Fate Online: Shadow Chapter 201: Fack! Do you know how hard it is to take care of kids?


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Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! Rustle! Rustle!

While traveling along the road, the three people quickly noticed that the wind the around them is moving crazily as the leaves on the trees alongside the road rustled against the wind, and at the same time, the three of them heard the sound of wings flapping above them, while their mounts suddenly started trembling in fear.

The seconds passed by, and they finally saw a huge shadow heading towards their direction from the distance, and as it slowly came closer towards them. They realized that it was a huge dragon with red scales and whose body is covered in battle scars.

"F*cker!" Michael couldn't help but curse at the creature that flew over them.

But the dragon just ignored the three people below and continued to fly towards the distant horizon.

"What are you doing!? That's a dragon!" Solitary Tempest angrily yelled at Michael, as she felt lucky that the dragon just ignored them and went on its way.

"Hmmph! That annoying dragon was the sole reason why that I'm here in the first place, and I would have still been at Sunrise Empire doing some meaningful quest and sh*t!" Michael couldn't help but be annoyed after once again seeing that familiar fire dragon, Millie.

"You know that freaking dragon?" Viper asked as he came over towards them after his mount finally calmed down.

Michael rolled his eyes towards him and said, "Of course, I know her. That's my teacher's partner"

"What? So you also have an NPC as a teacher and one that has a dragon as his or her beast partner?" Solitary Tempest was dumbfounded after she heard that Michael had a teacher, and that teacher is someone who even has a dragon as a beast partner, while her teacher, on the other hand, has a Basilisk, a legendary creature as his partner.

A Basilisk is a snake-like creature similar to that of an Eastern Dragon, the Basilisk Race is a race with only a few people that can be counted with your fingers, even fewer than the Dragon Race who at least had more or less a hundred of them.

Michael looked at Solitary Tempest, realizing something from what she had just said, "Wait, you sounded like you also have an NPC as a teacher and someone who's powerful at that?"

"Of course I do, why do you think I'm now using a Scythe now rather than a bow back when we first met?"

"Do you know who my master is? He's called the Night King, one of the most powerful people in the continent!"

Solitary Tempest arrogantly said, if Michael knew that the person in front of him is actually Amanda, he would probably be so dumbfounded because he knows that she doesn't usually act arrogant in front of others even though she really has a very short temper.

But of course, Michael doesn't know that, as he looked at the woman in front of him with shock on his face when he heard the familiar words that she had uttered.

"The Night King? You're a student of the Night King?" Michael is very familiar with that name as that person was the very reason why he got chased out of Sharval Kingdom, and at the same time, he already knew that the Night King is a very powerful figure whose status doesn't lose out to his teacher at all.

He might not have taken the path of an assassin and instead became an herb gatherer due to some circumstances, but he didn't think that his decision to not gather the other fragments of the Night King was wrong at all.

After all, except for him, is there any other player out there who could practically use every kind of weapon? Not only is he still an assassin who could still learn and execute his original skills, but he could also learn the skills from a Wizard, a Hunter, a Priest, and lastly the freaking Barbarian!

Literally making him a one-man party who could use magic, attack from a distance and even heal himself if it needs to!

So in his mind, he sure as hell didn't become a student of the Night King, but he sure as hell do know one fact, and that his Teacher is even more powerful than the Night King, and that even the all-powerful Dragon Master needs to be wary around her, lest he incurs her anger.

As that woman has a history of not holding back no matter what the consequences of her actions might be.

After all, who would dare annoy her? The woman heralded by the people as a Valkyrie because of her personality, a famed title or name that originated from the legendary beings who are known as the angels of death, who are the servants of the Goddess Freya.

And probably the only beings who could probably make her think twice...is the Emperor of the Dragons or the Gods themselves, even the Sea Tribes can't scare her!

After all, among the Sages, only Michael's teacher is able to subdue and make a Dragon King as her Beast Partner, even the strongest dragon under Dragon Master Hiccup is only a Dragon Lord, which just shows how much more powerful Laura is compared to most of the other Sages.

"Of course!" Solitary Tempest answered as she narrowed her eyes and stared directly at Michael's eyes and slowly said to him, "Don't tell me...you also managed to become a student to a Sage?"

"I d-"

"Wait...you said you know that Fire Dragon who passed by earlier"

Michael was about to open his mouth and answer her when Solitary Tempest immediately cut him off as she quickly realized something that happened earlier.

'Hmmph! That annoying dragon was the sole reason why I'm here in the first place, and I would have still been at Sunrise Empire doing some meaningful quest and sh*t!'

"Oh my god, don't tell me you're actually Sage Laura's student?" Solitary Tempest exclaimed in shock as she already had learned that there's only one person who has Fire Dragon as her Beast Partner!

Michael was about to answer her when he suddenly remembered something that he heard from Laura before.

"Now that I think about this carefully, why are here? Aren't you supposed to be receiving training inside their Family Grounds?"

"I already finished it, see this Scythe? That's the proof! An Epic Grade weapon!"

While the two had suddenly started arguing with each other like they always do outside of the game. Viper on the other hand just looked back and forth at the two people in front of him, and finally opened his mouth and said.

"Hold it right there! Who the heck is the Night King and Sage Laura anyway? And why are we even talking about this thing right now when we're supposed to be continuing along the road now!? Don't forget that I only have twenty minutes left before I leave, you two had just wasted a good ten minutes of my life arguing about something that doesn't relate in our current situation, and I don't see that its gonna be ending soon! I still had to cook breakfast for the kids and drive them to school later, so the two of you have to just shut the fack up and get a move on!"

"Like seriously!? Who the heck cares if they have a dragon or whatnot!? Fack them! My tigress as a girlfriend is still scarier than a freaking Dragon! I, who is an awesome guy doesn't to be scolded again for failing to be father figure! Fack! Being a father is seriously freaking hard! Do the two of you even know how hard it is to take care of kids who sometimes don't listen to you!?"

Viper was finally annoyed at the two of them and left in a huff.

Michael and Solitary Tempest were dumbfounded at first from Viper's sudden outburst of anger, and they just looked at each other and quietly followed behind Viper.

But at the same time, the two people can't help but have this weird feeling that they seem to be very comfortable around each other even when they really don't get along every time they see each other, and both of them can't help but think of someone and just smiled.
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