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1. MC is reincarnated and meets some form of R.O.B.( random omnipotent being)this can range from god from the bible,other god or goddess,author,presence from dc,one above all from marvel,satan,angel,some assistant or lackey of higher being,alternate future version of yourself,etc

2.MC from the R.O.B. gets a certain amount of wishes or powers from the R.O.B. just because or due to karma points gained in life or for entertainment from the R.O.B. or because the R.O.B. made a mistake and that caused the MC to die or have an unfortunate life, or lottery.

3.Cliche wishes or powers:sharingan,saiyan bloodline,instant mastery, some form of system,devil fruit power,haki,perfect memory,kryptonian,some unique cultivation veins or bloodline, heaven defying cultivation technique that is actually weak because a true heaven defying cultivation technique will make the MC too op too fast,dragon slayer magic,hollow powers,shinigami powers

4.MC gets a harem, girls fall for mc easily without effort and they don't care that MC will get other women or give them permission then MC will proceed to fuck any girl he thinks is hot and add to the harem with no difficulty.MC will have no relationship trouble.If MC cheats his partner will either be not upset or be upset then quickly forgive him after some talk no jutsu from MC or/and getting fucked

5.MC is supernaturally good in bed, women always satisfied,he/she can cum for days, make women ahegao or orgasm without effort, large dick.

6.MC will have supernatural good luck which can manifest in different ways without him receiving it from a wish or power.

7.MC will have talk no jutsu which will enable him to talk his way out of situations and get other characters to accept whatever he says without fuss.

8.MC will be strongest character regardless of who he faces this usually manifests in canon characters being dramatically weaker than they actually are

9.Characters in canon stories will be nerfed,lose IQ points, be bashed around MC.

10.MC will have slow growth rate even though he has a bunch of cheats which should make him more powerful than he actually is.

11.MC never tells anyone that he is a reincarnate or his powers.

12.MC is rude just because.

13.MC when he was alive in his first life was an assassin, best assassin, super rich, otaku,philanthropist,super genius,high IQ, was betrayed by loved one, hit by a truck, died from some stupid reason.

14.All MC desire a harem

15.MC will have difficulty fighting people or take longer than he should fighting chracters much weaker than him because author doesn't want the MC to finish fights quickly because it would be too easy or boring.

16.MC will never be single and enjoy it

17.MC will be infatuated with any beautiful girl or/and want to fuck them just because.

18.MC will look like cadis estrama di raizel,itachi uchiha,ragna, or some other fictional character

19. MC will be able to travel to different worlds

20.MC will always try to copy other character moves and not make his own.

21.MC will always closely follow canon plot when his presence, actions and reactions should change many things

22.MC will not act to change fate of canon characters death that are not the main characters or will act in a stupid way that won't change the fate and result in their death causing mc to be emo for a little while.

23.MC will have two different eye colors, weird hair color, look different than his parents and his parents or others won't think its weird.

24.MC will conveniently forget about the plot which will later bite him in the ass to add conflict.

25.MC will try to not change the plot because he doesn't want things to change with his presence and ends up doing it anyway

26.MC will have some unknown sacred gear if he is in dxd which will usually be a dragon type which will by stronger or equal to ddraig or albion but actually have worse or weaker abilities or have both of their boost and divide but not others or have a sacred gear with all sacred gear abilities.

27.MC acts stupidly when he should be intelligent

28.If MC is reborn in the phenex or gremory clan is a war hero and for some reason or other he runs away from home and underworld without contacting his relatives which should be easy for many years usually because he fell in love with grayfia and she cucked him with sirzechs where sirzechs and MC proceed to fight and it will end up in a draw or MC will have the advantage and be stopped by some third party.

29.MC will return to help rias gremory in some way and new siblings or the younger devils will have no clue who he is and this will have to be explained by his parent,grayfia, or sirzechs or someone else that he was a war hero and hype him up to make him seem cool

30.If he is reborn in a devil clan he will try to secretly read in the library or secretly train

31.MC can kill anyone without any consequences whatsoever
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