine. Although she was not afraid of the guy that was just a Foundation Building Stage, her years of fighting instinct rarely lied.

Qui Ya was smart to keep her silence. There was no reason to offend free and good food. Life without the need to worry about food was something Qui Ya never imagine. That roasted chicken was amazingly delicious. On this land, it would be fortunate to have a single taste of food like that. The majority of the people here lived off of normal food, cultivators doesn't care about the taste, as long as benefited them.

[This immature guy seemed like an genuine person.] She thought about it, and with her slightly cracked lip, she let slip a small but delightful laugh.

"Lady, could you not laugh so maliciously?" He didn't know why, even though her smile was beautiful, it made Ye Xiao shiver.

"What? Scared of a beautiful woman's laugh? Are you even a man?" Qui Ya glanced at Ye Xiao with an arrogant expression.

"Do you want to try?" Ye Xiao responded with a furious voice.

"I am sitting right here, why don't you try?" Qui Ya clasped the handle of her sword, ready to be drawn and her eyes was full of defiance.

[There was no way I will let this go. Nah, it is better to stay calm.]

Ye Xiao was quick to admit defeat. There was no way he could beat this 'barbaric' girl. Even if the slim possibility became a reality that they did hookup, he had to prevent the girl from biting his dick off. He was confident that she would do it, if given the chance.

"Don't you think I am very attractive?"

"Do I answer yes, or no..."Ye Xiao murmured as he stared at the gorgeous face.


The next morning as Qui Ya opened her eyes, Ye Xiao placed a piece of bread he got from the System in front of her. She snagged the toast as she looked at him cautiously.

"Speak your mind, what do you want?"

"Want? You are my partner, so I have to take care of you by not getting you hungry." Ye Xiao rolled his eyes up. He was not that desperate to sleep with someone who could bite his dick off. Once they reach their destination, girls would follow him because of his wealth and face.

She was shocked for a brief moment before she realized it was part of the compensation package.

"This is breakfast. Three meals a day, lunch at noon and dinner at the evening. Let me grab the bread for you." [Even if this girl is completely barbaric, it didn't hide her cuteness.] Ye Xiao thought.

Qui Ya was genuinely surprised. Her eyes felt watery. She saw too many tragedies and deaths over food, but this was the first time someone was afraid that she would go hungry.

She grabbed the piece of bread. She didn't want to look at Ye Xiao in the eyes. She had the intention of robbing this guy. Even though she immediately rejected that thought, the idea still indeed existed. She felt a profound sense of guilt.

"Breakfast... what is breakfast?" Qui Ya feasted on the bread with her mouth full of food. She looked quite barbaric, but it was a rather amusing sight to see.

"If you don't eat breakfast, it may increase your chance of getting stomach diseases." Ye Xiao muttered as he almost ignored that this was a different world. Most of the people were used to the uncertainty of food. "If you eat food in the morning, it would make you more energetic."

"Thank... you."

"Huh?" The voice was so faint that he couldn't entirely make out what she said.

"Nothing." Qui Ya licked the crumbs off of her lips as she savored the last piece of the bread. She looked at her rather greasy hands but resisted the temptation to lick her fingers. It was the first time she had the strange desire to save her face. She didn't want someone to think she was barbaric, although that wasn't necessarily the right way to put it either.

"I will do my best, as your partner..."

"I know, but don't forced yourself. Let's go now before it gets dark."

"Ok, this land at night is full of danger because demonic beasts prefer to hunt at night." Qui Ya waved her hand as she inspected her equipment one last time.

"Oh, can I know your Cultivation Stage?" As Qui Ya was about to depart, Ye Xiao opened his mouth and asked all of a sudden. He was curious as to what kind of ridiculous stage this girl had to beat him in one move.

Surprised, Qui Ya immediately told him, "Golden Core Stage." Ye Xiao was stunned, but suddenly a 'ding' sound rung in his head.

[Ding! Host could use the new Scanning Function to scan someone's Cultivation Stage and Level.]

[Oh, I totally forgot.] He pondered for a brief moment and ordered the System to scan Qui Ya.

[Name:Qui Ya]

[Cultivation Stage:Golden Core Stage Level 10]

Ye Xiao never imagined that this delicate girl could have higher Cultivation Stage than his own. [I didn't expect this.]

After checking Qui Ya, Ye Xiao immediately followed her.
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