Falling For The Possessive CEO Chapter 9: Contract of slavory


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So had followed the downfall of Xu Xingya's family.

Xu Xinya had been orphaned when she was a child. Her parents died when she was six in a car accident. She had no siblings or anyone to take care of her. So her Uncle's family had adopted her.

Her uncle and auntie were very nice to her. They took care of her like their own daughter. Even they privileged her more than their own children. Her cousins were also exceptionally good to her. Especially Xu Jiang, her cousin, protected her like his own little sister.

They lived a very happy life together.

Until suddenly things started to turn.

Xu family business that was led by her cousin and uncle started to fall. Investors denied investing in their company. Their products were banned in the market. A couple of failed deals and all their savings were lost.

They were blacklisted from a lot of places.

Their company was about to go bankrupt.

If things were to go on like that, it wouldn't have taken a month for them to end up on the streets.

And to worsen the things, their uncle's health deteriorated under constant stress and pressure. He ended up with a heart attack.

Money was required for the surgery.

And they had no money.

Xu Xinya had been very worried these days. She was still in college. It looked like she would have to drop. In their home, the environment was full of sadness and depression. Auntie wept the whole day. Her little cousin who was still fifteen years old at that time was bullied at school because of their family condition.

All their family friends turned their heads away at their condition.

It was as if some fearsome power was stopping them from even sympathizing with them.

Xu Xinya thought that it was too suspicious.

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How could all this suddenly happen when things were going smoothly?

Could it be that someone of them had offended a noble who was very powerful?

But how could it be?

Those powerful men ran in the upper circle of the autocratic community. There was no possibility that anyone of them would even get a chance to meet someone like them.

But that obnoxious feeling was always there.

At that period of time, Xiao Yi was her greatest support. She never turned her back on Xu Xinya unlike the rest of her friends who started to avoid Xu Xinya like some disease.

Things were supposed to fall down soon until one day when Xu family received an envoy sent by that fathomable man, whose power trembled the hearts of countless powerful men, who was so notorious for his ruthlessness that it made the President of different states be mindful of their each and every word to avoid offending him, that man who was known to wipe out three generations of a family of a journalist for simply publishing something about him.

That man-Lu Mingyu.

The young master of the Lu family.

His envoy conveyed a letter that was the last hope to save the hundred years of history of the Xu family. The last hope to save their uncle's life.

That time Xu Xinya was still clueless about what was happening.

But that letter held a condition for his help. A condition that was going to change Xu Xinya's life forever.

However, after a lot of consideration, Xu Jiang, the current head of the family in the bad health of his uncle had to agree with a heavy heart. He signed at the contract. Xu Xinya signs were copied by someone and the deal was finalized.

He had no other alternative.

He only hoped that Xu Xinya would understand his condition and forgive him one day.

Because at one side was his little cousin whom he loved and adored more than anything else in this world and on the other hand was their family name and his father's life. He had a hard choice to made. And he couldn't be blamed for choosing his father and Xu family over Xu Xinya.

Xu Xinya only knew that everything got better. Her uncle got his surgery. He returned home healthy and happy. Their company got back on the normal track.

She was told that someone influential had helped them and loaned them a huge amount of money for a favor some family elder had done to him. But she also observed that something was different. Her brother Xu Jiang started avoiding him. Whenever she saw him, he looked down as if embarrassed and angry at himself.

And guilt washed over all his face.

She didn't take it that seriously. Until one day her family was suddenly visited by that benefactor who had helped them one year ago.

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