Fate Online: Shadow Chapter 99: Young Vs Old


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"So kid, what-"

Swoosh! Bang!

Genesis wasn't able to finish his words when Michael suddenly spun on his feet and sent a heel kick towards Genesis' head without any warning whatsoever!

But the latter just calmly raised his right arm and blocked without any change in his expression.

"Hmmp!" Michael snorted and pulled back his feet and spun towards the other direction as his feet once again swooped towards Genesis' head, and once again, he just calmly block his attack, but this time, his feet slid off an inch backwards.

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Michael continued to attack him with every part of his body, from his elbows, feet, fist, and even his entire body, and Viper immediately backed off from them and started watching them, and when Michael started attacking Genesis, and due to the commotion happening at the second floor. Miya and Monk came out of their rooms and wondered what the heck is happening, and the moment they walked out of their rooms, they saw Michael and Genesis exchanging blows after blows, and like Viper, they also watched on with interest, their focus especially on Michael as they wanted to see the extent of his abilities.

Then Michael who was just about to punch Genesis again, suddenly retreated backwards and at the same time felt a gust of wind sweeping passed his face, his eyes turned sharp when he saw that Genesis actually attack him with his fist, but Micheal was just able to dodge it in the nick of time.

"Good reflexes, I give you four out of five for that" Genesis smiled as he pulled back his hands while looking at Michael.

"Hmmp!" Michael just snorted, as he knew that he really needs to put his all to even have the chance to defeat this old uncle in close combat. After all, Genesis was the only retired One Blade ranker here, and Michael's abilities is not up to par yet from his previous abilities!

And if he even wants to have that little chance to defeat this uncle in front of him, then he needs to put it all one hundred percent!

Revenge for suddenly throwing that deadly nail towards him!

Michael suddenly went into a weird fighting stance, as his eyes locked on at Genesis.

"Praying Mantis, very good...for catching bugs! But not Dragons!"

Roar! Genesis also executed his own technique, Dragon Style!

And both men once again started exchanging blows, and this time, it was more intense than the first!

Boom! Boom! Boom!


Michael was suddenly struck in the chest, resulting in him getting thrown off to the first floor of the mansion.

But he didn't panic, instead he rolled on the ground the moment his feet touch the floor, and Genesis immediately followed him downstairs by going through the stairs. He wouldn't need to do that if he didn't retire early and went through genetic engineering. It was because the organization only manage to get a breakthrough on it after seven years after his retirement, so now that he retired, he wasn't entitled to it anymore.

But he didn't feel any regret about it. After all, he was enjoying his peaceful life, until Michael suddenly showed up one day and ruined it, but the moment he entered the game, he felt that it was actually worth all the hassle to follow Michael all the way to Northern Rica Principality.

"That kid is good, he actually knows the Praying Mantis"

"Hehe, so what? Genesis already retired but no one could still beat his unique Dragon Style, even the original technique is two levels behind it"

"Let's just wait and see. After all, he did manage to convince us to follow him all the way out here"

"It's such a pity for the others though as they are still busy with their dungeon raid and wouldn't get to see this entertaining scene"

The three people, Miya, Monk and the Viper are leaning on the railings of the balcony on the second floor as they watch battle going on below them.

Even Monk, who on the other hand who practices the deadly Silat, isn't confident at defeating Genesis' evolved form of Dragon Style, and curious on how long the kid could keep up with Genesis.

"I'll give you five and a half out of five for managing to last this long against me"

"Shut it old man"

Michael is starting to get irritated by how Genesis continued to evaluate his skills.

"Dragon Style? Then how about this!?"

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Michael changed his style all of a sudden, into something weird but very familiar.

"Drunken Fist? How interesting"

Michael once again charged straight towards Genesis, and those people watching from the second floor suddenly exclaimed.

"Drunken Fist? He actually knows Drunken Fist?"

"That's a hard technique to learn, but isn't it more effective if one is drunk?"

"Yes, but it's still fine as long as the fighter could imitate the movements of someone drunk"

The three of them were really amazed that Michael actually knows two of those hard to learn wushu techniques. After all, close combat techniques during missions are a must, and something that an assassin shouldn't neglect no matter how good they are in using guns and weapons.

Because losing your weapons during an intense battle have a high chance of happening, so being great at using every part of your body and turning them into weapons is a must needed for an assassin, or else, they would be risking their lives if they suddenly lost their weapons and doesn't know to fight up close and personal.

A few minutes later.

Michael is now laying on the floor breathing hard, along with some light bruises on his face, neck and arms, and the same goes for Genesis but lighter, and who on the other hand is also breathing hard while sitting on the sofa with a huge grin on his face, as he felt really surprised that Michael could last this long against him even though Michael was suppressed all the time.

"Now tell us what you came here for? I doubt that you came here to just to pick a fight"

"Oh…about that, I wanted to..."

Michael then told them his purpose of coming here, and when they heard that Michael wanted to ask them to sponsor the orphanage he grew up from, because he promised the kids that he would bring them out to play inside the game. The four of them looked at each other for a bit, surprised at Michael's behaviour.

After all, they had just known each other for a few days, and Michael is already telling them something very important to his life, and being an assassin themselves, they wouldn't just go telling anyone about something like this. After all, anyone could use this information to threaten him, and at the same time, they felt gratified that Michael trust them this much.

So they immediately agreed to it, and they would even buy twenty gaming cabins for the kids instead of the virtual helmet that Michael promised to the kids.

Michael felt grateful about it, as twenty gaming cabins is really expensive if you think about it from another person's perspective, and Genesis even went as far to want to donate a building for the orphanage, and that is of course, if the place have available land for it.

Michael then confirmed that the orphanage is just a two story building, but it has a wide expanse of land, where building another three two-story building won't be a problem. Of course, building one house is already enough as the orphanage also has a huge garden which provides the place a huge help in their daily meals, and Michael wouldn't want that gone, and the people back at the orphanage would surely not agree to it getting destroyed too.

Then all of them then changed topics, they started talking about the game, but they mostly asked Michael about his experienced inside, and what they should and should not do, and they even asked what Michael's class advancement he took before.

Michael told them everything he knew, especially the advantages of being a Chaser, but he didn't tell them his unique ability though, as it's considered as his trump card.

An hour later, Michael is finally back at his parent's place, where he immediately headed towards his bedroom and plopped himself on his bed, and already started snoring the moment he did that, as he really had a tiring experience today.

And the good thing is that his parents aren't there to see the slight bruising on his face during his "spar" with Genesis, which he got beaten badly for it.
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